Canada is doomed under Trudeau and headed for a recession says Kevin O’Leary – NOV 04 2019


When TRUDEAU chose the so-called HAVES and HAVE NOTS in JAN 2019 he chose PROVINCES to BLESS and ROB FROM , rather than CHOOSING the POOR as the HAVE-NOTS which any NORMAL HUMAN would have done, except  = TRUDEAU is NOT Normal, nor HUMAN, just another BANSTER new world order SATANIST CLONE !

Now we have ALBERTA and possibly BC who were left out and looking for a WEXIT which is a WEST EXIT from the so called Government. It was a totally SELFISH thing to do to divide WHO GETS to EAT and SURVIVE by PROVINCE instead of INCOME, which is how it SHOULD have been decided. Obviously THE POOR are the HAVE-NOTS. What do you want from a thing [CLONE} that has NO REAL concept of working 2 to 3 jobs and never having enough to pay bills and survive. As TRUDEAU has a hundred year TRUST FUND from the BANKSTERS ! Of course everyone in OTTAWA gets 3 or 4 times as much extra financial help that ALL other PROVINCES. MANY CASTLES are in OTTAWA and guess WHO owns them ? FOLLOW the MONEY. WHAT was done by the SO CALLED “EQUALIZATION PAYMENTS” was pure TREASON to CANADIANS and to all POOR and STRUGGLING PEOPLE just TRYING to SURVIVE as he stiffed ONTARIO as well

TRUDEAU “SOLD-OUT” CANADA to the REPTILIANS and GLOBALIST KILLERS {United Nations} of mankind and SATANISTS who wanted to KILL 90 % of all HUMANS

Canada is doomed under Trudeau and headed for a recession says Kevin O’Leary

Nov 4, 2019

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The economic backdrop for Canada, already grim, is now looking even poorer under the new minority Liberal government, led by a re-elected Justin Trudeau, says Kevin O’Leary, chairman of O’Shares ETFs and star of the hit show Shark Tank. “What is the definition of leadership if it isn’t to unite a country? Here’s a guy that’s so poor in executional skills, in strategic skills, in any kind of vision and leadership, and if I may be critical, he has destroyed unity in Canada because he doesn’t know what it means,” O’Leary told Kitco News.

Liberal Stronghold Gets Shafted

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Irving shipyards to offshore navy piping contracts to Korea ? Quebec ? Find me on BITCHUTE at,
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