“Zim Bond Rate” by Rinus Verhagen – 10.28.19 ???

“Zim Bond Rate” by Rinus Verhagen – 10.28.19

Entry Submitted by Rinus Verhagen at 6:54 AM EDT on October 28, 2019

Dear Readers of IDC,

The story below is my personal assumption and may vary if the circumstances we have to comply with change or if we are subject to change in the future.

The progress of the transition is slow, but with an unstoppable goal.

Many people become frustrated by the lack of visible results, because expectations are much higher than the results we can observe.

With mass arrests, we expect the key figures of the Deep State to see their arrests, with the mass of Pedo-Human Traders and Organ Traders unaware of what effects this has on the Deep State and brings them fear.

It is this fear that makes them do stupid things to keep their story alive with absurd lies, so they make themselves totally unbelievable together with the MSM.

In the frustration of many people is also the factor, that each time dates are mentioned for certain expectations, which are copied among each other on the basis of speculation.

I wonder if there are Gurus who tell us everything we want to hear based on what I’ve heard, or if the rumours are that, which I suspect, there is a earning model for these Gurus to elicit people on YouTube the Like on the basis of hope.

The values of the Zim Bonds 0,11 or 0,22 to 0,37 I see more often appear without any substantiated evidence, where the condition for the rate target would depend.

I have been able to make the value of the Zim Bond visible in a graph from September 17 to October 24 for the information I have found on the https://www.marketwatch.co.zw/ website, and looked back in time as far as this was possible.

It seems to me to be a more reliable indication than all the previously unannounced aerial cycling.

When we are going to receive the blessing for our Zim Redeem, it seems very reasonable to me that the goals for which you want to use the new wealth, are a significant factor.

The value of Zim Bonds you have now, and the money you need for your projects, should be considered separately.

If you have one or more project plans, with an estimated project budget for the costs, this will help determine how much money you will receive, and over what period of time you will order it in the number of years.

There will undoubtedly be people with more or less Zim Bonds if that is what their projects need, with a difference in the duration of projects.

Also, it is absurd to spend the whole amount at once when these amounts are so large, so there will be a running-in period on the proposed projects, before they reach full project speed.

So in the beginning you need less, where everything will have to be started up.

Also decisive is the interest factor over the total amount that you will receive to finance your projects.

Then the design of your plan will determine whether the profit is related, whether it will be given away free of charge, or whether it will cover your costs without a profit interest in your projects.

Many people will have an overkill in Zim Bonds, which far exceeds the project investments, but there will also be people who have less Zim Bonds if the costs of their projects are necessary.

This will be between total available money and the required capital for projects reason to make everyone’s requested budget possible.

Ron Giles’ comments are realistic because of his sobriety and sense of reality about the progress of the RV/GCR.

To make this clear, I have written an algorithm in Excel that includes an initial value of 500 T Zim Bond against a Rate Factor of 16%.

The starting budget per quarter/year is shown, with an annual budget increase of 50% per year, an interest payment of 7.5% and an average project profit of 7.5% which is taxed with 17% VAT.

Where the required total value amounts to 216+ Trillion over 25 years, and at the end again has a starting amount to continue the projects of 216.5 Trillion.

Have the realization that we have been selected for our task, and more people will experience this in the future, who will also participate in the transition for all humanity will bring a momentum.

The entire transition will take several years, do not expect changes that are 100% implemented within a few months on a desired level of false reality.

When the RV/GCR starts will depend on factors that we cannot foresee, that the start can be made soon, I hope and believe.

Realize that you always get a budget in abundance, but you are also responsible for doing good with it.

Whether you have a lot or little Zim to exchange, it doesn’t matter, your required budget will be leading in my opinion.

The future will prove it.

Kind Regards,

Rinus Verhagen


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