ATTENTION LIGHT FORCES – Updates tagged: “Beyond Standard Model” – Sept 26 2019


Sep 26


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Updates tagged: “Beyond Standard Model”

Could a new type of quark fix the “unnaturalness” of the Standard Model?

While the discovery of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 2012 confirmed many Standard Model predictions, it has raised as many questions as it has answered. For example, interactions at the quantum level between the Higgs boson and the top quark ought to lead to a huge Higgs boson mass, possibly as large as the Planck mass (>1018 GeV). So why is it only 125 GeV? Is there a mechanism at play to cancel these large quantum corrections caused by the top quark (t)? Finding a way to explain the lightness of the Higgs boson is one of the top (no pun intended) questions in particle physics.

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LHCPlanning for the future

As someone who comes from a small mountain town, for many years I’ve linked the word ‘summer’ to ‘seaside’ and ‘sun’. During my experience as a physicist working in ATLAS, I found myself associating the word ‘conferences’ to the word ‘summer’ more often than to the two above.

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Philosophising physics

Last Monday (August 22), within a tight 35-minute allocation, ATLAS’s Henri Bachacou presented the entirety of the results from ‘Beyond the Standard Model’ searches for BOTH the ATLAS and CMS experiments, to the Lepton Photon conference in Mumbai, India. This included results of studies on Supersymmetry, strong gravity, heavy resonances and long-lived particles, and was a staggering amount of information to convey in an extremely limited amount of time. Henri did a great job, firing through slides, and guiding the audience through the most up-to-date results from the wide range of exotic topics. He did have one thing on his side, however… from each search, from each physics topic and from each experiment, the results came back the same: Has the LHC seen anything beyond the standard model yet?  Nope.

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