GAIA PORTAL – SEPT 05 2019 & SEPT 10 2019

GaiaPortal 9-10-19… “Fields of stone are harvested”

This GaiaPortal may very well align with the recent Kp blog “Hammering energies” post. Perhaps the “Fields of stone” (resistant ego points) are being harvested and “hammered” to break them up, so the Light might enter (Crops of Light), and healing occurs.

And synchronistically, on this same day (9-10-19) I spoke with Ali‘i Nui Mō‘ī Edmund K. Silva (ancestral bloodline king of Hawaiian Kingdom), where he informed me that much progress was being made on the establishment of a Peace Center on the islands. “Centers of Higher Guidance are assembled”, anyone?


Fields of stone are harvested

Fields of stone are harvested.

Crops of Light replace.

Centers of Higher Guidance are assembled.

Firmaments are viewed.

Inspiration comes.

Seeds of Higher Influence are sown

5 Sep 2019

Seeds of Higher Influence are sown.

Emancipators of many vibrations collect the honeys from the Flowers.

Flashes of Rainbow Light are viewed.

Petals of Hue-Manity mark the Higher Path.

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