The Earth Plan …the one that worked…and we’re it! – Paul Dobree-Carey Update ~ 23 October 2019

25 October 2019

Paul Dobree-Carey Update ~ 23 October 2019

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

High speed energised particles normally carry Sacred Geometry Light Language from the furthest reaches of space via the cosmic postal system of the Central Sun, whilst Star Seeds eagerly awaiting coded instruction from their Galactic family to carry out Soul purpose as grounded aspects here on Earth.

We already have tools at our disposal left over from the days of Atlantis in the form of the Great Crystals once hidden and spread across the planet in strategic locations. Many energetic portals, high frequency hotspots and Sacred Pools of Energy such as the Aquarian Ascension Pool are becoming available to those who require access to their former skills and abilities to become manifest once again.

Many Lightworkers, Star Seeds and Walking Masters of Light have responded as former members of the Atlantean Atla-Ra Scientist / Priest and fulfilled their vows to return and support the Law of One once again. Many of you were called to these locations at sequential number cosmic-key dates leading up to the Cosmic Moment of 12.12.12 and Gaia’s Planetary Ascension Date of 21st December 2012. A series of activations have brought these magnificent crystals back on-line to begin emanating specific patterns of resonant vibration. This is required to create a Fifth Dimensional aspect of Earth as a crystalline matrix to maintain higher frequency energies across the whole of the planet.

Following the Fall of Atlantis, the HUman Adam Kadmon physical blueprint was reduced in frequency to that of Third Dimension. The Fall from Fifth Dimension Law of One meant a split in Unity to that of Duality segregating the hemispheres of the brain and removing direct access and awareness of the Higher Divine senses. The re-introduction of the Fifth Dimensional Merkaba prior to the Lionsgate portal date on 29th July 2013 allowed full access. The body must gradually adjust once again to achieve its true Unified and Sovereign Christed nature.

At this time, the Great Crystals are producing ionic wave patterns which may interfere with the electro magnetic fields around the evolving crystalline HUman energy bodies. This interference will continue until the body begins to acclimatise to the higher frequency environment it currently exists within. You will know this well as the ever increasing causes of Ascension symptoms present themselves in every physical, emotional and mentally projected way possible. All that has been created within the Third Dimensional Belief Systems of the Collective Consciousness will be manifested for the last time before dissipating and disintegrating into the ether.

Whatever you still hold within YOU or wish to cling onto will be made manifest by becoming amplified, brought to the surface and presented to you. All that is rigid shall be shaken. All that is hidden in the dark will be revealed to the Light. Do not fear what YOU are presenting at this time. For that which becomes manifest can be dealt with through choice, it is the unknown that creates fear, yet here you still are, despite all that you have feared in the past. What you release creates a void and it is in that void, you will achieve balance and peace. You will not find it by holding on and waiting to see what happens, for it must be created by your choices. You have been on a journey and it is time to decide what you truly wish to carry home.

Quieten the mind at every opportunity, each worried thought can quicken its flow and become the storm of an energetic construct creating drama and anxiety in your life. Your journey through the frequencies of Fourth Dimension since January have shown you how quickly this can happen, much much faster than ever before as your Inner Child seeks every excuse to justify its existence in your life. Defending your position, becoming ultra-sensitive to Others comments, becoming anxious over the thoughtless actions of Others – all signs of the Inner Child’s Ego seeking individual attention and validation.

Your Fifth Dimensional Higher Self with the help of your Guides, can help you by assigning these thoughts to them to deal with. Allow some time to move the energy up through your crown to your Higher Chakras and feel your Self asking for assistance.

Use this Full Moon opportunity to rest and refrain from the action of your normal behaviours of triggered response and reaction. Relax into the process that YOU are helping you to get through each moment.

Integration, balance, grounding and alignment are the key tasks at this time.

With Loving Blessings

Paul Dobree – Carey / Polaris AB
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The Earth Plan: Paul Dobree-Carey Update ~ 23 October 2019

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