Where are the mass arrests, Where is nesara/gesara, and Where is disclosure all talk no action? – September 9, 2019

You are forgetting those intergalactic criminals that the GALACTICS have removed. It may seem like they are stalling = 3 months for Fisa, come on ! Some have been taken-out already and then re-cloned yet as the mainstream media CIA = [COCAINE IMPORT AGENCY] refuse to report the real truths.

I named MY SON after “ARCHANGEL MICHAEL” = so go figure right.

Ruth ginsburg ARRESTED by police has no legs – GOOGLE removes the pictures I had as PROOF remember – you SAW and witnessed the picture of the POLICE rolling out ginsburg clone that had NO LEGS I posted and was on WHEELS. GOOGLE obstructs JUSTICE ! GOOGLE needs to be taken-over as the the EVIL LYING COMPANY along their draco trans-humanism AGENDA’S

Interesting = considering it’s BEEN DEAD for awhile now, what outright LIES as she recieves a [STANDING OVATION]arrest these google criminals.

CIA bluescreen anyone, cause WE ARE “NOT BUYING IT!” WE have some FREE insanity rooms available at GITMO – IF YOU ARE INTERESTED ?

Ginsburg is also = LARRY  KING ……………………., very bad actors !


Where are the mass arrests, Where is nesara/gesara, and Where is disclosure all talk no action?

We have been hearing for god knows how long now about all that is mentioned in the title of this discussion but still the same crap everyday soon, its coming, the deep state is panicking blah blah blah and here we are with the same cabal criminals still walking the streets getting away with crimes that are so messed up alot of us wouldnt even want to talk about it. For me this is becoming a lost cause and a major mission failure and it feels like being on this planet has no purpose right now and wanting to leave gets stronger everyday and im sure im not the only one who feels like this right now. Its pretty obvious right now just my opinion that we wont being seeing any justice any time soon or anything positive happening any time soon. Yes we are seeing some positive signs protests going on in places around the world against the cabal not in the usa of course cause the brainwashing seems to be at its worst in this area again just my opinion. Bottom line is if arrests, nesara/gesara, and disclosure dont happen suffering is gonna continue and things are just gonna get worse right now i dont see things changing. Opinions and discussion are most welcome if anybody wants to.


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All you needs is a little of faith and patience…We all go through the same questions, yet I remember all I have learned and  I know that even though all seems or appears as chaos it is necessary to be it so that nothing stays hidden, nothing of the dark that is..and yes they are being rounded, there is no escape for them, and they are on their last days….We are almost there…Do you want to give up when we are almost crossing the gate?Ascension is a process not an overnight happening…We are here waiting with Faith and the inner knowing that all will be as promised…because it cannot be any other way…God is involved and I trust in Him/Her…and I trust in me too…Blessings and believe and trust that all is in Perfect Divine Order…Look at the cup being half full not half empty…ok? With much Love…

From the Arcturians 

” The forces of darkness that have worked against Gaia’s ascension since the fall of Atlantis have lost their battle to control Earth. However, the “cleaning up” process will take more 3D “time” to be completed.”

that i have had for years now dont really want to be going more years doing this this honestly should have all been done by now but now we will be hearing well its definitely gonna be in 2020 now. Its all just talk anymore empty promises my opinion is the only way this gets done is with galactic intervention but the population has been so brainwashed they would think they would be coming to take over the planet, though civilizations are so advanced in the gfl maybe broadcasting a message to the world about whats been going on here and how they are here to help clean up the mess may not be such a bad idea at this point.

All is developing between 2019 and 2020…Next year is the big year…It is the year of the Feminine…Very powerful…2020 is Mother’s number…All will be as it should…I don’t see it that way…I have been awaken since 2005 and  I have been progressing non stop..One thing for sure I won’t give up now that I know all is about to unfold…Blessings…and “Stay the course”.like Archangel Michael says all the time…

I will tell you of something that happened to me over the weekend…I only do so because I think it will make you see that all is happening, yet without faith you are moving things away from happening to you…They won’t interfere if they see you do not accept or believe the truth…

Amparo Alvarez… I have a story for all of you..On Sunday I met a lady at the flea market here in the Poconos…We just met and we started talking, and I found myself saying things to her without thinking about them…One of the things she told me was that she was doubting herself and I told her to trust herself…She was almost in tears and told me that she was of the Blue Ray and that she was clairboyant, and I started telling her about AA Michael and that he is the protector of humanity and His ray is the Cobalt Blue Ray, and she told me that someone in her family was named Michael and I told her what that meant…there she went again almost in tears…It was all synchronicities one after the other, then a tall blonde man came and he said his name was Michael and we looked at each other and said, we were just talking about Archangel Michael and he added… yes Michael…He is very powerful…and I kept looking at him thinking ok…how did you get here at this precise moment?, The sky was all cloudy but the sun just came out right above us…and the other person that was with us noticed it and told me…I was in so much joy I started to jump…saying…this is amazing….To me it was really something I felt such energy and joy and the lady was all in tears because she knew and understood what I was telling her…She said to me that I was there at the right moment with the information she needed…and that she knew it was not a coincidence…I love you all…thanks for allowing me to share this with all of you..

Dottie Chandler …Dearest Amparo… Wow!! Thank you sooo much for sharing with us! This is a beeeeutiful story & unfolding… and a Visitation!

  Amparo Alvarez to Dottie…That is exactly what I thought, but he did not looked straight at me which I really wanted…or the other lady…I did not make anything of it…I was so excited…but I left that place so energized and in such a state of bliss …I know amazing things happened there and I will not forget it.,..more so this reassures me that all is really moving fast…I love you Dottie and it is so good to connect with you here and now…

  • Amparo Alvarez to Dottie… Oh I forgot to mention that the lady and I kept hugging…We did at least 4 o 5 times…It was an amazing experience of connection beyond 3d…
  • CA Jordan… wonderful amparo! note that if he didn’t look directly at you or the other woman, it’s even MORE sign it was actually HIM. (we cannot look directly at the AAs or we would die)

Speaking of Michael thats my middle name and my uncle is named Michael we just call him mike but yes i get what you are saying indeed alot of synchronicity going on 

Now I understand your readyness…That is AA Michael…Everyone named Michael is one of His legions…or has some mission with Him…Blessings…and now more than ever you can relate to contacting Him…I had felt Him many times next to me in the past whenever I called upon Him, he would be next to me and I would feel His energies…

Would be awesome to have him by my side right now how is one able to contact him?

Stop all action, make sure you are not interrupted, relax and meditate…Breathe deeply and slowly, and get into a deep meditative state, concentrate within your heart area, and leave your mind empty, free of thoughts, and when you feel ready call upon him…Try having anything to say to Him…If you want Him to surround you with his light or anything you need…or simply thank him for being there even if you don’t feel him…give yourself time…Being patience is always the way…(You need to raise your vibration and that happens when you take time and breathe deeply, slowly, in and out…above all trust that he will be there and allow for that to happen, don’t give up if it doesn’t happen the first or second time, that depends on you, not on Him)

Trump has made a lot of arrests concerning child/slave trafficking in the US but the main stream media will not report it-there is a stay behind network of cabal operatives in the fed gov in high positions-Americans are brainwashed but really the MSM is not doing its job to out the cabal, because it is the cabal-MSM uses propaganda to create public outcry based on lies or hyping one thing or another -obviously

If you don’t already watch them  try infowars.com and watch the live vids-unbelievable corruption/criminality going on in the US and around the world

yes i am grateful for trump doing that just wish to see the big names arrested as for msm they are pathetic and alot of them are in on these crimes and are cabal like you said

Just sit back, watch the news and see it happen. 
Much is already set in motion and happening right now. 
It’s not hidden anymore and it’s obvious to see. 
The summits with North-Korea, the China trade war.
The way Trump plays the international chessboard. 
The Epstein arrest. 
What will be next? 
It will be impossible not to notice the headlines. 
On all media platforms, including mainstream media. 
You will see some of the magic unfold. 
You don’t have to do anything for it. 
You only have to sit back and watch the show. 

I agree with Pet Rock that main stream media is not the best source to trust, but some news spreads faster than it can be swept under the rug or otherwise manipulated. 



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