Greta Thunberg, Alternative Energy, Mind Control, Nigeria Genocide, UN Troops, VaccineGate, Fossil Fuels, and Heatwaves 10/20/2019

Greta Thunberg, Alternative Energy, Mind Control, Nigeria Genocide, UN Troops, VaccineGate, Fossil Fuels, and Heatwaves

The Elite Machine Behind Greta Thunberg

A look at the powerful, elite-backed machine behind Greta Thunberg and the true agenda behind her world tour.

[OpDis Editor Note: The fact that Greta Thunberg went viral is a disturbing sign because the media and Big Tech only makes certain things come out when it suits them because they use it for a wicked agenda with motives still a bit unclear.]

Unipolar electronic electrostatic machine

An electronic electrostatic machine made with two complementary variable capacitors, two fixed capacitors, and four high-voltage diodes. Of unusual, it is symmetrical but has two identical positive outputs instead of a positive output and a negative output.

[OpDis Editor Note: This device is a good example of a hidden technology that could probably be very beneficial if it’s being developed further and more research is done.]

Washington State Fusion Center accidentally releases records on remote mind control

[OpDis Editor Note: These experimental mind control programs are not secret anymore and it’s also being widely used in movies and series like for example the series Stranger Things. This could be a sign of low-level disclosure because it’s pushed by an unknown party for unknown reasons.]

“WORLD TAKE NOTE!”: Genocide of Christians in Nigeria

[OpDis Editor Note: Everything you see in the media is usually pulled out of its context and people tend to lose sight of the bigger picture, this is a case of something that many people haven’t heard of because of ‘bigger’ things in the news.]

Now That UN Troops Have Emerged, Should Americans Be Concerned with FEMA’s Massive Purchases of Hydrogen Cyanide?

[OpDis Editor Note: It’s safe to say that you shouldn’t blindly trust your government, especially the US government If you look at the incident where the CIA drugged an entire town with LSD as an experiment. Always keep an eye out for these kind of strange moves by organizations and government entities.]

Vaccinegate : MRC-5 contained in Priorix Tetra – Complete genome sequencing

Complete Human Genome DNA Found in Contaminated MMR Vaccine by Italian Researchers

Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty: The Origin of Fossil Fuel & Peak Oil

Abiotic Oil ( It’s produced at a limited rate, stupit hominids, so don’t get greedy: Earth needs it to lubricate the fault lines, you volunteer idiots… )

[OpDis Editor Note: Oil is the lubricant of the earths plates and by sucking it out too fast we’re going to give our planet ‘arthritis’ which means: earthquakes. Just like the man-made global warming scam, it’s in the books, on TV and the elected representatives all believe in it, but there is big money to be made for the big boys at the top while nothing is actually done to help the planet. Abiotic oil is always being produced but it probably shouldn’t be used much despite our current mining operations and usage of oil we won’t run out of it.]

‘Superfloods, hellish heat normal, sellout science is not’

As Russia recovers from a record-breaking heatwave followed by fierce storms, RT talks to astrophysicist and solar weather forecaster Piers Corbyn to find out what it all means and if it has anything to do with global warming.

[OpDis Editor Note: “The bigger the lie the easier it is to get people to believe it.” – Adolf Hitler. “It’s easy to fool people but hard to convince them they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain. This could be a case of Geo-engineering and HAARP. Most of the time these strange events are artificially created.]

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