“Tonight’s Word: Hold Me, Vrill Me, Kiss Me, Clone Me” – Heisenberg – 8.25.19 – It’s TRUE !!!

I have done some research on DJM and he is telling “THE TRUTH !”

YES – YOU are on THE RIGHT TRACK = THE EVIL is REAL – the holes are deep

I have said it is almost like INVASION of the Body snatchers before.





“Tonight’s Word: Hold Me, Vrill Me, Kiss Me, Clone Me” – Heisenberg – 8.25.19

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 6:34 PM EDT on August 25, 2019

Science often moves faster than our ability to understand its implications. That is why we have a responsibility to move with caution and care. There is much about cloning that we still do not know. But this much we do know: Any discovery that touches upon human creation is not simply a matter of scientific inquiry, it is a matter of morality and spirituality as well. My own view is that human cloning would have to raise deep concerns, given our most cherished concepts of faith and humanity. Each human life is unique, born of a miracle that reaches beyond laboratory science. I believe we must respect this profound gift and resist the temptation to replicate ourselves. At the very least, however, we should all agree that we need a better understanding of the scope and implications of this most recent breakthrough. The recent breakthrough in animal cloning is one that could yield enormous benefits, enabling us to reproduce the most productive strains of crop and livestock, holding out the promise of revolutionary new medical treatments and cures, helping to unlock the greatest secrets of the genetic code. But like the splitting of the atom, this is a discovery that carries burdens as well as benefits – Bill Clinton

Dolly was part of a series of experiments at The Roslin Institute that were trying to develop a better method for producing genetically modified livestock. If successful, this would mean fewer animals would need to be used in future experiments. Scientists at Roslin also wanted to learn more about how cells change during development and whether a specialized cell, such as a skin or brain cell, could be used to make a whole new animal. These experiments were carried out at The Roslin Institute by a team led by Professor Sir Ian Wilmut. Because of the nature of the research, the team was made up of many different people, including scientists, embryologists, surgeons, vets and farm staff. Dolly was cloned from a cell taken from the mammary gland of a six-year-old Finn Dorset sheep and an egg cell taken from a Scottish Blackface sheep. She was born to her Scottish Blackface surrogate mother on 5th July 1996. Dolly’s white face was one of the first signs that she was a clone because if she was genetically related to her surrogate mother, she would have had a black face. Because Dolly’s DNA came from a mammary gland cell, she was named after the country singer Dolly Parton – Dolly 20 years

Baa, baa, black sheep,

Have you any wool?
Yes, sir, yes, sir,
Three bags full;
One for the master,
And one for the dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives down the lane – English Nursery Rhyme

And that brings us to tonight’s word: HOLD ME, VRILL ME, KISS ME, CLONE ME

Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in. Just when I thought I had this matrix all figured out….pizza pasta sneaks in a left hook on my blind side. Just when I started to sleep at nights. No waking at 3:33 covered in fear. Just when the panic attacks stopped. I gotta give it to you illuminati. Way to make a late rally in the 9th. Just when I was riding high on a false sense of confidence…oops upside the head. Oops upside my head. Rang the bell pretty good. Cut me, Mick. Just when I thought I was about as woke as I was gonna get before the big shoe drop of my galactic cousins decloaking on the horizon and beaming down an offer of replicated Guinness, you find a way to woke poke me a little more. You do you still have feelings for old Heisenberg? I know I’m not as young as I used to be…I ain’t been 5 in like forever. Too soon? You still want to rekindle the good old days when my juicy brain was fresh and pink with innocence? Pretty in pink and in awe of your music and movies? When you kept me up at nights wondering how else you were going to thrill me with your bad girl ways? You always kept me guessing. You always kept me wondering how you were going to keep our Romeo and Juliet affair alive. Those were the days. So long ago. I used to look forward to our lady and the tramp spaghetti dinners with Fredo singing in the moonlight in some candlelit alley in no mans land surrounded by razor wire and trenches with a frightened curiosity. Your corporate logos really got my motor running. Chase. Belluminati. You were so international. A little je ne sais quoi that kept me coming back for more. Learning about this cruel world gave me butterflies I haven’t felt for so long. But over the years, this romance has grown cold. Boring and predictably cold. Those steamy nights in a dark rabbit hole turned into another boring dinner with my mind a million miles away in Russia, racist, recession land. I almost forgot what falling in love felt like. But today….today, illuminati….you changed all that. You reminded me of what a rabbit hole should feel like. Rabbit hole romance. Great band name. Just when I thought you didn’t have feelings for me anymore…Just when I thought the thrill was gone….just when I thought I was out…you pulled me back in.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in..

But this is not a story of love. This is a story of infatuation. This is a story of control. This is a story of secret societies. This is a story of desire for fame and fortune and power. A story of space pirates tho never really made it fair fight for us humans. A story where too much is not enough. A story that will leave you numb. A story no one will beLIEve without a proper woke university prerequisites. All caught up on your 101s? Along with a few classes of humble humility and the wonder of a child? This is the story of a man named Donald Marshall.

Donald Marshall Revolution

Astral Light’s Cloning Center

‘artists’ whose songs were written by Donald.

Donald had the most unfortunate lot in life to be born in an illuminati family. A family with the desire to rise in the ranks. And just how do illuminati families rise in the ranks? That’s right…more souls to the devil. And if you can’t go find any, if you aren’t good at making friends and influencing people, there’s always the easy way out. All it takes is a little boom boom and 9 months. Will the devil take a birth child? Yes he will. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. Damn luck of the draw. Pair of 2s. Which child shall win and which shall lose? Tough decision for a mother. However, word on the street is she was a sex slave MKULTRA herself creating a circle of violence. A snake eating itself. It’s the illuminati way. Climb the pyramid. Gotta give to get. Fill up that unfillable cup with tears of the innocent. So this mother gave up her son into slavery for prestige within the illuminati. A five year old boy sentenced to hell. And they call us deplorables. Can I call them the corruptables? At least we got our pride. And we figured out long ago, living on our knees is not much better than dying. Scoot over flat earth. Scoot over Jesus was son of lucifer (see Kent Dunn). Scoot over Kim Possible. This is possibly the greatest story of the RV ever told. A slave who refused to give up in the face of the Queen. The only prisoner to escape Alcatraz. The greatest songwriter of all time. The greatest traitor of all time? The greatest story ever told? The plot thickens.

Woah, Heisenberg. I think your tin foil hat is cutting off the circulation to your medulla oblongata. I could swallow that 911 was an inside job. Old hat. I want to believe? The truth is out there? Sure. Dr. Greer says it’s an embarrassment of riches of ET evidence. I could even follow along when Beebo hijacked a Q400 in retaliation of a botched hit. Skyking forever! I’ll bite. But having your conscious forcibly pulled out of your body every night while you sleep and transferred into a clone in some deep underground military base in Rosa Parks national park? And all to be tortured as a sex slave or chattel to make money for the illuminati? And when the sun rises on the morning dew, all is forgotten? Allegedly? Ok…I’m not going to say allegedly after every tidbit cause we’ll be here all day. this whole story is allegedly. Along with a $100 trillion dollar payday. I don’t have proof…just a hunch. Just a barfly spinning yarns for free. Allegedly.

I agree…it’s a thinker. It’s a mind bender to the max. We’ve seen a lot on this journey. We’ve learned a lot about the fantastic above and beyond a 3D matrix mentality. We’re learning about suppressed technologies. Cancer is manmade. Q: does learning have a ceiling? Does wonder have an expiration date? is there a shelf life on mysterious ways?

Let’s break it down. Do I believe the illuminati nazi eat their own? Sure. Sacrifice their families for fame and fortune? It’s a tale as old as time. A song as old as rhyme. I do. I do times two.

Do I believe the tech of memory suppression exists? A little flash of light and no one is the wiser? May I refer you to Men in Black? If you got a problem with Men in Black, you gotta problem with me. Nuff said. I was never here….


DUMB cloning centers? We always heard they exist. Camp David. They gotta make all those shaky Angela Merkles somewhere, don’t they? Wasn’t China Lake a big clone farm? Now where did the technology come from? Did we gradually learn thru endless experiments on Dolly or did space pirates make a deal with nazis to corner the clone market? A big part of Donald’s story is Hitler made a deal with aliens called the vrill for clone tech. I don’t really want to get into sp-sp-sp-space p-p-p-p-pirates but just keep it in the back of you mind as you ponder his testimony. just in case you doubt how humankind can catapult forward so quickly. But if you need a teaser….

Now the kicker is forcing another’s conscious and cramming it into a home grown clone. Not a bad band name either. Let me repeat that for the class. Forcibly forcing one’s consciousness into a clone. No choice. Don’t struggle like that or I will only want you more. This clone stuff is interesting. Gross and interesting. And the rabbit hole just keeps going. I have an open mind, but I did not see that one coming. Curve ball. You’re out. You mean my castle moat of a security system is worthless? My precious tin foil hat is so last year? And good for nothing? Spooky. Like stopping bullets with a wet paper towel? You got my attention. As one who’s seen things on this journey, I’m listening. One time I woke up and my nose was almost broke. My thoughts are page 6 news. Hello Christof. So yea. I’m a believer. And I’m wondering if those crafty contracts of surrendering their souls to either the good or selling their souls to evil have that little bit about conscious transfer the fine print. Or like in Donald’s case, those basterds own you like a cow and there was no contract to be made. Mom made it for him. And your life and consciousness are theirs. As one who flanks Wonder Woman on the reg, that hits a little too close to home. A little too close to the bone. By the way…..how hard is it to collect clone juice? I’m asking for a friend. Pop quiz: Do you believe the technology exists to transport consciousness forcibly from one vessel to the next? How woke are you? You tell me. No wrong answers.

I can hear the murmurs. Can you honestly expect me to believe this story? Jeffery Epstein I’m on board with. I saw the island from the drone. I saw the rape rock. But this? It’s a tin foil hat too far. It’s beyond belief. It’s unthinkable. Improbable. Impossible. Implausible. Unimaginable. Incredible. Inconceivable. Yea. That’s why I like it. On this roller coaster ride that’s gotten a little tame with 24/7 squad racism, this was the jolt of coffee I needed to jump start my heart. Somebody got me percolated….and I liked it. A nice open wound just to know I’m still alive and kicking. So what did I do? I wiki’d the guy. First and only wiki stop…RationalWiki. Did you know there’s a RationalWiki? Oh my Lord. Oh let the derision begin. Schizophrenia. Money hungry. And a list of songs he allegedly wrote. Problem is…Donald has claimed many more songs than these. And bigger sellers too. Nice downplay.

But let’s take Losing My Religion by REM. Here’s a quote from Donald’s site…


Marshall maintains that he wrote the 1991 song Losing My Religion, recorded by alternative rock band R.E.M. to capture the hopelessness of his situation there, trapped by his own success, with no chance of escape. Marshall says that he hates the song, as he says hearing it brings back bad memories of being beaten in a small side room at the cloning center, where he was surrounded and kicked until he began singing out a song, broken bones and all. Losing My Religion became R.E.M.’s biggest hit in the U.S., peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, and stayed on the chart for 21 weeks. R.E.M. instrumentalist/composer, Mike Mills called the song “the phenomenon that [was] a worldwide hit… in almost every civilized country in the world.” Built on a mandolin riff, the song was an unlikely hit for the group, garnering heavy airplay on the radio as well as on MTV, due to its critically acclaimed music video. The song became R.E.M.’s highest-charting hit in the United States, reaching No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and staying on the chart for 21 weeks. R.E.M. received seven Grammy Award nominations in 1992, while Losing My Religion alone earned several nominations, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year. The song won two Grammys for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals and Best Short Form Music Video. In 2004, Rolling Stone listed the song on its’ list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”. In 2007, the song was listed as No.9 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s. The song is also included on The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s list of 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.” – Donald Marshall Revolution

Something that got my Kenobi tingle going…if Donald wrote Goytes Somebody that I used to Know as listed on RationalWiki (that still cracks me up) and claims as such, where’s the cease and desist letter from the lawyers of Columbia? And all the other labels from artists listed on Donald’s website ? Aren’t they on retainer? Donald Marshall dropped his lengthy post in Dec. of 2011 and nothing I could find? That’s interesting. Did you know RationalWiki has an “internet kooks” category? Of course, they do. Shills on patrol. Great band name. Write me a song. I can’t sing but I got soul.

Humor me. Think of what consciousness transportation means. It means you can live on. Take Koch who died recently. Did he really die? Or did he put one of his clones in to his casket and buy a one way ticket to a farm upstate? Can you check if piddles my childhood dog is going ok? And from this peaceful farm, he can sip lemonade on the porch and still get his onesie twosie usual pedo Fed Ex delivery. Over 30 minutes and it’s free. But at night while his body sleeps, his mind can wander down to the jungle of a clone zone and live it up via an indo grown clone. Miami? New Orleans? London? Belfast? Berlin? Dulce? Coming soon to your town. All his country club buddies are there. Talk business. Rape some kids. Dismember some traitors. Paul Walker? Take in a gladiator fight to the clone death. And apparently, watching musicians beat the sh*t out of poor Donald for the next gold record. I’m looking at you REM. You broke my heart, Fredo. And for the right price, anything goes with the illuminati puppet of your choice. It’s everything I wish I didn’t know.

Take Britney Spears for example. Auditioned for Disney Club at age 8. Didn’t get the part but got pushed into “performing school”. Yippee. Then made the cut. She wanted fame and fortune and found it. Careful where you aim, cause where you aim you just might hit. Not only did she want it all, she was willing to pay for it. With the only possession she has that the illuminati want….her soul. Her life. And seemingly…her DNA. We talk about selling souls a lot in the pub. Kinda lost its effect. But let’s say…over a Guinness and a Jameson cause you might need a chaser for this one…on that instant fame and fortune contract…it states along with your immortal soul, your physical body is no longer yours. And that includes your DNA which must be turned over when requested. No questions asked. So young Brit Brit says why not? That’s normal right? Kinda like a yearly checkup thing? You guys are nazis, right? What could go wrong? Bing bang boom. Butterscotch Britney production goes into high gear down at the clone factory. We got a best seller. Everybody wants a piece of her. Literally. We have a new item on the menu tonight. A young starlet with big dreams who we know it going to go all the way to the top. She’s not a girl but not yet a woman. Excellent choice sir…excellent choice. Will that be cash or charge? We take American Express. Pretty soon everybody with a bottomless checkbook is reserving their clone. 5-9 months. Just in time for Christmas. Treat yo self. Every high level illuminatzi is doing every little nasty fantasy to Brit 2.0. Sorry says the devil. Couldn’t fit all that in the fine print, Ms. Spears. My bad.

Now did I mention in that blood stained contract is a mandatory obligation to attend the clone centers? The colosseum? The jungle? Welcome to the jungle. Oh yea…you think you have a choice to not attend? Polite pass? How do you think they get their new nazi wanna bes to become desensitized to the pain and suffering of plain old deplorable sheep like you and me? It’s starting to make sense, isn’t it? As hard to swallow as it is. Night after night of no consequence, no remorse, no retribution debauchery will numb your empathy emotion pretty good. Dull down the sympathy sword to a butter knife. It’s just a clone right? It has no soul right? No it does not. it is not born and therefoe has NO HUMAN RIGHTS. Not that it really matters to these psychopaths. But is that what they tell the new comers? Go ahead. Rape that slave. Dismember that traitor. Fast and furious like. It’s just a soulless clone. Their consciousness lives on. Supposedly dismemberment is a thing to the nazis. 2 extra credit points to anyone who remembers Forest Gump and his twitter pics of one shoe. Did anyone check inside for a foot? But I digress.

Oh, the hours I’ve spent inside the Coliseum
Dodging lions and wastin’ time
Oh, those mighty kings of the jungle, I could hardly stand to see ’em
Yes, it sure has been a long, hard climb – When I Paint My Masterpiece

Ok Heis. Haven’t been down the rabbit hole in a while. Got caught up in clean up on aisle 33. Where’s your proof? It’s all conjecture. I believe in a $10 investment into a funny sky blue German bond paper will pay out $100 Trillion at a 1:1 exchange rate…but really? REALLY?! There’s some underground bunker where the Queen of England, Hollywood celebrities, world leaders, musicians, star athletes (shhhh), princes and presidents meet every night to party down while their “real” body sleeps. Where’s your proof?

Actually the Queen goes to an outdoor clone zone in Canada where the air if fresher, but that’s not the point. Can you imagine how those underground ones smell after a while? Bring your pine sol. But yes…great question. It may not be as much proof as the ZIM *snicker* but I’ll give it a shot. Here goes. An educated guess.

And that brings us to tonight’s word: THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD

Great song. Strong guitar lick. Never understood a bloody word tho. Patrick, can I say “bloody”? I’ll say bl**dy just in case. Ahem…..never understood a bl**dy word of it. Until now that is. Nirvana nailed the cover. BTW…Donald says he wrote almost all Nirvanas song and came up with the name. Too soon? Too soon. Bowie…legend has it, during one of his clone zone nights cause mandatory and all…was walking up the stairs of the club vertigo just as none other than Hitler, yes THAT Hitler, was walking down. They met. They shook hands. They talked. Bowie was surprised to see he was still alive. Guess he didn’t get the memo.

We passed upon the stair
We spoke of was and when
Although I wasn’t there
He said I was his friend
Which came as a surprise
I spoke into his eyes
I thought you died alone
A long long time ago – Bowie

So Hitler, in theory, never died by suicide in Germany. Now this jives with everything I believe in. the nazis didn’t lose WW2. They burned down Rome to the tune of violins and rebuilt stateside. Moved to Beverly. Hills. Swimming pools….movie stars. He escaped to Argentina or wherever. He lives on to plot the 4th reichs new empire from the clone zone. Operation paperclip. Member?

Oh no, not me, We never lost control…

Well what do you know?….this man isn’t dead at all…..

It wasn’t long after this song that Bowie came up with his Thin White Duke persona. A nazi. Was he trying to tell us something? That the 4th reich is alive? Are we too busy to listen? Are we too asleep to read between the lines? Is anyone with knowledge scared out of their minds to speak up?

And if he did sell the world, what exactly did Hitler sell and to whom? According to Donald’s manifesto…back in 2011 mind you…Adolf read a book in jail regarding alien cloning technology. So off he sent his minions goose-stepping all around the world looking for the space pirate fountain of youth. Guess what? He found them. The vrill. To them he traded human chattel for their lust for misery and consumption and in return, ufo and cloning technology. Allegedly, these vrill can also penetrate the human eye and take over a body ala Invasion of the Body Snatchers turning a human into a mindless drone. Gross.

The Scream

Is this why Eisenhauer made a deal with aliens too? To try to keep up with Adolf? Did these aliens work kinda like bankers betting on both sides of no man’s land in a plan to keep humanity divided? Now where have we heard that one before? Donald said back in 2011 the 3rd reich did not die. It moved to the US via Operation Paperclip. He also said the false flag would have been a revelations type of illusion. Earthquakes. Birds and snakes. Locust. The military would gather all the guns and take over. I guess the illuminati underestimated how little the sheep read the bible. So I guess they turned to the next easiest thing….war. And they could make money off it so that’s what you call a twofer. An end of days false flag…that would have been interesting.

More murmurs from the back row? Why are we just hearing about consciousness transfers now? days before the big ZIM kahuna drops? My nag is about to come in. Hop on the band wagon, Heis. Bringing me down with all your left eye work talk. I just picked out my new Maybach. Ultraviolet. Celebrate good times come on. And now you say space pirates and the illuminati can forcibly transfer one’s consciousness during sleep to some Spartacus Caligula free for all jungle full of clones of the most powerful, wealthiest and influential people on the planet? With slaves for real world blood sport entertainment? A vampire or a victim? Depends on who’s around? Seriously, Heis?

Here’s the thing…Monk boom…those illuminati who get pulled there made a deal for fame and fortune. And the ones who didn’t sell out were given to them as slaves by their parents. The ones who sold out signed a contract. The devil respects an air tight tight tight contract. And as for the sheep? Are they there? I don’t know. Maybe one’s DNA was picked up somewhere. Dentist. Blood donation. Barber. Next stop Clonesville. Did I mention there’s this thing called memory suppression? Donald says he didn’t get memories until THEY ALLOWED IT at age 30. He went 25 years of not remembering anything. No dreams. Thought that was normal. Mom lied. Mom was illuminati and Donald was a valuable asset. Sold her son. Never forget that part of his story.

And this is a good time to hope and pray, we had some double agents in there. Some who saw a way to help shape humanity through it’s pop culture.

So why are we hearing of this clone consciousness transfer now so late in the RV game? I’m woke enough, Heis. I’m comfortably numb and it’s a perfect temperature. I don’t wanna be woke no more. Please please please….give me the benjamins…you know what, Heisenberg?…I don’t like your attitude.

And that brings us to tonight’s word: WTF?

Class, you’re preaching to the choir. I’m just as pissed as you. This is like being assigned to read Moby Dick on the last day of school. I’m just as sick as you. I don’t know…are you sick too? If not, congrats. You take bad news well. That was a wicked slider. And it has me screaming without raising my voice….where were my teachers? Why am I just hearing about this now? Yosef? Maybe you could have cut back on the pee tape intel and touched on this one. OWK? Fisher? Everyone at “real truth”? Fulford? Mr. Rand corporation? Self medicated enough for ya? How about a couple meditations on the 4th reich concentration camps? Awaken? Dr. WC? Edward? Kent Dunn? Sr. Sam? Drake? Zap? Is any of what Donald says true? Sounds true to me. But I’ve been wrong before. So question…..do cloning centers exist and do consciousness transfers to these places occur? Discuss.

All claimed to be the enlightened ones of the transition. Had me fooled. Is this a big shhhh secret to keep from the sheep or is everyone in the dark and fed sh*t like mushrooms? It’s either one or the other, right? Cause this is a pretty big truth, if it is a truth. The biggest. Did we think all those massive cloning facilities were just for George Soros and Hillary and Bill? How many shaking Merkle’s do we need? Ever stop to ask that one? This is starting to make perfect sense. Perfect nonsensical sense. But seriously yo. I had to hear this from Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts after years on this ride? Those guys are like a regular Carl Bernstein and Robert Woodward over there. Somebody grab a Pulitzer and give it to them quick. these are the reporters to first break the story of a new age concentration camp where fascism lives on. Thousands of hours reading articles, listening to tall tales at Paddys and conference calls. This story has only been around for 8 years. All the disinformation and psyops and this is how we find out? It reminds me of the first soldiers to stumble across the concentration camps. I bet the nazis kept the Auschwitz a secret too. Shhhhh. Y’all got scooped hard.

Band of Brothers concentration camp

Now like Tucker says, there’s 2 theories:

One…none of these professors knew about these cloning centers which allegedly the Queen and Brad Pitt went to on the reg. The secret was so good, no one knew. I didn’t know… I’ll tell you true. No one knew, including you. Ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is 9/10th of the law. Ignorance is piss.

Two…there’s still a culture of secrecy going on. Now this brings into question the integrity of the professors in Dongville. I hate bringing this up outside the teachers’ lounge but come on, man. I’ve listened to almost everyone in Dongville and I’ve never heard this side of the illuminati story. It’s a game changer. It’s evil to its core. And it makes perfect sense as to why everyone in illuminati land is so scared. If they don’t give you a Tuesday Wednesday heart attack, who’s to say if one steps out of line, they can’t pull one’s consciousness into a clone and rip one into shreds in the dirt pit? Just to deliver a message. A warning to others. This makes getting ones brakes cut a walk in the park. I get that they are protecting their evil, but do we have to as well? What’s all the truth to light and light in every dark corner talk? Kicking the darkness till it bleeds daylight? Is that just talk? Are we here to talk the talk or walk the walk? Please tell me. The biggest illuminati whistleblower in history as a story sitting in the warehouse for 8 years and it’s lucky to get a 30 minute nod from Edge of Wonder. Inconceivable. There’s going to be books written on this subject. On Donald Marshall. Don’t you think we deserve to know about this guy? Ok…alright…everyone’s afraid to touch the subject but I try to shine a little light on the story and give the man props for risking his life for the light and I’m the a**hole? Heisenberg….it’s a touchy subject…probably just don’t mention it…..

All Grownsed Up

Well…I think there might be a third option…the alliance and workers of the light are benevolently concerned about our fragile little minds. This is a good time to be alive. Our innocence will be shattered soon enough. Maybe the higher ups were hoping to give us a little cash to help all these jagged little pills go down. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. In the most delightful way. I get it. Save us from ourselves. No one wants a riot. Except clone of Soros. Good band name. But whooooo aaaaaarrrrrrreee youuuuuuuu? Who am I? Who are we to dictate who can handle the truth and who cannot? The pub is built on the foundation of stretching the mind to its limits. And it’s not like it’s going on 60 minutes. I’m talking about the underground press here. We’ve been fed lots of conspiracy theories, why not this one? Are we too simple minded to handle the darkness of this story? Give em Nexium to warm them up for Epstein. Give em Epstein to warm them up for the clone concentration camps. Thanks but no thanks. This is Paddy’s. I like my coffee strong. No sugar tonight. And I like my Guinness proper. This is where we come to hear it all and decide for ourselves what’s our truth and what is not. I’m supposed to think the illuminati is all about eating babies, best seats in the restaurants and controlling the money? Don’t get me wrong, that’s pretty evil. Evil hall of fame. But this one…this mans story….if it’s true…he deserves to know he’s not alone.

We’ve all been fighting thru the suck for years. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. We got hit hard. But we never gave up. Together…in the pages of the underground press we gave our opinions of a truth that never sold out. And in that spirit of fighting the good fight, I’ll entertain the 3rd option. I’ll let it slide that a general consensus was taken and the conclusion being the cloning colosseum centers is a concept too much for the sheeple. Even in the pub. You think you can handle the truth? You can’t handle the truth. I should bite my tongue. I should let it slide for the sake of the new guy who bought his ZIM yesterday. Maybe….

You Lieutenant Weinberg?

And on the other side of the coin…I’m sorry. I should have known about this earlier. I try to research all I can to be prepared for chemistry class. I should have put the pieces together. The signs are all there in hindsight. How many times does Britney have to say she’s been cloned in her song Mona Lisa? Maybe I should have been listening to more Britney. Monday morning quarterbacking. This is the one that slipped thru the cracks. And it’s a whopper. It must be a big secret if no one is talking about it even at Paddys. Except one guy. One f**king guy. THE illuminati whistle blower. In 2011. Back when the deep state still had DC in it’s vice. Obama still had 4 more years. 1/4th into the cabals 16 year plan. The wolves were running round. China Lake was pumping oxygen. But yet life found a way. A flower grew from the cracks in a concrete floor miles out of the sun.

And that brings us to tonight’s word: WE CAN BE HEROES

Why did he do it? Why put up with it? Night after night forced to write songs or else it’s the stick. There’s no carrot in this world. The carrot is no stick. You see, the illuminati have an unfillable cup. Songs make money. Good songs make good money. Feed the machine. And if the illuminati has their very own Amadeus Mozart they can call up every night, well you get the picture….

A wood box

And if you’re Madonna and you just sold your soul for rock and roll….time is money. And everyone without any God given talent is jumping in line to get an egg from the golden goose. But it leaves you asking a few questions for Donald. Why? Why stick around? Why make money for the illuminati? Why suffer? Why not a little hari kari? I asked that. Fair Q. What’s a possible answer? Maybe his success took heat off the other slaves in the CC, even if he was resented for it. Maybe he became a symbol of defiance to the prisoners. What would it do to them if he took the easy way out? Was he a hero in their eyes? Was he a real life cool hand Luke playing out in real time? Was he Andy taking a beating for playing opera on the PA? Was he determined to see it thru to a day such as this? A day the 4th reich was to fall and its minions running for cover? Was he taking his beatings planning for his great escape? No doubt boom. Was it because his daughter’s a prisoner in the clone zone where they torture her in front of him? But most of all was he determined with every spark of the energy in his soul to not let the basterds grind him down? To Soldier on? Kinda like us? The world is a vampire so we should give up? Never!

But what gets me is the “how”? Does anyone think it’s a remarkable coincidence a young boy of 5 years old born into slavery suddenly write best selling songs? At the tender age of 5 Donald was asked by the grotesque queen of England what talent the little boy had. To which he answered with a song. Lady. A song credited to Lionel Ritchie. You see, Donald never got credit. But what are the chances of that happening? I can only see one way out. I think the holy spirit gave him a gift. Maybe Arch Angel Michael needed a soldier. Someone who could influence a world thru music. A popular weapon of choice. Donald wrote 2-5 songs a night. If his story is true, and I believe we’ll find out soon enough, he would be the greatest song writer of all time. Quite the honor for the man in the internet kook category. But would the spirit move in that mysterious way? I don’t know. How mysterious is mysterious? Where do you draw the wonder line? Is part of being woke giving the unbelievable a chance? All white people are aliens who came to earth in sleep pods. Wakanda forever! I don’t know if the story is true. I just know the story is good. Not good…great. Amadeus Mozart meets Andy Dufresne meets cool hand Luke. I hope it’s true. I hope he’s not alone. Although I don’t think so. He said he was told he’s earned the right to assist in the destruction of the concentration cloning camps. So I hope, somebody in the Alliance believes his story. And gifts him a nice new wrecking ball for Christmas.

Honestly, this man should be dead. The illuminati have killed for much less. 8 years later after a scathing dirt filled report of the greatest secret in the world, and he’s still tweeting. I don’t get it. Maybe it goes back to his soul contract. Maybe his soul said yes…I’m your man. Wham boom. I’ll do it. I’ll suffer it all to help humanity. I’ll even do it in poverty. I’ll only negotiate one condition….I want to be alive and kicking to see them all burn. Cover me to the end and you’ve got your man. Deal? Deal.

Now I’ve got some grapes. And I’ve asked myself if I could have taken that deal if offered. I like to think I would have answered the clarion call. If I had the stones to go down that stony path. Someone needed to. Someone needed to give us songs of hope to carry on. Some of these songs have gotten me thru the night. He may not be the hero we expected…but he’s the hero we need….and Gotham needs a hero.

He’s a Silent Guardian

Would you take that deal? Would you let that deal go down? Would I take that deal? Could I take that deal? I don’t think I would. I don’t think I could. I’d like to think I would. I’d like to think I could. I’d like to think los cajones are that grande. But I’m a creep.

And that’s the word



Elevation Irving plaza 2000


Welcome To The Jungle

Sweet Dreams

Silent Lucidity

Enter Sandman

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Where Is My Mind

Somebody That I Used To Know

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

They Don’t Care About Us


Take A Bow


Estranged (Not embedded)

For Agent 13

Been Down So Long

Bullet with Butterfly Wings

God Save The Queen

Barbra Streisand

Break The Ice

Sex On Fire

Helena Beat

Kiss Off

Shake Me Down

It’s The End Of The World (Not embedded)

Whoa Is Me

Cherub Rock

Mr Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Remix)

Anything Could Happen

Safe And Sound

Airplanes Pt.2

Clint Eastwood (Not embedded)

Dreaming My Dreams

Give Your Heart a Break

Rock Me Amadeus

Where’d you go?

Things Will Never Be the Same (Not embedded)


A Little Respect (2017 Dance Remix)

Say It Isn’t So

Friday I´m in Love (Not embedded)

Me and Mr Jones

Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Use Somebody


Ode To My Family


Stagger Lee

1948, Xmas eve, with a full moon over town
Stagger Lee shot Billy DeLions
And he blew that poor boy down.
Do you know what he shot him for?
What do you make of that?
Cause Billy DeLions threw the lucky dice
Won Stagger Lee’s Stetson hat.

Bayo, Bayo, tell me how can this be?

You arrest the girls for turning tricks
But you’re scared of Stagger Lee.
Stagger Lee is a madman and he shot my Billy D.
Bayo go get him or give the job to me.

Delia DeLions, dear sweet Delia-D

How the hell can I arrest him? He’s twice as big as me.
Well don’t ask me to go downtown, I won’t come back alive (no more)
Not only is that mother big but he packs a .45 (four)

Bayo, Delia said, just give me a gun

He shot my Billy dead now I’m gonna see him hung.
She went into the DeLion’s club through Billy DeLions blood
Stepped up to Stagger Lee at the bar,
Said, “Buy me a gin fizz, love.”

As Stagger Lee lit a cigarette she shot him in the balls

Blew the smoke off her revolver, had him dragged to city hall
Bayo, Bayo, see you hang him high
He shot my Billy dead and now he’s got to die.

Delia went a walking down on Singapore Street

A three-piece band on the corner played “Near My God to Thee”
But Delia whistled a different tune, what tune could it be?

The song that woman sung was “Look Out Stagger Lee”.

The song that Delia sung was “Look Out Stagger Lee”.



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