“Vatican Stealing Millions” by TM – 10.8.19 ???

“Vatican Stealing Millions” by TM – 10.8.19

Entry Submitted by TM at 9:35 PM EDT on October 8, 2019


It appears that Il Vaticano has siphoned off $25 million [ Billions , Trillions] one cannot truly comprehend how deep the corruption goes.[ again]
The Khazarian money laundry must steal or print money, since they do not know how to generate wealth. Only create systematic theft… This is what they’ve always done.

Sooo Sad that Sooo Many are still trying to hold on to false belief systems as if to prevent you [ child ] into growing into
[ Sovereign ].

Perhaps that is why the aristocracy always refered to Their Gold Currencies as sovereigns , as if a word will Legitimize their crimes.

If you are not reading and processing relevant articles , this will translate {to me} that perhaps you are not ready to become Sovereign ?

When trying to process
“The Language of Criminal Money Creation”
Such as the relevant article that was posted today concerning the Fed and its criminal activities …
Which were laid out in a most well written manner so that the dozens of so so stories that I’ve processed did not come close to “Revealing Truth” as this one did…
Then perhaps you may consider to stop filling your minds and belies with such “Empty Calories”.
Perhaps that is why there is still so much confusion still.

All Governments Will Collapse
( those leaders selected to bring us to this point are Alliance Accepted)
All False Religions Will Cease
( is Buddhism a religion ? Or a Way Of Being ?)
All Icons [Hollywood] Have Feet Of Clay
( there are those working on behalf of humanity… Above my pay grade)
The American Military Industrial [ MIC] Complex has been dismantled for quite some time now. The Republican actors are simply plsying the roles assigned to them , nothing more.
(No more nukes… Just alotta posturing)
Many of it’s criminals have capitulated.
Many criminals were turned [ to denote being utilized against the others].
These are what the “left / overs” call the Right.
The right has controlled America’s Military might.
The left has controlled the minds of Americans.
( there is a growing trend from “middle America” … Meaning those of us in the middle that aren’t left or right.. 90%+… To take back our schools, our courts the seat of our Government)

The left still tries to hang on and have pushed hard these last few decades into “corrupting the minds of the youth of Athens”… Time for the leftovers to drink the hemlock laced wine and go to your forever sleep.
There is no room at the inn again…

This Time Though The Child Will Not Be Born In A Manger ;
But Will Arrive Fully Grown And In Full Command Of His Planet…
You cannot serve two masters
Call For Unity With The Christ Consciousness, or not.



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