“Glory Days” – Mon. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ MilitiaMan 11/04/2019

Website Update – Judy Byington and Operation Disclosure Intel

(Re-posted. No update from Judy yet.) Dear Readers, I would just like to remind everyone that Judy Byington said she would not be doing …

“Glory Days” – Mon. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ MilitiaMan


MilitiaMan » November 4th, 2019

They are telling the world (see article below) that they have achieved monetary stability for foreign investors while suggesting they’ll have a fixed exchange rate.

One that will be supported and with little fluctuation.

A stable environment in a narrow range of speculation, allows for an attractive environment for foreign investment!!

Just what imo has been expected by foreign investors for almost tens of years or more, therefore, a strong rate means out of the gate to be good one. imo.

They have stated the Glory Days is a potential goal of theirs..

I don’t doubt that the “longer we have had to wait, the more money we will make.” (big smile)

Don961 » November 4th, 2019

Exchange rate stability

Sunday 03 November 2019

One of the most important tools that contributed to the stability of the exchange rate of the dinar against the US dollar in the parallel exchange market, is the adoption of a method of sale adopts the implementation of pre-sale in the auction sale of the dollar at the Central Bank of Iraq, where the procedures are met to meet the requests of banks participating in the auction a day ago within days Official working hours or before the weekend and other public holidays, to ensure the financing of foreign trade and cash sale in the following days, and then block the speculators in the parallel market.

This method has been adopted since May 30, 2017, the day when the exchange rate in the parallel market witnessed a decline close to the official selling price, and then this price continued to hold with a simple profit margin in the parallel market despite the relative fluctuations during some exceptional days. In which some speculators tried in vain to exploit the events and data witnessed in the country in order to reap profits.

This approach has been very successful in achieving monetary stability that establishes the stability of the exchange rate in the parallel market, paving the way for an attractive environment for foreign investment, and ensuring the attraction of foreign capital, which is usually looking for monetary stability in investment environments,

in order to develop economic feasibility studies that can be engaged in. The probability of financial calculations of the project away from the fluctuations of the exchange rate is not calculated due to the data that may be experienced in the investment environment.

Therefore, the stability of the exchange rate in the parallel market these days in which our country is witnessing peaceful demonstrations withdrew its repercussions on the movement of the market and the nature of prices here or there due to the behavior of opportunists and parasites in the market of goods and services, and is clearly a clear indication of the success of monetary policy in the face of data in such Circumstances.

This sends positive messages to the foreign investor about the safe monetary environment and the possibility of establishing feasibility studies for projects based on a fixed exchange rate that is only affected by a narrow range of speculation depending on the location of the data and the time of the event.

Hence, the arrangements made for preparing for an attractive environment for foreign investment, following the Kuwait Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq held early last year, and the bilateral agreements concluded by the Iraqi governments with many countries and companies are still in their timing, and that the possible changes in the political scene will not be.

It has an impact on the investment environment, which is supposed to be attractive due to monetary and security stability and the development in the banking sector and the legal environment, after it remained a promising environment for sixteen years awaiting the influx of foreign capital. LINK

DELTA » November 4th, 2019

(Thumbs up)

Don961 » November 4th, 2019

Iranian goods pile up in stores after the boycott, and Saba al-Mahdawi’s mother cries

Sunday 03 November 2019

Baghdad – Writings

With the success of the general strike targeting large areas in most of the provinces of Iraq on Sunday, November 3, 2019, Iraqis continued on another path aimed at disciplining the state that supports the killing and the use of excessive violence against the rebels.

Activists and politicians on social media and local and international media confirmed the success of the popular boycott of Iranian goods even though it started three days ago.

According to what was leaked, the commercial goods from Iran to the Iraqi markets filled the stores and jammed after traders decided not to buy them to participate in the demonstrators in their demands.

Meanwhile, the mother of the activist Saba al-Mahdawi, on Sunday, launched a distress cry to recover her daughter who was kidnapped by armed militia.
(video link)
According to activists on social networking sites, Saba is an Iraqi young woman who carries the concerns of the homeland and works as an activist and transports aid to the youth of Tahrir Square.

This prompted activists to launch a hashtag on the social networking site “Twitter” under the title “# Win_Spa”; in order to reach the young Iraqi girl quickly before being abused. link

MilitiaMan » November 4th, 2019

Tie this in with the CBI article today and the restrictions on those that have Sanctions against and or applied to those entities in regard to trading in the Dollar, etc..

This may have a direct impact on the neighbor, whereby, the recent demonstrations with a positive outcome will have a profound outcome associated with the end result. Read, the neighbor will feel the pinch, as it is one very large trading partner, that is being boycotted for what appears to be an extremely just cause! MURDER..

Once the Iraqi’s get their due from their peaceful demonstrations, then the bleed over effect will be hard to contain for said neighbor, not to mention the world is watching and closely! Very closely! .. imo ~ MM


The Central Bank of Iraq, from all licensed banks and non-bank financial institutions not to deal with two banks and a remittance company to be covered by international sanctions.

The bank said in a statement received (independent) a copy of it on Sunday, that “given the names of financial institutions on the list of international sanctions, it was decided to prevent dealing with these institutions in the US dollar currency with the permissibility of dealing with other currencies and until further notice.”

He added that “financial institutions that have been included in the list of international sanctions included the Islamic Bank of the tender” former country “and Noor Islamic Bank of Iraq and the Khalidi Exchange Company located in the province of Erbil,” note that the latter is not authorized by the Central Bank of Iraq.

Experts have considered that “some private banks have turned into a place of extortion and depletion of hard currency in the auction of currency,” surprised by the “lack of real policies for the work of these banks to achieve the maximum benefit of banking work in construction, investment and reconstruction, as is the case in most countries of the world.”


“Economist and strategist, Ghanem al-Abed, confirmed that the Iranian product invaded Iraqi markets by 90%.

He added, “Most of Iraq’s factories were stopped because of the Iranian product, which invaded the Iraqi domestic markets by 90%.”

He explained that “the economic situation in Iran is the most prominent problems of the people, and if Iraq boycotted Iranian products, I do not rule out a revolution in Tehran.”

Samson » November 4th, 2019

Protesters boil government departments in Diwaniya

2019/11/4 8:51

Sitters closed three government departments in Diwaniya province.

This morning, the Directorate of Education, the Political Prisoners’ Foundation and the Welfare Department in the governorate were closed by the protesters. LINK

Don961 » November 4th, 2019

Sunday, November 3, 2019 15:57

Al-Abed: If the Iraqi markets boycott the Iranian product, there would be a revolution in Tehran

Economist and strategist, Ghanem al-Abed, confirmed that the Iranian product invaded Iraqi markets by 90%.

He added, “Most of Iraq’s laboratories stopped because of the Iranian product, which invaded the Iraqi domestic markets by 90%.”

He explained that “the economic situation in Iran is the most prominent problems of the people, and if Iraq boycotted Iranian products, I do not rule out a revolution in Tehran.” link

Samson » November 4th, 2019

Summary of the demonstrations of Tahrir Square for the tenth day

3rd November, 2019

Our agency reviews a summary of the popular demonstrations in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad on Sunday, for the tenth day.

The summary was as follows:

1 – a significant reduction in the targeting of demonstrators tear gas.

2 – provide large logistical support to the demonstrators in the “Turkish restaurant” and down the river cliff from the bridge of the Republic.

3 – the presence of medical health detachments with all medical supplies.

4 – At 8 am, the students recorded a large presence in Tahrir Square and not recorded any injury or suffocation.

5 – Rescue the riot force to the demonstrators in the river and return them to the place of protest without arrest or beaten.

6 – Set up tents and large processions in Saadoun Street and the streets near Tahrir Square in support of the demonstrators.

7 – Conducting awareness campaigns and alerting demonstrators with large banners advising not to cross the bridge of the Republic and not to go to the bridge.

8 – Continuous operation of the national anthem and national songs only.

9 – Lighting candles along the Tahrir tunnel in honor of martyrs of demonstrators, security forces and martyrs of Iraq. LINK

In detail .. Tahrir Square and an unprecedented increase in the number of demonstrators

2019/11/3 21:01

The Liberation Square in central Baghdad is now witnessing an unprecedented increase in the number of demonstrators.

“Now very large numbers of young people, women, boys and families in Tahrir Square, and all the alleys and main and secondary streets are crowded with huge numbers of demonstrators,” the correspondent said. “The demonstrations are now going on smoothly as many processions spread food and drink to the demonstrators,” he said. “Tik-tech vehicles transport food and medical supplies to the demonstrators as well as the injured.”

He continued, “Today the incident of the martyrdom of two demonstrators, (Hussein Darraji and Ali) as a result of tear gas canisters that settled in the head and there is a solemn funeral for these two martyrs in Tahrir Square, and lit candles on the lives of martyrs.”

He added, “The numbers are still flowing to the moment significantly to Tahrir Square,” but “Today, the numbers are very large, similar to those that arrived on Thursday and Friday, even more,” he said. LINK

Don961 » November 4th, 2019

Sunday, November 3, 2019 15:16

Protesters block a border crossing with Iran

Angry protesters cut off a border crossing in Maysan province with Iran, a security source said on Sunday.

The source said in a press statement that the demonstrators blocked the road outlet Al-Shaib, the land border crossing between Iraq and Iran from the province of Maysan.

He added that demonstrators in Maysan blocked the road to the morgue, leading to the oil fields, and forced employees to return to their homes.

In Basra, demonstrators blocked the road linking Khor Al-Zubair and Umm Qasr districts, south of the province, by burning tires, to prevent the passage of staff and prevent security forces from reaching Umm Qasr, which is witnessing a large sit-in by hundreds of people in front of the port of Umm Qasr.

On the other hand, the Baghdad -Diyala road was blocked by demonstrators in the Shaab area as part of the civil disobedience announced by many areas of Baghdad and several provinces. link

Source: Dinar Recaps

Featured Post

Website Update – Judy Byington and Operation Disclosure Intel

(Re-posted. No update from Judy yet.) Dear Readers, I would just like to remind everyone that Judy Byington said she would not be doing …

“Under a Gag Order” – Mon. AM TNT Thoughts/News


This is the beginning of a new week and a new view of life as it gets better and BETTERAR !!!!!!

…we do not measure the greatness of our lives by the RV …….there is sooooo much MORE Greatness here for us..

Another day and information providers are under a Gag order. It can only be good!!

Good Morning: This is the Day my Father has made and I shall rejoice and be exceedingly glad in it. I have chosen to have a great day! The choice is also yours. JMHO: Silence is a sign that something good is taking place in “Secret Places.”

it’s encouraging to remember that silence can be a good sign.

Well it’s a new week let’s pray this is it

I hope the redemption centers are staffed


Justin Timberlake – CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!……….https://youtu.be/p5RobDomh5U

Abdul Mahdi receives a delegation from Congress

(Reuters) – Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi received a US congressional delegation on Sunday headed by Democratic Representative in Washington and chairman of the armed forces committee, Adam Smith.

During the meeting, they discussed relations between the two countries and ways to enhance bilateral cooperation and support the reform plans and measures taken by the Iraqi government.

Abdul-Mahdi stressed that Iraq is keen to establish the best relations with the United States and with its Arab and regional environment, and that the government is serious about the reform process since the beginning of its formation and proceed with the implementation of its plans and reform procedures, and presented several bills that meet the rights and demands of the Iraqi people In a decent living, coupled with the continuous quest to increase employment opportunities and attract investments and provide a safe and stable atmosphere that helps to accelerate the reconstruction and construction and employment of young people.

For their part, the head and members of the US delegation stressed the continuation of cooperation between the two countries in all fields, in particular the fight against terrorism and coordination with the Iraqi government with regard to military cooperation. Peaceful demonstration.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Defense, the National Security Advisor, the Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, and a number of Iraqi officials and advisors.

Source: Information Office of the Prime Minister of Iraq link

Abdul Mahdi: The demonstrations have achieved many of its purposes and it is time for life to return to normal

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said that the demonstrations in the country have achieved many of its purposes and prompted the three authorities to review their positions, while noting that the threat of oil interests and blocking some roads to Iraq’s ports is causing great losses exceeding billions, he explained that “it is time to return to life Its nature is to open all markets, interests, laboratories, schools and universities. ”

Abdul Mahdi said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, that “it has been a month since the outbreak of popular demonstrations that have spread to the provinces of Iraq, especially Baghdad and the south of them, and the people expressed their opinion clearly in the political and electoral system and in the performance of the government and the required reforms, whether political or human rights or SOA. ”

He added that “the demonstrations were accompanied by joyful and joyful images of the sophistication and comfort of the Iraqis. The demonstrations turned into popular festivals where the security forces and the demonstrators joined in a wonderful unity and cooperation.” The first, but every drop of blood spilled is expensive and painful and must be stopped, and the second continued exposure of numbers of outlaws to the security forces seeking to protect the demonstrators and public and private interests in the country. ”

“These groups have nothing to do with the demonstrations but cover them up and use them as human shields to carry out banditry, arson, looting and clashing with security forces using Molotov cocktails, catapults and even grenades, firearms, knives and others,” Mahdi said.

“An investigative committee headed by the Minister of Health and governmental and non-governmental bodies has been assigned to investigate the types of equipment used by the security forces when defending their positions, especially tear bombs, as instructions are still strict not to use live bullets or any lethal weapons,” Mahdi said.

The security forces do not carry out any acts of aggression or attack, but stand the defense against attacks by outlaws, whether to break into the barriers of security forces in the bridges of the Republic and Senk and others, or in the attack on the headquarters and government and civil interests in Baghdad and the provinces. ”

He pointed out that “security forces have invited many demonstrators, activists and organizations to come to the ranks of security repulsion to see the size of the attacks and methods and acts of violence by outlaws.”

The Prime Minister, that “the demonstrations have achieved many of its purposes and prompted the three authorities to review their positions, and there was a wide political movement, also issued several resolutions to meet many of the demands made by the demonstrators.”

He pointed out that “the demonstrations got popular support, civil and trade union, and rocked the political system to be one of the most important events that demonstrate that freedoms are responsibilities, which is the basic tool for the people to evaluate their rulers and express their opinion and achieve just demands, so defended the Supreme Religious Reference for the demonstrations Therefore, we must continue to protect and support peaceful demonstrations and distinguish between them and outlaws. ”

The Prime Minister stressed, “ I met with important numbers of demonstrators and thanked them for their pressure and the importance of renouncing violence for the success of the reform demands and continued peaceful popular pressure on the government and political forces to be able to succeed against the system of quotas and special privileges and corruption and to overcome the disruption approach that delays the achievement that you demand. ”

Abdul-Mahdi said: “It has been a month in which interests, schools, universities and a major part of public life have been disrupted, and it is time for life to return to normal, to open all markets, interests, laboratories, schools and universities, and demonstrations and other legal practices to express opinion without affecting life and public interests. “Your presence in the fields and your expression of opinion supports us in presenting and implementing reforms, which is one of the most important factors of reform and pressure, if it takes place peacefully and legally.”

He pointed out that “the most important here is to isolate the saboteurs from your peaceful movement, we have postponed the Baghdad International Fair for a period of time because of the situation .. “The internal interests that have been interrupted by the events and which have been subjected to great losses, which require a rapid return to normal functioning.”

The prime minister added that “the threat of oil interests and the blocking of some roads to Iraq’s ports cause huge losses exceeding billions, and delays the arrival of goods, and this and others raise the prices paid by all citizens and the poor in particular and disrupt the provision of jobs and the growth of the economy and put patients at risk because of the closure of medical clinics and obstruction The movement of ambulances, and lose students because of important study days with the need to complete the curriculum and prepare for examinations, especially the ministerial ones, and delays the completion of citizens’ transactions by disrupting the work of service departments, and cut off the livelihood of people, especially shop owners and workers Daily wage, and weakens efforts to achieve decent living and social justice for this noble people. ”

“The curfew hours have been reduced. What is most important for the government is the return of normal life, while protecting the rights of citizens, including the right to peaceful demonstrations in designated places and to prevent arson and assault,” he said

You took noticed…. but still no reforms. link

AP News: Iraqi protesters attack Iran consulate in Karbala

Source: Dinar Recaps


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