(Reader Post) Maverick T: Or Git off the Pot 10/20/2019

(Reader Post) Maverick T: Or Git off the Pot

Reader Post | Maverick T

Dear President Trump and Earth Alliance,

On behalf of a whole bunch of frustrated and frazzled red-blooded Americans, I’d just like to say that it’s time to $#!+ or get off the pot.

Now I’m sorry to have to say it so crudely but honestly, things are way past civility at this point in the game. Friday’s fake pump of saying you were going to release the DOJ IG report and then not releasing the DOJ IG report was the last straw. We are done.

Today Rep. Jim Jordan announced that Shifty Adam Schiff is now scheduling TWO witnesses a day in his BS impeachment hearings, supposedly conducting the depositions simultaneously. Now I ask you, how can House Members (only the Democrats, mind you, Republicans not allowed in) be in two places at the same time??? Answer: They can’t! And that’s the thing! Shifty Schiff is so accustomed to getting away with making a mockery out of the judicial system, out of you Mr. Trump, and most painfully out of us raggedy patriots, he’s probably giggling like a schoolgirl at the thought of us having to swallow AND PAY FOR! yet another serving of his clown act.

We’re tired of it, guys. We’re tired of putting up with no action on your part toward engaging in JUSTICE FOR US as opposed to allowing lenience for them. If it’s true that you work for us, and it is, then here’s what we’d like to see start happening on your part, in no particular order:

-Release the “telephone book thick” report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on potential surveillance abuses by intelligence officials during the 2016 Russia investigation. Issue any attendant indictments or criminal referrals.

-Release AG Bill Barr and US Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the genesis of Russian-Trump Campaign collusion claims of interference in the 2016 election, the “bombshell” report of how four Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants were illegally obtained against Trump campaign aide Carter Page. Issue any attendant indictments or criminal referrals.

-Release US Attorney John Huber’s report on the investigation into the way the FBI and the Justice Department targeted Trump’s campaign while giving Hillary Clinton a pass on her criminal wrongdoings. Issue any attendant indictments or criminal referrals.

-Release the 302 reports involving Justice Department official Bruce Ohr’s knowledge regarding the Steele dossier. Issue any attendant indictments or criminal referrals.

-Release report of findings on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, including the emails related to the Hillary Clinton email controversy, and issue any attendant indictments or criminal referrals.

-Release transcripts of all closed-door testimony, including the Gang of Eight materials, including and most especially the whistleblower testimony given before the House Oversight Subcommittee on Government Operations regarding allegations of quid-pro-quo promises made to donors to the Clinton Foundation. Issue any attendant indictments or criminal referrals.


-Unseal evidence and release report on investigations into accused human and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and criminal activity related to his properties, St. James Island and elsewhere, and issue any attendant indictments or criminal referrals.

-Unseal evidence and release report on the investigation into Adam Schiff regarding connections between the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood, which is in Schiff’s 28th district, a massive human and child sex trafficking operation, Chelsea Handler, and the formerly China-owned Port of Long Beach. Issue any attendant indictments or criminal referrals.


-Release evidence collected with regard to the investigation into massive statewide voter fraud in the 2018 California elections. Issue any attendant indictments or criminal referrals.

-Reverse the entire General Michael Flynn legal debacle, give him and his family full financial restitution and full redress for maligning his reputation. Pursue criminal referrals for any legal wrongdoing, such as framing someone to falsely prove them guilty of a crime they did not commit.

In addition to all this, as Americans we would like for those supposedly working for us in the ranks of upper government to:

-STOP enabling mass illegal migration.

-STOP fighting the citizenship question on the 2020 census.

-STOP allowing sanctuary cities and/or states to exist.

-STOP fighting to lower the voting age.

-STOP fighting to take POTUS off the ballots (we really resent this one!).

-STOP fighting to abolish the Electoral Collage.

All of these efforts cost us, the taxpayers, big money AND WE DON’T LIKE IT! American citizens are tired of being treated like crap with these constant attempts to reduce our freedoms!

Now Mr. President, in closing I have a little bone to pick with you. Actually it’s a big bone and it’s stuck right in my craw. I grow more disappointed with you by the day that you fail to label ANTIFA as a terror group, when they very clearly are just that. How can you stand it? How can you bear seeing your supporters get treated so violently for the simple fact that they are proud to be your supporters? I’m impressed at how well the people attacked have handled the situation thus far, but sir, the violence appears to be escalating. I think these creeps are becoming evermore emboldened by the fact that all these people who did all these bad things listed above in this post seem to have gotten away with what they did…and it’s looking like nothing will ever be done about it. All these criminals have gotten away with treating us good Americans like crap, so why shouldn’t they? How long before a child gets hurt or God forbid someone is killed?

Sir, this has to stop. You’ve got to take a stand for us. Last week Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law making it legal for Californians to cook and eat road kill.


As the Anons say, let that sink in. Sir, I cry for my Californian brothers and sisters. How much more demoralizing can it get? That guy has gotten away with volumes of horrific crimes SCOTT FREE, and then he turns around and ridicules and humiliates his state’s population. Mr. President, I am not the begging sort but can you please make this stop? Please set your people free.


Maverick T


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