Happy Halloween Paramagnetic Alignments International Tele-Activation – Oct 29 2019

Happy Halloween Paramagnetic Alignments International Tele-Activation


  Thursday October 31,  2019  6:00 PM  (Pacific Time) $75

 There are incredible benefits of’ doing spiritual activation’s  during global holiday celebrations…

Expanded Psychic Perception & Abilities

 – Extra Personal Power Infusions & Upgrades

– Enhanced Energy & Cosmic Blessings

– Effortless Release of Blockages & Limitation Patterning 

Paramagnetic Alignments

This is a set of four paramagnetic alignments plus activations given directly to you by Bryan. This session will create a dramatic realignment and activation of your four lower bodies (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual). During these alignments each individual will experience personal healings, inner initiations and massive soul retrieval. The alignments include:


Mental Body Recalibration….which releases confusion and conflict patterns within the mind, allowing the higher mental body to operate without interference.


Emotional Body Realignment…which will clear and stabilize the feeling and desire bodies & assist with emotional detachment and compassion. You will also learn how to clear and release instantly & permanently any lower emotions such as hate, anger, fear, stress, depression and anxiety.


Physical Body Realignment…which is a series of healing energetic infusions, designed to upgrade the current condition of the physical body and clear any limiting patterns currently being experienced.


Spiritual Body Recalibration…which is an activation of the Golden Christed ‘Angelic Shield’ and ‘light language’ force-fields in, through and around the body. When operational, this protects you from distortional energies and external programming.



Starseed Transmissions For 2020 & Beyond!


Check out our new videos from the Sirians,  Pleiadians & Andromedans




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