RV/Intelligence Alert: “Final Leg” – August 26, 2019 – (Reader Post) Stew and ‘Q’, the Interview

I don’t have a problem with Q – I do however have a problem with INSULTS towards those that are of the TRUE LIGHT. THEY are NOT EVIL, they are LIGHT.


EVIL BEINGS are EVIL, and can pose as FALSE LIGHT, BUT THEY ARE “NOT” true light beings. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE as TRUE LIGHT LOVES EVERYONE and FALSE LIGHT are INFLATED EGO’S that “LOVES” just themselves and THEY LIE, STEAL and MURDER. Many evil beings do evil = to their OWN CHILDREN as well.

ALL BEINGS are capable of GOOD and EVIL. TRUE LIGHT would rather chop off their own body part than commit EVIL with it. WE are LOVE and ONLY KNOW LOVE. I have witnessed HATRED towards myself and others but I do NOT choose it. UNDERSTAND A PURE LIGHT BEING is LIKE A CHILD yet they have the WISDOM of the GODS when EVOLVED and/or evolving. The LOVE RACE is BORN AN INNOCENT RACE but they are FORCED sometimes to do EVIL because THE PLANET was TAKEN OVER and made them slaves.

ANY BEING has a capacity to choose good or evil, what they choose in most lifetimes is what they become. If you usually choose good then you become it. I have no idea how “choosing an evil role to experience it is like” because all beings have to lose their previous memories when you INCARNATE on lower dimensions. 99 % of the TIME WE CHOOSE LIGHT, but if FORCED to use SELF DEFENCE – then that 1 % chance – WE will fight back = self defence. If someone tries to STRANGLE YOU – WILL YOU TRY AND FIGHT BACK ?

An INTELLIGENT BEING considers ALL INFO before making decisions. If all info that is needed is not available. forbidden or hard to find, then one cannot make an intelligent decision. That is when more wisdom and PRAYER helps to HEAVEN.  At times I have had to make decisions without all the intel that I needed or required and THAT is NOT EASY EITHER. What Q really is – is intel. Q is intel, some say MILITARY INTELLIGENCE. But we have other MILITARY here, not just on EARTH, we have GALACTIC intel and the UNIVERSALS have intel, HEAVEN has intel. Now I try to GATHER all the intel that I CAN to HELP HUMANITY, to HELP YOURSELVES and I do NOT get paid for it. I have gone into debt, risked MY LIFE, have had 20 deaths attempts through SPIRITUAL WARFARE and been ignorantly ROBBED on purpose for over 20 years – ONLY BECAUSE of MY MISSION.

I DO NOT GET PAID FOR ADVERTISING as GOOGLE is EVIL and won’t fix the adsense I signed up LIKE 5 or 6 YEARS AGO. SO I BASICALLY WORK for FREE. I DO NOT MAKE VIDEOS so there is NO INCOME that way EITHER.

This has NOTHING to do with KARMA. I am what is CALLED a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL because of WHAT I KNOW and the DECISION POWER that I carry being a JUSTICE MEMBER for the COMPANY of HEAVEN, the LIGHT the GOD LOVE race, whatever you call it. This is NOT about ME, this is about YOU HUMANITY = STANDING-UP for YOURSELVES and taking back your planet ok. Those that make videos can make money to SURVIVE. I don’t make any money, I have been robbed and gone into DEBT because THE CABAL MADE it that way for me. SOMEONE had to be JUSTICE, so I offered or they CHOOSE me through my contract/mission – whatever BUT BECAUSE I am SAINT ANDREW reincarnation. They have used time machines ahead of time to find-out WHO we were – so THEY COULD ROB US to STOP US. They have taken a lot from me and I have only had one donation so far of 20 dollars AMERICAN.

APPRECIATE all that you have LEARNED from MY SITE and pay it forward. I usually put your info site and donation stuff up so others can donate to YOU. THIS TIME – I am the one that needs some donations so I can survive. WHY not I AM just as worthy as the other alternative news sites and I have made a MAJOR difference on this planet and always – will do what I can. WELFARE stopped my PAYMENTS this month and I have NO MONEY to BUY Food, PAY RENT or to PAY MY BILLS and I am sick of the WAY they treat me. I am basically FLAT BROKE until FINANCIAL aid comes in for us. And I fought to get the money back from the BANK and THEY STOLE IT from me again on purpose because THEY ARE going to ARRESTED if they haven’t been already. They CANNOT do THAT but they have been doing that to me for over 20 years. When the CABAL ILLEGALLY TAKES EVERYTHING from YOU and YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFT – HOW DO YOU SURVIVE? = GOOD QUESTION.

How many times do I have to ASK before someone shows compassion ?

Some people are too afraid to stand-up as they SEE and witness what has been done to me/others. However YOU can still help us so I can continue in service by making a donation to SAINT ANDREW as I am FIGHTING every day and NIGHT for all your FREEDOM and I have no money to pay rent or bills. So PLEASE realise that PEOPLE like me exist and some of us had to have a hundred lifetimes or more on this planet and others – just for this ONE MAJOR MISSION. That we are on and I would really appreciate it IF you would DONATE to me and KEEP me going – RATHER than just STEALING my information and knowledge so YOU ALL PROFIT because some do that . I am psychic remember and I am NOT STUPID either. Because that is rather selfish to make money off the LIGHT’S info and not pay it forward.  I am NOT SELFISH as I have offered all INFO for FREE and finally – had to start asking for DONATIONS because I cannot continue without a PLACE to live or food.

Rather than just USE me and my FREE SERVICE – realize that I have bills to pay as well as YOU. I have taken MANY financial hits for the LIGHT TEAM and I do NOT want to be HOMELESS again 4th time doing the right thing and doing my mission. I would like MY LIFE back too, believe me I would love to be able to wake-up and know that I CAN be able to EAT and pay my bills without FEAR of where I am going to end-up because NO one seems to care about us. I came here – because I care. I didn’t have to VOLUNTEER , but I did and we WON. so far according to KENT DUNN. But there are still some problems obviously or I would NOT have to ASK for DONATIONS – if everything was ready yet. I don’t know about you but I cannot go another week without money.



RV/Intelligence Alert: “Final Leg” — August 26, 2019

Operation Disclosure


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

President Trump is currently out of country at the G7 Summit in France.

All world leaders at the summit have been given briefings on what to discuss at the summit.

The implementation of the New (Gold-Backed) Financial System will be discussed behind closed doors.

IG Michael Horowitz has completed his investigation into the alleged FISA court abuses and his findings will be given to AG Barr by next week.

The Inspector General’s findings will allow the Attorney General to begin DECLAS triggering the arrests and prosecutions of various high profile individuals and government officials.

Arrests, indictments, prosecutions, and trials will last throughout the remainder of the year.

Meanwhile, the Governor of the Bank of England claims that the US Dollar can no longer be the World’s Reserve Currency.


Also, various banks are claiming to be broke which signifies that the Fiat Financial System can no longer sustain itself.


The New York Stock Market is in the red, losing all gains for the year.

Ron Paul claims the Federal Reserve is on its final legs.

The Federal Reserve will soon cease to exist after the US Dollar drops significantly triggering the return to the gold standard.

President Trump will ensure the return to the gold standard by executive order and declaring a State of Emergency.

The RV will begin before the US Dollar drops.



(Reader Post) Stew and ‘Q’, the Interview

Reader Post | RT

First some thoughts about Stewart (Swerdlow)

He is certainly an enlightening (and I believe totally sincere) bonus to the alt news scene – along with Janet his partner – and their periodic YouTube reports are not to be missed – partly because of Stewart’s cynical humor that conceals his impatience with all that is at variance with integrity in society, a trait that those who have won their wisdom the hard way often show (imho).

But whether he has access to the full picture cosmically speaking the jury has to be out – and of course that is the intelligent open minded way, have your opinion but don’t be dogmatic.

My own thoughts on Montauk are it was a valid program but whether the places it allowed its participants to be projected either historically or three dimensionally were the true targets and not ‘constructs’ I am not sure. Each case might be different.

We know from Andy Bassagio’s part in the Pegasus program that the universe can easily and instantly throw up such constructs to meet expectation and we also know that Montaulk was not an all altruistic project with a happy workforce including benign ET’s whose only aim was to further the welfare of mankind – very far from it. So I would be suprised if certain limitations were not imposed upon its reach and abilities.

As to Q (they of the no outside comms) contacting Stewart during the youtube interview. Maybe.

It would certainly be nice to think so but it should not go without notice that the two times of recent notice that ‘Q’ has supposedly broken the self imposed rule of no outside comms – with Stewart and the Supershadow interview, and you do not get the idea that such a decisive communicator would be given to being slipshod with the rules – they are in exactly the two places where such ‘attention’ validates the view that the universe is untrustworthy therefore reinforcing the idea of insecurity in that area.

Smells a little too strong of obvious outside manipulation to me.

And Stewart is not claiming anything other than his experience in the matter.

As for Stewart’s Kuiper belt experiences or intel. Let’s look at some of the possibilities.

If it’s intel he is passing it may be true or false – he simply being the sincere channel.

If it’s from his own experience he might be projecting into his own projection – maybe still locked into a Montaulk cycle of same.

Or of course he could easily be relating a perfectly true description of the state of things out there, (but still be operating from a limited perspective, it being only the tip of the iceberg of what is there to be accessed interdimensionally.)

And of course other interdimensional and 3d travellers have other reports.

(It is a strange time with nothing to fear but fear itself… also it might benefit us to have a little fear of being fearful of fear itself since being fearful of fear is till in fact a fear and that would go against the principle of there being nothing to fear… Actually, I think a temporary bridge towards an ultimate statement is going to look something like ‘On the matter of the statement of whether there is anything to fear but fear itself we would place ourselves in the category of being unworried by it.)

Whatever your view viz the topic the man himself is clearly a modern day Odysseus whose amazing journey – as it is still unfolding and long may it do so – all can benefit from hearing and whose opinion – along with his partners – is always worth placing in the pile marked ‘Definitely Merits Mulling Over.’


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