“RV/GCR Facts” by Rinus Verhagen – 9.6.19

Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for September 6, 2019

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – September 6, 2019 (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intel…

“RV/GCR Facts” by Rinus Verhagen – 9.6.19

Entry Submitted by Rinus Verhagen at 6:10 AM EDT on September 6, 2019

RV/GCR Facts and dates that we know, and what consequences they have.

This is the basis on which I base my opinion and logical conclusion of the expected actions that are now to come.

Whether the RV/GCR continues is not a discussion but a given by the demise of the old Fiat Debt Money system.

The Trade War with China is a smokescreen to disguise the actions needed for the RV/GCR where we go back to a Gold Covered Money System via the AIIB, with the CIPS protocol by the QFS.

Donald J Trump, who was chosen to do this job, doesn’t do it as politicians but as an experienced businessman, who offers his services for free to the American and World population.

He doesn’t need $400,000 in income per year, unlike Obama, who has managed to embezzle a lot of money in his 8 years of demolition politics on behalf of the Banks.

If Obama had 1 million equity when he took office, it could never be 65 million in 8 years with fair trading or saving.

The date for exchanging the Zim’s Bonds has been postponed many times, which means that Sept. 11, 2019 does not have to be the real deadline, no matter what gurus say, from unverified sources.

However, Sept 15 will be a date that will herald the beginning of real visible actions.

US demise of the Deep State Cabal, Federal Reserve Bank, FISA disclosures, Epstein Island and Pizza Gate Blackmail and Child Abuse, Uranium One, MSM fake news media, 9/11, 3/11, MH17/MH370 disclosures will set mass arrest in motion around the world from Sept 15 to Dec 31, 2019.

The fact is that on Sept. 31 the fiscal year ends in the US, where on Oct. 1 the new fiscal year starts with a Gold Covered Money system.

If it is true that Mad Dog has received his funds and will become liquid per Oct 1, then between now Sept 6 and Oct 1 and Oct and RV / GCR should have taken place.

Since the interests of Deep State and Cabal are great, there were many actions to be expected against, which causes the delay.

The story of Transaction Fee for the Banks will not be 1% but 2%, plus a margin for the management of the funds, which means that they themselves have an interest in high valuations in the exchange Redeem of the ZIMs Bonds.

The Fee charges can be paid from the pot of 1st and 2nd rates, with the difference of paying out the total sum of Zim’s Bonds, then no one who exchanges Redeem suffers from the Fee commission of 2% on large amounts.

That there are 3 rates seems credible to me.

1st Rate without projects. 2nd Rate for participating in Projects, 3rd rate for Humanitarian projects.

However, the claim that you have to have experience in order to have new technical and feasibility projects tested by the Banks, even though they do not have the knowledge and experience to be able to assess the value of new inventions, makes that this is a point for discussion.

After all, the point is that large projects must bring money to the population in order to shape the transition, a transition that has never taken place on this scale in human history.

People with projects have a responsibility to spend the funds well to lift the world’s population out of poverty and to repair the damage done to the earth and all life by greed.

Climate change in governance functions of countries will certainly come about, this has nothing to do with the weather manipulation that the Cabal has initiated against the world population.

The story that haunts us about the 0800 number, seems to me to be real disinformation, everyone is waiting for something that is not necessary because several people have also exchanged without a 0800 number.

Notices to exchange tis can be published by mail or on Website to reach the general public.

Which banks do the exchange Redeem, is also not yet completely clear. If it is the HSBC bank for the Zim’s Bonds this should be worldwide, since HSBC Bank in Germany tells me that they don’t participate in the exchange, a temporary exchange base seems plausible on Nato bases all over the world.

The fact that governments are not ready for the RV/GCR should not be a reason for the Tiere 4 groups to wait for the exchange of the Zim’s Bonds when the safety of the Zim Bonds holders is guaranteed.

Europe and downfall of the EU and European paedophiles and Bilderberg Mafia.

Christine Lagarde, the intended new president of the European Central Bank (ECB), wants to continue the policy conducted under Mario Draghi as of 1 November 2019 (if the Central Banks still exist). It also wants to include the fight against climate change as a core value for the central bank. (Climate change as a tool to push the world’s population further into poverty is a long-planned agenda).

As of Oct. 31, the British leave the EU, which will herald the downfall of the EU fascist dictatorship with the introduction of a new Gold Standard agreed by GESARA to 209 countries.

The NWO EU is not a country, but an oligarchy that wants to rule in the name of Multinationals, they will not receive funds that will be released for sovereign countries.

Funds that countries want to transfer to the EU against the will of their own people will be frozen in order to force them to end their oppression against their own people.

The EU’s takeover of power in Italy, by the Left Social Democrats and the 5-star movement, will give the Nord League a large seat in the next elections, as the population is fed up with the corrupt politics of globalists.

According to questions answered by Lagarde in the European Parliament (CABAL NWO). She stressed that price stability is the most important goal for the central bank, but climate change is also critical.

Lagarde did not comment directly on the current policy, but did say that a new period of stimulating monetary policy is needed given the current global challenges with low growth and low inflation.

The ECB’s aim is to bring inflation down to just under 2% in the medium term. To achieve this, the central bank has reduced interest rates to 0% in recent years and has bought up some EUR 2,600 billion in all kinds of bonds.

But still, inflation does not want to rise enough, and inflation has been falling in recent months. (Inflation is expropriation of the world population)

Lagarde went on to say that the ECB should carry out a broader policy review. The last time this happened was in 2003. “2003 was a long time ago and many things have changed.

Gold bought from Free Fiat Money is Stolen Gold.

The Bankers did not have to make any effort to be able to buy the Gold.

State debts on the basis of Fiat money are not debts, but were a means of extortion against the population, which the treacherous politics have helped to create.

The Muslim invasion of Europe will stop when everyone gets a basic income in their own country.

This will cause an exodus of Muslims in Europe, when economic migration is no longer necessary for a human existence.

The betrayal against the European population will stop, The indigenous peoples of Europe do not want to see an incompatible culture forced upon them.

This as a means of power to introduce the EU dictatorship for the new world order.

Kind Regards.

Rinus Verhagen

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