September 28 & 29 – 2019 by Starship Earth: The Big Picture Headlines and Updates for September 28, 29 & 30 – 2019: Soldier On, Patriots—It’s Almost Red October [videos]

Headlines and Updates for September 28, 2019: Soldier On, Patriots—It’s Almost Red October [videos]

Our latest Q Anon/8Chan board update…

After I posted the Tweets from Eye the Spy yesterday a troll hit the comments section saying they were going to unsubscribe because I suggested readers follow ETS and a psyop, so that might tell you something. ETS and Q have been attacked more than once which speaks volumes to me.

As for the outrageous shit-storm in the media, I hope you’re not buying into it. It’s all for show. Optics.

Optics don’t change reality, however. We should know that. The fake world we have occupied was simply an illusion, while the reality chugged along behind the scenes in favour of the control freaks.

The tables have turned, however. Prepare for Red October, patriots. I told you it would be “epic”. When you know it’s not real it’s hard to watch, but it has to play out for The Plan to work. It’s history in the making.


We have an update from the Santa Surfing channel that featured the groundbreaking interview with the government whistleblower ‘JohnHereToHelp’. The channel/Twitter page was subsequently followed by General Flynn. Eyes and ears on, folks. I got a video upload notification this morning and then a Twitter update so thanks for the share, L. The Stroppy Me channel host joins in the discussion.

John tells us what the “plan” was for Seth Rich. It didn’t go that way. Rod Rosenstein was loyal to no one, and played both sides of the street, and John also tells us about “Rosey”, of the DEA. They were all about enriching themselves and had to get their hands on that thumb drive because it would expose Rosenstein, and more. He also tells us who killed the two MS-13 gang members.

It’s a fascinating story you don’t want to miss because it explains that the thumb drive not only exposed Rosenstein, but the fact that the deep state actors had planned and orchestrated the whole “Russian collusionscheme to get rid of Trump. Trump is arch enemy numero uno and they HAD to stop him. They would do anything to prevent him and the white hats from ruining the globalist agenda, and they’re still at it.

ThemTube version is here… for now, at least. Not sure for how long.

Who Killed Seth Rich – JohnHereToHelp knows!

LT at the And We Know channel presents part one of the SerialBrain2 decode, which you can read in the SB2 archive here. The decodes are very detailed, with supporting material so for a full understanding we recommend you go through it if time allows. The videos are an effective visual version to augment the intel.

SerialBrain2: Iran, Bolton and the Lindsey Riddle. Part 1

Do you see a resemblance? I see a resemblance.

More and more we see the network of globalists who have been running the world; keeping it all in the family, just changing the names where appropriate to keep the family ties in the background.

Not related? They have the same accessories! Here come the “matching bags” under Shifty’s eyes. That’s what gravity does when you’re in a death spiral. Boom!

Greta! Greta! Greta! She’s the “little girl” shaming the world into throwing fists full of dollars at the Soros-backed globalists to combat an imaginary climate crisis. They have been playing Humanity like a fiddle for eons and they’re still going strong.

The NWO Globalists Mind-Control a 16-Year-Old with Asperger’s into the Poster Child for Global Warming

The facial expressions remind me of Peter Strzok at the hearing when he appeared possessed. What do we expect in a “spiritual war between good and evil”???


John Bernstein tells us all about the lovely and spirited Rashida Tlaib character; a member of The Squad. Like we’ve been saying… they’re all actors hired to do a job; to deceive the public and manipulate the political stage.


Not everyone in Hollywood is one of “them”. There are patriots there and this is worth the 2 minutes of your time.


I want to get this post out ASAP but you can learn more about the latest headlines at American Intelligence Media.

Lighten up, possums… or else…

…we’ll tickle your funny bone, see?  ~ BP


GOOD LORD – It’s like watching a deprived “baby HITLER” [Soros related ?]

SEED of CAIN in ACTION – LOOK at the nazi-like SCOWL. NOTHING says GIVE US all your MONEY for OUR climate change FRAUD so we can kill you.

And the “ACTRESS of WEEK AWARD” goes to little HATEFUL Greta clone !

Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a Fraud

Yes I threw this in here now back to the STARSHIP EARTH info.


Late Updates for September 28, 2019: Patriots Launch the Offensive [videos]

It sounds like this is where the Patriots go on the offensive. We’ve been allowing the criminal cabal to use up their ammunition and make fools of themselves. We’ve been sandbagging. Now they have nothing left and we gang up on them and leave them strewn across the galaxy in itty-bitty pieces.

All the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men, couldn’t put Humpy together again. Joe and son… toast. Prison.

Pro-Trump PAC Releases Anti-Biden Video


HUNTER BIDEN’S Ex Claims He Spent His Money on Prostitutes and Drugs – Two Months After Navy Dumped Him for Drugs He Was Put on Board of Burisma Holdings


There is ample rational thought and discussion around the radical initiatives and accusations from the lunatic left.

If you’re not aware, Steve Scalise is the Majority Whip almost fatally shot after he delivered a PSA (public service announcement) stating that the Trump administration was going after those who committed Human Rights abuse, related to the Executive Order which specifically addressed Human trafficking and pedophilia.

Scalise: If Pelosi wanted Trump removed, why is Congress not in session?


President Donald Trump is not going anywhere. He’s here to stay. Most of us this know this, but it’s nice to hear, nonetheless, right?

What do Americans say about Schiff’s “parody” comedy show delivered in Congress? Is the running of the country a joke? Is that why the demonrats are in Washington—to entertain? Or to act as political hit men?

This is another great monologue from Sean Hannity.

Hannity: Donald Trump is not going to be removed from office


The cons are over. We’re exposing it all.

Without Judicial Watch, we would not have the assault on the dark ones that we currently do. They have been instrumental in securing the necessary documentation to expose their illegal activities, as well as alerting the public to the coup attempt on President Trump.

President Tom Fitton says “impeachment” is not the language we should be using with respect to the coup attempt. What the criminal left are doing is not a lawful process suggested by the term, but an illegal, seditious effort to remove the President from power because they don’t want he or his administration in power. They want THEIR people in… like Hillary Clinton. They never thought she would lose.

PUSHBACK: Judicial Watch files federal lawsuit over Biden-led firing of Ukraine prosecutor (Video)

STOP the Coup Against Trump! NEW Lawsuit on Biden/Ukraine Scandal, NEW FBI-DOJ Coup Docs, & MORE

All this exposure makes the rabid globalist rats feel the desperation and they might sic their dogs on those who potentially pose a threat to them.

Kahn’s Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing In NYC After Mysterious ‘Electronics Glitch’


Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has reportedly failed to return to his home country after the plane carrying him and his delegation malfunctioned hours into the return trip from the US, and was forced to land in New York.
The crew discovered a technical problem on board the jet, four hours after it left New York for Pakistan on Friday night, Pakistani media reported. According to Samaa TV, it was a glitch in the plane’s electronics.

The details of the malfunction are unclear but apparently it was serious, since the aircraft was forced to turn around near Toronto, Canada. It then landed in New York’s John F. Kennedy International airport.

Selling Your Soul Means Waking Up In A Cloning Center – Donald Marshall

Clones and consciousness transfer. It’s not myth. By keeping the truth buried, the control freak coven members could exploit it and use it against us. Time to wake up and fight the enemy face to face. The witches don’t have the advantage any more.

Check out this blog for a mind-expanding experience.

The problems arise when celebrities realize what has happened and want out. That’s when they appear to “self-destruct” on drugs, alcohol, get driving infractions and wreck their cars, get thrown in jail, act like they’re insane, and may have multiple personalities, as we have seen displayed in Britney Spears in an interview with Barbara Walter.

Selling Your Soul Means Waking Up In A Cloning Center – Donald Marshall


You can tell a globalist initiative when you see one because they’re quixotic, extreme, agenda-driven, play on the emotions, and involve things your grandparents never heard of. They sound like they originated in The Twilight Zone and are designed to be part of the

This particular initiative is part of the synthetic world the psychopaths want to create with the goal of destroying Humanity.

No sexes any more. No family unit. No sex! No procreation. No continuing the species.

Vaccinate and sterilize. Confuse the genders. Convince kids to be “gender fluid” and introduce 48 different gender labels to choose from. Brainwash the youth and offer sex change surgeries and “therapies” PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS. It’s sheer lunacy.

They can clone Humans and insert artificial intelligence personalities to turn the body into a drone. Clone  ==> drone. Easily controlled. A slave. Cattle. Chattel. Possessions to be used as the former ruling bloodline families saw fit.

Too bad they won’t get to see this wet dream come to fruition.

Mattel Releases a “Gender-Neutral” Barbie and the Video Promoting it is Preposterous

Watch the “Createable World” video at the Mattel website. It’s not about children creating the world they want; it’s about the New World Order control freaks creating the world THEY want. All they need is for Humans to embrace it and go along with their plan.

For a mere $30 your child can have a doll with 100+ different looks. Such a deal—and available at Of course.

Tell the sickos to leave our kids alone!

Signing off for today.  ~ BP

Late Updates for September 28, 2019: Patriots Launch the Offensive [videos]


Your Sunday Digest for September 29, 2019: The Reign of Terror Nearing Expiration [videos]

First… another important alert.

As expected, at this volatile time when the Patriots are pushing hard against the deep state we need to be cautious and know that the psychopaths will scheme to hurt us if they can.

Many terrorist attacks are thwarted when the intelligence is picked up and chatter exposes a potential sinister plan. It’s only prudent to heed the warnings we get. Often they don’t come to fruition, but a few do, as Eye the Spy predicted in May. One day we won’t have to live like this any more but for now we must remain vigilant.

ETS posted this on Saturday afternoon so there’s your bracketed timeline.


Here’s a perspective that rings with truth. Rush Limbaugh elucidates just who the most important whistleblower is—and that’s why this one is the primary target of the deep state.

Greta Thunberg supporters might consider the following. (Didn’t I just say this a few days ago?)

BOOM! Greta Thunberg EXPOSED as an ACTRESS

“All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players.”  ~ William Shakespeare (not really, but we’ll leave it at that for now)

It’s the selfish, globalist control freaks who have run the planet into the ground. They control everything, not us, so how could it be the fault of Humanity?

People need to stop buying into their guilt trips. Yes, there are things we can do to improve how we live and impact the planet but this movement is funded and fostered by the globalists. Stop responding. Once we get rid of the greedy, control freaks the planet will be fine. (after we deal with the Earth changes)

George Soros Emerges as Major Funder of ‘Global Climate Strike’ Groups

Crisis? What crisis?

500 Scientists Write U.N.: ‘There Is No Climate Emergency’

Earth is a dangerous place in many respects and we hate to see our wildlife suffer. We know in the past the cabal’s evil, psychotic military has performed sonic weapons testing on whales and dolphins causing them to bleed in the brain. No word yet on the cause of these two latest incidents described below.

I don’t need to tell you that anything they can use on marine life they can also use on us so we should thank the White Hats of all realms for stepping up to remove these monsters from our midst.

I hope this isn’t a stunt to illustrate that the climate is causing the deaths of our beloved and kindred cetaceans. Wouldn’t that tug on the heartstrings of Humanity?

What Is Going On? Massive Amounts of Different Whale Species Washing Up On Beaches



Some of the Republicans DID speak up about the witch hunt against President Trump. These are a few you can count on to have the President’s back and McCarthy is getting riled, the emotion of disgust stronger—until he abruptly ends the press conference.

On all fronts, the show is ratcheting up. The public must respond—but will they—and how, I’m wondering.

We know the White Hats want to avoid civil disobedience and violence, but will Americans in general get up off the couch to support their President? How far would they go? How far will the Patriots push it?

“Red October” may reveal the answer to that question. The People are already chanting, “Lock her up”, “Four more years”, and booing the fake media at the MAGA/KAG rallies so it will be interesting to see how the Great Awakening plays out in America.

House Republicans blast Dems’ impeachment inquiry in fiery press conference



Regardless of the other stories battling for our attention, there’s still the Jeffrey Epstein fallout simmering beneath the surface. When the other more important items on the White Hats’ agendas are resolved, the public issue of the massive child trafficking story will be revealed to the public. Until then, we are confident related efforts continue in the background, such as protecting Timothy Holmseth and others with critical testimony.

More Confirmation of an Epstein-Maxwell Blackmail Operation


Scott Mowry’s ‘Miracles Intel Call’ goes again tonight. His summary follows. You can listen to the last call in the archive up until the next call begins.

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this SUNDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 29, 2019 beginning approximately 6 PM Pacific/9 Eastern time.

This past week we have witnessed yet ANOTHER huge escalation of major events unfolding in America which are truly historic.

If ever there was any doubt a full blown civil war is raging behind the scenes within the Washington, DC swamp, this last week has proven it by all which has come out of the shadows and right into the public eye.

The entire Democratic Party — on behalf of the Deep State and New World Order cabal — are desperately attempting to take down our duly-elected President Donald Trump in the most egregious fashion we have yet seen in the history of our nation in order to prevent the Restoration of the American Republic and much more great changes to our nation.

It is all doomed to failure as everything the Deep State Democrats have to offer is built upon a foundation of fraud. And by its very nature, fraud cannot survive the bright light of truth.

  • The phony fake scandal over a telephone call with the President of the Ukraine back in July has erupted into an all-out smear campaign against President Trump. It is yet another witch hunt in the mold of the Russian Collusion scandal of the last three years. However, it is all falling apart by the day.

  • The Democrats are now intending to conduct a so-called “impeachment inquiry” into President Trump with evidence they are literally making up as they go along. And this is clear proof of the level of desperation the Democrats have now reached. In other words, they have NOTHING!

  • Realize, what is really happening is another high level, strategic Military Operation conducted by the White Hat Patriots to expose the corrupt Democratic Party and the Deep State which controls it. This must be done in order to move to the next phase of the Military Action Plan (MAP).

  • Meanwhile, the White Hat Patriots, US Military Intelligence and President Trump continue to achieve victory-after-victory in the most profound ways we have ever seen and there was even more evidence presented to us over this past week.
  • First Lady Melania Trump was right in the thick of it, having made not only a significant appearance at the Washington Monument on September 19, yet four days later at the New York Stock Exchange on September 23. We will give you all the details and much more amazing clues coming from the White Hats.
  • What is becoming more clear by the week is all which you are witnessing is nothing-less-than an epic battle between the Elite Family Bloodlines which have ruled over Planet Earth for eons, and the Forces of Light who are attempting to free the entire human race from slavery. Yes, it is that big and it is that profound.

And we are WINNING!!!

Once again, we will have A LOT of breaking news to cover on this very important conference call. We really encourage you to join us this Sunday night!!

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598   Access Code: 767664#

Replay Number: 712-770-5402 Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

Thank you and God Bless America,

Scott Mowry
Follow us on Twitter:


We now have Part 2 of the SerialBrain2 decode from And We Know.

Read SB2’s archive of decodes here.

SerialBrain2: Iran and the Bolton Pawn. Part 2


Gender dysphoria is a big problem… created by the globalists. There were no “trans kids” when I was a kid. This is a manufactured crisis, like all the crises on our planet. They can only operate effectively when they keep us confused, distracted, living a lie, and in fear.

Puberty blocking drugs used on “trans kids” have killed more than 6,000 people


Here’s another globalist tyrannical agenda to resist. The only way the control freaks can be comfortable living amongst we awakening Humans is to monitor every one of us, in real time, 24/7/365, so they know who is where and what we’re doing.

Enter the Amazon Alexa line of spy products. No, not “surveillance”. That’s legal. This is SPYING.

They have programmed us to love technology. They’ve made it indispensable and they throw in the toys for fun knowing full well most won’t suspect or won’t care they’re being listened to and watched bysmartappliances, gadgets, and toys. Now it’s “wearables” like rings and glasses.

Folks think they’re watching TV, but in truth, many televisions are watching them. Got a TV in your bedroom? Kinky.

When we travel, I throw a blanket over the television in hotel rooms, AirBnBs, etc. I’m quite fond of my flip phone and my iPad has masking tape over the camera lenses.

New Amazon Alexa Spy Products Include Glasses, Rings And Earbuds; Bezos Wants To Write Facial Recognition Laws


This would be a globalist’s wet-dream. They underestimated the Humans, however, and their reign of terror is over.

New Netflix movie fantasizes about time-traveling liberals carrying out the “pre-crime” murder of patriots to prevent an American uprising against globalism


There is plenty going on behind the scenes. Count on it.

Leaving you with a smile…  ~ BP

Your Sunday Digest for September 29, 2019: The Reign of Terror Nearing Expiration [videos]


Obama Officials Freaking Out as State Dept Hits Clinton Emailers with Culpability Letters & New Epstein Blackmail Tapes

No, the big fish did not get away. This takedown is going to go the way the Military Intelligence/Marines say it will go—and when. Patience, please.

None of this is going to remain a secret unless it is currently deemed just too much for the unsuspecting to assimilate until a later date. They don’t want people to shut down; they want them to be open and to learn and innerstand what has happened. The truth will be meted out in bite-size pieces and life will go on.

Obama Officials FREAKING OUT as State Dept Hits Clinton Emailers with Culpability Letters

State Department investigators are reportedly escalating their probe into email records from former Hillary Clinton aides

How Hillary Clinton, John Kerry Used Secretary of State Office to Enrich Their Families


And let’s not forget about Jeffrey Epstein. His memory lives on. The odds are the White Hats have him in protective custody so he can spill the beans on who is linked to his despicable activities but for now we are still getting interesting information about the extent of the pedovore network and Human trafficking.

Secret Spy ‘Footage From Bedrooms’ Of Epstein’s Estate Revealed In Shocking Blackmail Tapes

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