Emails from 8kun team – October 25 2019

Emails from 8kun team

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 24-Oct-2019 12:51:00

You can sign up for these emails at

Email 1:
We’re on final approach.


We’ve opened the content moderation systems to some board owners. Mark ( identified a bug and Ron is squashing it presently.

After this, more people will be invited to help test the front-end functionality. We’ll keep you posted.

Hope to see you all soon.

Email 2:

The more you know…
What is 8KDS?

Friends don’t let friends suffer from 8KDS! This lesser-known malady, called 8Kun Derangement Syndrome is an affliction which drives 8kun’s critics insane. We are already beginning to see it crop up here and there.

Some unscrupulous voices in the media have preemptively tried to sully the reputation of 8kun: A website which they haven’t even seen yet. How’s that for 8KDS?! The editors of such publications spreading patently false statements about 8kun have been contacted and we expect retractions to be forthcoming.

#8KDS can happen to anyone. So don’t hate. Educate!

One more thing… If you like us, spread the word! Consider sending this to your freedom-loving friends and family.

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