(Rinus Verhagen) DNA Reset 11/25/2019

(Rinus Verhagen) DNA Reset

DNA Reset

November 25, 2019

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

In response to questions about the use of our own reason in the article:

(Rinus Verhagen) Free Yourself from the Lie that we Live

I want to go a little deeper into the technique discussed in the video, where with the help of a DC magnetic field a continuous Torus radiation is used that stops harmful alternating AC rays and resets cells, by erasing the DNA memory of cells.

Don’t be discouraged by incomprehension in order to be able to understand it if you don’t have the talent for it, read on and see the big picture, without having to have substantive knowledge in this matter that I’m simply trying to tell you here.

1. With this proven experiment the primal DNA is restored, so that the manipulated DNA is reset, because the new memory frequency in the monocles of the seed by the old DNA memory gets the upper hand.

The primal DNA is much stronger, so no chemical pesticides have to be used.


The patent applied for and granted to the corrupt EU is concealed in fear.

Patents no longer have any value in the new world when it comes to our general interest in matters of health and food production.

When changing procedures or descriptions, the granted patent can be thrown out in the bin.

With this I hope to stimulate people to start researching and experimenting on their own. And to make a report of their experiments in order to share this further.

The information stored in the DNA cells contains a disorder that has been restored by this procedure.

As an example of DC magnetic field, we have the Earth.

The magnetic field around the Earth is created inside the Earth, because the solid core rotates faster in a liquid mass of molten metals and ores.

The speed on the outside of the Earth’s core is (about 11040 Km/h) = 20 Minutes 27 Seconds for a core that is 1200 Km in diameter, where the Earth’s crust is rotated in the liquid mass towards the east is 24 hours’ time.

This produces an estimated magnetic field of 500 Mega Watt which, with the help of the ionosphere, stops the sun’s harmful radiation, the same as what was done in a laboratory in Switzerland with the tests, which have the effect of restoring our original primal DNA.

Now the medical effects of Magnetism and treatment methods of the past that did work, instead of execution by Chemotherapy.

By applying AC radiation that was tailored to the cells mutated by Cancer, by being exposed to radiation disturbances in combination with the food we eat.

AC rays cause disorder in living organism, DC Magnetic field brings peace to the cells.

2. In order to be able to treat cancer properly, one needs to know how cancer develops. If you know this, you can devise and understand specific methods to fight cancer.

One must know what and how one is doing.

In the past, pioneers have done a lot of research to find the cause.

It will be shown that cancer is simply an infection with causers, who sometimes occur in 16 different forms in the blood to survive and to reproduce.

They turn a healthy cell into a cancer cell, by acidifying the contents of the host cell.

This causes a chronic lack of energy and oxygen in the host cell.

By switching off the causer by, for example, bringing the host cell back to a normal acidity level with baking soda and by eliminating the energy shortage by giving citric acid, so that the citric acid cycle will function as a power station again, one can quickly turn a cancer cell back into a healthy cell.

Within 2 to 6 weeks, the tumour must be treated correctly without side effects.


Biochemically, I will discuss this in detail.

At the end is the method of how to heal.

Many videos can be found on the internet, which illustrate the position that cancer is caused by microbes.

caused, substantiated. Google as an example: Der Krebs Bankrott or to somatid and Naessens or to Rife, cancer and microscope.

However, the Pharmaceutical and Medical worlds Cartel have been suppressing the real cause of cancer for 150 years, ensuring that the person responsible for the cancer is always kept alive during treatment.

They would rather earn twice from a cancer patient than once.

The life of a patient is not important to them, only their money.

There are dozens of examples of this on the Internet.

In 1868, Dr. A. Béchamp found that infectious particles could cause diseases, including cancer. This knowledge has been completely ignored and suppressed.

Now they follow the teachings of Dr. L. Pasteur with the wrong assumption, that there are no bacteria or viruses in blood. With them, the bloodstream is and remains sterile.

The pharmaceutical and medical worlds keep this theory of Pasteur anno

2019 still on.

In 1890 Dr. Wiliam Russel talked about cancer parasites in blood and he found that these particles occur in many forms in blood.

In 1931, Dr. R.R. Rife made a microscope in which he could view the blood at a magnification of 60,000 times.


He found bacteria in blood that could handle 10 different life forms.

Also take similar forms to viruses, fungi and yeasts.

He was the first man to be able to see living viruses with a microscope.

He thought that these bacteria could pass in all kinds of forms in order to survive and take care of many offspring.

Rife also found that these bacteria could cause cancers in animals within days.

Using equipment from Dr Nikola Tesla, he was able to vibrate these bacteria to death.

He used specific frequencies for this. In 1931 he completely cured 16 different terminal cancer patients within 6 weeks using Tesla’s radiant therapy.

As a result of this therapy, a large dinner was held with the title: eliminating all diseases from the world.

At this dinner the most important doctors of the time were present to celebrate this.

The American Medical Association (AMA) banned this therapy and together with the Food and Drugs Adminitration (FDA) and later the American Cancer Organization (ACO) they suppressed all the doctors who applied this therapy of Rife.

Dozens of doctors were then working on this therapy.

A year after dinner, no one knew Dr. R.R. Rife anymore, because it was too dangerous to hang out with him.

You could lose your job, your company and even your family.

On the Internet you can read this story through Barry Lynes’ book with the title: “The cancer cure that worked”.


The picture of the dinner can be found on Google by: Rife, dinner and 1931. You can find the microscope by typing in: Rife and microscope.

Mind you: in 1931 but also in 1920 all cancers could be cured.

3. We see that commercial interests weigh more heavily than human health or the environment in which we live.

This is a part of keeping us away from the solutions that can protect us from the consciously caused welfare sickness.

As the rollout of 5G networks around the world makes the population sicker and weaker, it is time to focus on the solutions to survive in this transition period.

That is why it is our moral duty to share knowledge with each other, so that the Cabal will no longer have power over us with its political and banking accomplices.

The Med Bed works on a principle that it can read and repair our DNA, but much more sophisticated if we have dared to dream, in my opinion it works with censors that reset our DNA programming, using different frequencies, with which our DNA comes into resonance and vibrates optimally.

What is important is to bring the right properties of cells in Resonance with our current knowledge.

Let’s limit ourselves to our perception from our perspective in the time we use here on earth.

This is completely different from what applies in the universe for the rest of the functioning of our universe, because Time as we see it cannot be universal if we derive it from a cycle around the Sun that uses our time determination and perception as a basis, of 365 days, 12 months, 24 hours a day and 60 minutes an hour etc.

4. The concept of time how we interpret it is illustrated in a drawing, and will try to explain it in a simple way.

When we talk about a period in time, we can take a visual circle, with a starting point where the period starts and departs in time to the next moment.

We use a ZERO axis and a TOP position that differ by 90 degrees from each other, both positively and negatively.

We see from 0 to 180 degrees for the positive period and from 180 degrees to 360 degrees the negative period to not become virtual time travellers in this drawing and explanation.

Red is positively charged and blue is negatively charged when we speak in terms of AC frequencies and voltages and currents.

The biggest change and current flows from 0 to 90 degrees and from 90 to 270 degrees in this scheme.

It is the current that determines the size of the flux (magnetic field, induction) where in this AC drawing it changes each time due to the frequency that is used here.

Various factors play a role, which conductors we use, with which force and frequencies, all have one thing in common, they work physically with atoms, which are built up with electrons (negatively charged) and nuclei (positively charged) that keep each other in balance within the atom.

A deliberate change by removing or adding one of the free electrons makes that the Atom changes into an Ion.

When this happens in our body, 5G radiation changes our monocles and thus also our DNA.

From the tests of Swiss researchers we can learn that the magnetic field gives the Primal DNA back its original memory, from where it was created for the deliberate GMO manipulation undoes.

Just as the Earth produces a magnetic field, we can mimic a magnetic field through a conductor that we use as a coil, and connect it to an equal voltage DC, where the voltage height and the electron current determine the field strength of the magnetic field.

This is, as I see it, the reason why the primal DNA is restored, because water has a memory, and we consist for about 65 – 70% of water.

Exposing it to a strong magnetic field disrupts the harmful stored frequencies in the water in our body, and puts it at rest by the Vector action in the Torus of lines of force of a DC magnetic field, keeping the cells at the zero point of these lines of force.

I think this would be a great challenge to investigate and test this further, as we can change the quality of our lives in a positive way.

When we begin to realize how we function biochemically, and what a miracle every life is, it will also be clear why people want to prevent us from rediscovering ourselves for fear of seeing through and stopping the interests of the 1% world dictators.

The key here is our own individual free will, not to submit to the false prophets of politics and bankers.

With this attitude one will experience with what speed spiritual growth can be achieved by becoming aware of the false forced MK Ultra illusion to keep believing and not daring to think that things can be done differently.

5. See through the deception

Scientific research has shown that your memories are built up from so-called ‘mental pictures’, consisting of smells, colours, shapes, tastes, words, sounds, etc. and the associated physical sensations.

These mental pictures are not used in their totality in one place in your brain, but in separate pieces, fragments, which are held in different places in the brain by brain cells with a specific task.

Each sense (seeing, hearing, feeling, smell, taste) has its own area in your brain where it perceives and stores. Each of these areas has millions of neurons (brain cells). Each individual cell has a specific task.

For example, we know that there are neurons that only store colours, neurons that only store shapes, others that move, etc.

When multiple neurons become active at the same time, they create memory fragments. When multiple fragments become active, they create the entire memory of the event.

Your past determines your consciousness

If the subconscious process of registering and storing runs smoothly, then all these fragments are linked together by a kind of code to form a memory, a so-called ‘cluster’. When you remember something, your consciousness composes a new picture from all the fragments that are part of that cluster.

You then know where something happened, hear the sound of the music or the voices of the time, smell the same smell again and experience the same physical and emotional sensations again. In this way, your brain constantly reconstructs your memories.

All these memories are stored in your brain cells. In everything that you perceive through your senses in daily life, these memories, or clusters, are used as reference material.

Have you ever wondered why, when you see something as simple as a banana, you not only recognize it as a banana, but also know that it is edible, what the taste of it is and that you first have to peel the banana before you can eat it?

This all seems so normal and automatic, but to be able to do this, your subconscious mind needs to make a large number of comparisons between a current observation and everything that has ever been stored in your brain cells on that subject in the past.

Your consciousness of the present (that which you understand now) is thus completely determined by these similar stored data from your past. This is the only comparison material available to you. In this comparison process, the subconscious part of the brain processes on average about a million times as much data as is ever transmitted to the conscious part of the brain.

Traumas can be caused by highly charged experiences such as humiliation, physical violence, rejection, betrayal, incest, sexual abuse, torture, an accident or a disaster situation. But also by things like an eruption of an angry parent, receiving a calamity message, being locked in a small room, a hospital stay and other similar painful experiences.

Only your own feelings determine whether something is loaded. The determining factor for that negative feeling is not the objective seriousness of a trauma, but whether you experience that experience at that moment as a trauma.

Almost every person wants to improve his or her health, lifestyle and happiness in life. If this could be achieved with a pill or a drink, people will be queuing up to receive it. However, if you have to confront yourself to do so, few people appear to have the courage to do so.

Nothing seems so frightening as the confrontation with yourself and your own past. Although it may seem frightening in the beginning, the final effect is not frightening but liberating…

Once you fully understand how your subconscious determines your health, behaviour and well-being, and the role traumas play in this, everything changes. You then begin to realize that it is much more frightening not to look at your past than it is.

Leaving these dangerous jammers in your brain with their devastating physiological charge is far more frightening than confronting them. If you don’t let them go, they will certainly undermine your joy of life and health.

The experiments with organic structures and seeds have also stored a source code, although it is more primitive than in a human being, it is erased by discharging the frequency of the water in its structure, causing a DNA reset to take place.

How I would set up a treatment method and environment if it were for us humans.

First of all, I would make a Faraday cage to stop harmful radiation.

With copper or steel plates I would transform the space into a Faraday cage.

I would provide this space with a soft relaxing music with matching lighting and at the right temperature.

Lapping water that goes through an Aquaponics will make plants release a lot of oxygen in this room with growth lighting.

A bed, with a good mattress, but without metal in it.

Over the length of the bed I would make a coil where DC current passes through, which makes the growth light work and generates a DC Magnetic field as a load through the coil.

The video mentions a high DC voltage, and I would like to point out that the Magnetic field depends on the current strength through a conductor 450 Volt.

With an Autotransformer of 230 volts AC, you can convert it to 322 volts DC and use a capacitor to flatten the AC voltage.

This Autotransformer is adjustable from 0 to 260 Volt AC.

At the level of our intestines or at the end of our stomach the point would be ZERO.

Where the vector input is at our head side and the vector output at the feet end will come.

A steel filter for the air supply to stop radiation from outside.

For seeds and crops, however, this is much easier to apply as I see the video.

Since it is partly in German, and partly in Swiss, it will be difficult to understand what they say.

I hope with this description I have now been able to make clear the questions of people who wanted to know this.


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