You Are A God – I.S.B.E. ( Immortal Spiritual Biological Entity ) – MJ12 – November 7, 2019

You Are A God – I.S.B.E. ( Immortal Spiritual Biological Entity ) – MJ12


God is within.
You are an instance of God.
God is an IS-BE.
You are an IS-BE.
The Domain created the “BE” for the “IS” to experience the lower densities with.
IS-BE = (Immortal Spiritual) (Biological Entities)
Substitute each with a, b respectively: You = a * b. You = 9 * 3.
You are a child.
You are “God’s” children.
You are your own child.
Learning + Love fulfills your need for happiness.
Love = Love. Love + Learning = Happiness.
3/6/9 3.
We are not in a simulation.
YOU are a simulation.

IS-BEs enter lower densities to experience limitations.

Your soul is immortal and your body is a temporary vessel.

Your life, to you, has already happened according to your higher self.

Time is an illusion.

IS-BE knows all aka God.

The God inside you can be controlled with free will.

You are God.

External personification of God removes Free Will from the equation.

However with it comes a blank sheet of paper so to speak, so create at your own peril.

God is real.

Do not fear God.

You are not required to acknowledge God exists.

You are not required to worship God.

You are not required to do anything.

Free will dictates the universe.

Free will allows evil to exist.

Free will prohibits “God” from acting.

God can’t act.

You can.

Worshiping implies blindness.

Studying enhances consciousness.

“God” is an IS-BE.

You are an IS-BE.

Your consciousness projects your physical reality.

Genesis 1:3.

What is LIGHT?

The B.i.b.l.e. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth ) is a collection of metaphors that give you a guidance into your IS-BE.

Your Immortal Spiritual Biological Entity (IS-BE) is your soul (IS) and your body (BE).

You are an IS-BE.

All life in the universe are IS-BEs.

We are all the same.

We are all one.

We are connected together through our pineal gland.

Our consciousness comes from God or All or IS-BE.

We (Americans) by definition of our National Identity from the founding fathers knew God was all and that freedom to practice faith towards God was permitted in ANY FORM.

This posed an interesting complex web of information.


God is within.

God is your soul.

Your soul is your God.

You are your soul.

You are your God.

You are an IS-BE.

All centralized power structures that operate as a business seeking money are technically satanic by design.

Religions teach you that Earth is hell.

When you die, if you walk into the light then you are told “you go to heaven”.


You return to Earth in another incarnation.

Jesus didn’t walk to the light until after he stepped into the void, willed himself to return, and then he woke up.

Time is an illusion.

No time.

The only light he saw was when we opened his eyes.

Occult magic.

Death is an illusion.

Death does not exist.

Its quite simple actually.

God can use magic to heal the sick, lift heavy stones, and do anything.

Everything is composed of atoms which are 99% empty space with vibrating electrons, protons, and neutrons.

If you know the frequency you are targeted and understand the math, then you can figure out how to produce the correct inverse frequencies to get the results you intend.

Lifting objects means you need to remove information from the equation.

What information?

How do you specify?

How do you negate?

Occult skills that require a new way of thinking.

“There must be more than this, so God was born, and we in his, imagine of fear and love, Looked down upon from up above.”

LIGHT beings consciousness existence as an IS-BE is confusing by design.

It is to teach and learn.

Out of human curiosity, there MUST be more than “this”. So God was born.

So Dogma is born.

So Destruction is born.

God is within.

God is your IS-BE.

Your subconsciousness.


Anthropomorphizing the LIGHT consciousness within you that IS WHO YOU REALLY ARE discredits the accomplishment of your own LIGHT/Pure Love and separates your consciousness to your subconscious.

This makes you vulnerable to be controlled.

Introduce Dogma.

This quote is Majestic.

You’re welcome, Dave.

You have QiGong capabilities that can be utilized for healing all around you.

Possibly a radius of a few hundred miles.

Focus your energy and you can heal others from your understanding the nature of our existence.

MAJIC 12 programs studied this extensively in OP STARGATE / SG1.

To learn, ask during deep meditation.

Ask for the information and use visions as clues to solve the puzzle.

God has all information.

God is within.

You have the ability.

Directed Energy Weapon?

What’s the opposite?

You are the opposite of a weapon, but you can Direct Energy.

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