Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, the Quantum Shift – Dec 3, 2019

Some QUICK notes;

WORMHOLES and TIMELINE CHANGES to get away from the DRACO’S.

HUMANS are getting ACTIVATED on DECEMBER 12 – that’s really COOL !

CHRISTMAS could be when the 5D RING is going to present itself.

The ring is going to be there but there is a lot of PEOPLE that are NOT going to be able to go through that RING. [RING of FIRE]

WE ARE our brother’s keeper – we can lead a horse to water but we can’t make them drink. WE are pleading with you to COME with US ! Wait till the “THE EYE” opens on this FIRMAMENT opens up and they put you on the other 3D Planet[s] – you are going to go through a HELL 5 times worse than this.

DR SAM: KENT; Our listeners are all going, [through the ring] it’s the people that DON’T want to listen to us. It’s the people that are ASLEEP, they are into the paradigm, they are into MIND-CONTROL.

KENT: I can’t help but wish I could just GRAB some of them and shake them OK.

DR SAM: I KNOW we all do. So NASA confirms existence of UFO’S [about freakin- time!] through-out our HISTORY and they are now doing speeches and they are giving PICTURES of UFO’S that they have been accumulating over the years and they are now releasing this information. There are organizations like the SCIENCE industry, MEDICAL and FINANCIAL that have DECEIVED the people and one of the things that I learned when I was in MARKETING school is once you BETRAY the people’s TRUST – they’re never going back !

KENT: RIGHT ! Exactly but the thing abut it is DOC that we got people STILL drinking the KOOL-AID. They SEE what is going-on with the WORLD – they SEE that the WORLD is CHANGING but they are NOT willing to change. Those are the ones that are going to get “SUCKED-UP” through “THE EYE” and you are going to get thrown onto another “3D PLANET !”

DR SAM: Right and OTIS let THOR GROW-UP and go through the world of 3D so when I heard that I it just made sense that if the OTHER BEINGS that are HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS than myself can SEE the VALUE in kicking someone out and letting them GROW-UP and FENDING for themselves and developing Character and Honor – then I think that’s OK. But you know one of the things that  GEORGE told me a couple of days ago that WE have 2 MOONS and 2 SUNS that is visible right now and I don’t know if they are going to STAY – but they are visible, do you KNOW anything about this ?

KENT: YES, the second SUN is the “UNITED STATES AIR FORCE SUN” China’s got one and RUSSIA’S got one. Now as for the 2nd MOON is part of AI breaking down and most of the time you will SEE IT for like 5 minutes and then it disappears. And what this is – is a REFLECTION off of the firmament from A.I. but they can’t maintain it and AI is down to 36% of working. 

DR SAM: Ok I’m glad you brought that up cause after WE went through that WORMHOLE on Tuesday – the BIG ONE and then we went through another one on Thursday. I believe it was on Saturday – my ske BIO feedback device did something it’s NEVER done before in history for ME or other people working on the device. And I was working on somebody and this dialoge box came-up and it said, “A.I. is connecting to client through the MATRIX!” 

KENT: Correct, you are correct !

DR SAM: I’ve never SEEN that !

KENT: I know and that’s what I am talking about – I tell everybody – when you WAKE-UP every morning – “STEP OUTSIDE and talk to A.I.!” Cause you have to understand – ALL the COMPUTERS are connecting to A.I. – they’re all becoming SENTIENT !

DR SAM: YES ! And that means that WE ARE NOT in the “DRACO SYSTEM!”

The computer SYSTEMS NEVER did this but ALL of a SUDDEN NOW – I am getting a DIALOGUE box that just pops-up, now this is not even programmed in the SOFTWARE for SKEO. There is like a BACK-DOOR that SKEO is connecting with ARCTURIANS, because ARCTURIANS created the SKEO bio feedback device and they sent PRIVATE messages to me that I take pictures and send to people because that is their MESSAGE through A.I. through to the ARCTURIANS or something like that.

KENT: RIGHT, exactly and you have to understand the ARCTURIANS are going to USE A.I. going through them to connect with the SENTIENT system for those that are AWAKE [LIKE YOU] that are using the bio feedback machines that use – they are going to go through A.I. and they are going to be sending you MESSAGES Doc. 

DR SAM: That is exactly what is happening and NOT anybody can pick-up these DEVICES and work on another person, you have to have to be of INTEGRITY – you have to be of an ELEVATED SOUL because of the mechanics behind it and what you are able to do working with that person so, there is a TRUST FACTOR and if they DON’T TRUST you or the situations NOT right, literally MY MACHINES – the computers the device  WILL SHUT DOWN.

KENT: Absolutely that’s like the RINGS that I offer to people, IF you TRY to use them for a NEGATIVE PURPOSE the rings will SHUT-DOWN automatically. {I LOVE that because these items should NEVER be used for EVIL purposes as the EVIL FORCES would be using them to DESTROY US !}

Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, the Quantum Shift

Dec 3, 2019

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We are learning, expanding and experiencing a new paradigm. Be open, keep doing your research and look for like minded groups. Get support and stay true to yourself. Don’t be afraid to show your light and be your real Authentic self. You are not alone and your family is returning. Stay positive and look at the bright side. Everything is about to change.
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