CCN Cross Canada News Super Sunday Oct 6/19 Live Chat & Abel Danger – Operation Potato Masher – #NewCanada

CCN Cross Canada News Super Sunday Oct 6/19 Live Chat

Trudeau’s Federal sElection – Another Four Years??!

Abel Danger – Operation Potato Masher – #NewCanada

Sep 19, 2019

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Agent Margaritaville and Juan07 join Field McConnell to discuss:

1. Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh’s refusal to ask Justin Trudeau about the pedophile symbol on his Trudeau Foundation Annual Report.

2. Canadian Superior Justice Freda Krist-Jensen.

3. Justin Trudeau’s “Black Face and Tranny Pictures”

4. The Pedophile Symbol on the Trudeau Foundation Report Cover

5. Pedophiles on the Superior Court Benches in Canada

6. 88,000 Charitable Foundations in Canada

7. Child trafficking of the crown

8. Cannibal Restaurants in Toronto and across Canada

9. Data and financial fraud by the Canadian governments.

10. Transhumanism, transgenderism and fabricated identities.

11. Building a #newcanada and arresting all Canadian judges.

12. Juan07 brings a wealth of information about the Sept 19 drone strikes on Saudi Arabia and a “unique cell phone holding system.”

13. The TRUE identity of RCAF Colonel Russell David Williams.

Note: Agent Margaritaville’s team could use the assistance of 2 MacBooks and 2 iPads (2016 vintage or newer) for data-mining. Any assistance would be helpful, appreciated, and considered a loan only, and would be returned at the completion of project #newcanada. Please inquire at Thankyou. Thanks also to: Field McConnell, Juan07, The Telford Russian, Agent Moonbeam, Agent Maya, Agent Elipse, Agent Leon, Agent Dimes, Agent Cutter, Agent Dice, Agent M9.9, Agent CoCo and Karma the wonder Dog!


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Proof that Trudeau is a Satanist.

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Former United Nations worker Peter Dalglish was arrested in Nepal on suspicion of child exploitation. Dalglish was given various …

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Authorities are warning the public that a pedophile known as ‘Swirl Face’ has been released and is living in Vancouver.

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Millennium Films says Bryan Singer will remain at the helm of its upcoming movie Red Sonja despite the recent allegations that …

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