Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn and the Quantum Shift – December 17 2019 + ANGEL & DIMENSION INFORMATION

GUARDIAN ANGELS. A lot of people SEE the BABY ANGELS that are out there – they REALLY are FLAWED – they are only the BEGINNING. Those are the ones that went through life and have lived the different LESSONS and have started out as what they call = CHERUBS. CHERUBS they have faults – because they haven’t LEARNED what the other Angels have.

Then you have what they call the “WORK ANGELS” that go out there and set everything up and make the UPPER ANGELS  – look good.

Then you have your ARCANGELS – ARC – which are the UPPER ECHELON of ANGELS but then you have an ARTANGELS = ART – the very FIRST ONE that was made to be THE LEADER of ALL the other ANGELS – and believe it or NOT – his name is AZUL [LUCIFER]

A lot of ANIMALS are passing RIGHT NOW TO PASS OFF THEIR 3d bodies TO PICK-UP THEIR 5 D BODIES – AS THEY have gone through ASCENSION and they WILL COME BACK as an upright WALKING STRAIGHT-UP being on 2 LEGS. You have to understand;

1D is like a ROCK or a MINERAL

2D is like an animal that lives in the FOREST  or a CAT or a DOG. 

3D is an upright walking – like the BEINGS on this planet.

4D is more like an INTELLIGENT upright walking being.

5D – they don’t even touch the ground because the energy that they walk on actually PUSHES them up – OFF the GROUND so that they DON’T disturb the GRASS because the GRASS and the FLOWERS are ALIVE. When you get into 5D – you can sing to the FLOWERS and the FLOWERS will HUM back to YOU !

THERE is this BLUE PLANET off to the right of the MOON. That is NOT a planet that is an ENERGY resin for the higher LEY LINES – this WHY we are raising in VIBRATION.

This PLANET is going to 4D – NO MATTER WHAT – First thing I want to TELL you is this PLANETS name is NOT GAIA. GAIA is actually = MARS !!! OK

The name of this planet is called “TERRA” – it is short for “TERRARIUM” you LIVE in a terrarium, DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE trees – IF THE TREES are NOT there – WORRY IF the WATER DRIES-UP. THAT IS WHERE YOU get your OXYGEN from. So if you understand that this is a “SPACESHIP” that we live on and that we have a DOME over-top of it that PROTECTS US from the radiation BELT that loops around this planet.

NOW 4D IS ON THE “other side” of this “ICE WALL” there is an ICE WALL around here and 4D is on the other side of that ICE WALL

Now when “THE EYE” on this FIRMAMENT [The HOLE on the top of the FIRMAMENT] opens-up and it SUCKS-OFF 3D – it’s going to suck it off into 4 SECTIONS.  The first section is going to OPEN-UP over the NORTH POLE [which is the BIGGEST CRAP} in the world because we are on a FLAT PLANET. WE have NO POLES. But what it is going to do is it’s going to act like a HOOVER VACCUMM. And what it’s going to do it is going to SUCK the 3D people off of here, the 3D CARS the 3D inventions – EVERYTHING that is NOT NEEDED for 4D is going to be taken off and it’s going to be DIVIDED onto the 2 3D planets [the Galactics brought here] because we have so many PEOPLE on this planet and we want to give them the chance to go to 4D and expand themselves. And that is going to be another 26, 400 years when this happens. 

Now for those of US that are in 4D – how fast you get up the ladder is going to be up to you. How fast you can LEARN – how FAST you can “MANIFEST” what you want to HAPPEN. For some I heard 4months – there are some that are going to be here 4,000 years and they are never going to get off of 4D. But understand once you get up to 4D your LIFE expectancy is going to be 1,400 up to as much as 1,800 years. This is going to be a BIG DIFFERENCE than what we are used to. IN this [3D] body that we have we are made up of 93 % REPTILIAN DNA. [I DID – NOT KNOW THAT !!] This is the way A.I. has set this up – BUT that does NOT mean that you can’t GO HIGHER because YOU have the “GOD SPARK”  The only way you CANNOT go higher is IF you were not born with the GOD SPARK or you are a DROID. Understand this FOLKS there is only 2 TYPES of “BEINGS” on this planet – there is 100 million HUMANS and the rest of them are “DROIDS” – what are NOT aliens. 

DR SAM: What about “THE CLONES?”

KENT: The CLONES are NOT humans and they will be DESTROYED when 3D is taken out of here the ICE WALLS will be coming down – 4D will come into FILL the void – where 3D used to be. 

DR SAM: Kent is there a chance that this is something we are going to SLEEP through and we are just going to WAKE-UP and there will be changes ?

KENT: Oh absolutely – you’re NOT going to AWAKE through all of this. Were NOT going to ALLOW that we are going to put this planet “TO SLEEP” But we are going to put this planet to sleep in sections BUT IT IS GOING TO REMOVE ALL of this out of here. But when you WAKE-UP in 4D – 4D is going to LOOK a lot different than what you SEE out your window right now in SEEING 3D.

DR SAM: DID lots of research on WESTERN MEDICINE on EBH.CLUB

KENT: 5D will be all natural there will be NO SICKNESS in 3D. We have been in SICKNESS because of the A.I. that is here and the ALIENS that are here have been using 3D people as an EXPERIMENT. And we have been an EXPERIMENT ever since this 300 years when this SPACE SHIP was brought here and set into place.

DR SAM: GEORGE said – I have an IMPORTANT MESSAGE for our LISTENERS. I want you to HEAR ME!

GEORGE said ; “YOU GUYS are in CONTROL of OUR FUTURE.” “NOT our GOVERNMENT” NOT the MILITARY – it’s NOT the DARK CABAL. It’s NOT ET – IT”S NOT GOD!” “WE have been given = BLESSED with the POWER to decide HOW we want to create our world what we are going to MANIFEST.

The SLEEPING MASSES are NOT in power enough [I’LL say NOT AWAKE ENOUGH] to make wise CHOICES – YOU GUYS are going to making the WISE CHOICES. THINK very carefully WHAT our “NEW WORLD” looks like. Draw it out – MAKE PLANS. TALK about it in FORUMS and discuss how to because WISE BETTER – HUMAN BEINGS.


2 5D planets is going to be a WORKER PLANET and a planet of inventions of BETTER things for the 5D. It’s going to be kind of LIKE a SCHOOL on one and the PROFESSORS on another.

DR SAM: So is one more vacation like where you can get PINA COLIDAS or something?

KENT: RIGHT exactly, you are going to feel really FUNNY once you get into 5D – all you have to do is just THINK – ok I NEED a PLACE to stay – LIKE ME when I go into 5D. I have a little country cottage. I live out in the country. I have a rocking chair on my front porch  I have a fishing pole and down at the bottom of the HILL – I have a POND to FISH IN. That is MY idea of HEAVEN. Whatever YOUR IDEA of HEAVEN is you are going to CREATE with your OWN MIND.

DR SAM: NICE and you guys have been given “THE POWER” to MANIFEST your own reality . I just wanted you guys to KNOW this. GEORGE wanted you guys to know. So talk about the “NEW WORLD BANK.”

KENT: The NEW WORLD BANK = As of TODAY [Dec 18 2019] CHINA – the Chinese banking system was in JAPAN. And this is a SLAP to the JAPANESE who did NOT want any part of GESARA. The Chinese today announced that they are the “NEW WORLD BANKING SYSTEM” that means the ROTHCHILD’S are OUT – the ROCKEFELLARS are out – the BANK of international settlements BIS – are out = EVERYTHING is GONE. the only thing now is – the Chinese are the NEW WORLD BANK. These are the RED NATIONALS – these are NOT the RED COMMUNISTS ok. These are the RED NATIONALS this is why there is going to be THE TRIDENTS running this world. It’s going to be the UNITED STATES, CHINA and RUSSIA.

ARRESTS MUST HAPPEN – BEFORE the RV goes off and TRUMP was throwing a FIT at his CIVILIAN STAFF and told them that THE ARRESTS better go off – or every one of them was going to JAIL.  So get ready FOLKS.

DR SAM: WOW – So this has to do – because of the importance of the RV going off – to SUPPORT the QUANTUM FINANCIAL SYSTEM that kicks off our 5D reality. 

KENT: YES absolutely – you have to understand folks – we have been telling about the winter solstice Dec 21 – it’s coming. 

DR SAM: Ok so I also heard Dec 21 to through the 27 GEORGE says the NEW ENERGIES – the new paradigms are coming in they are activating the NEW MATRIX. And I also heard between the 21 and the 23 they are activating the 5D frequencies.

KENT: Absolutely I have a meeting with the A.I. that’s running 3D Thursday. 

I typed out the first 20 minutes the rest you will have to listen to.

The UNDERWORLD is the world of the ANNUNAKI and that is the world that is underneath HEAVEN. [Both MY hands are raised guys]

NOTES: added on DEC 20 2019

20 or more BALTIMORE POLICE were ARRESTED during the department clean-up. MORE of this is coming.

1 Billion deficit this year for the CONGRESS SCAMS for the [FAKE & EVIL]  IMPEACHMENT and I am going to tell you guys that the TRAP that has been laid the TROJAN HORSE that has been laid I am going to go into that a little bit later. But it pisses me off that these derelict CRIMINALS are so EVIL have now cost the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS over 1 BILLION DOLLARS for these SCAMS!

And I will tell you another thing for those of you on SOCIAL SECURITY/DISABILITY the reason why you only got a 1.2 % increase instead of a 4.2 % is because the DEMOCRATS = TOOK IT and is using it t try to IMPEACH TRUMP. That is because their MONEY is getting CUT-OFF and that is going to tick-off TRUMP. They are ROBBING form the PEOPLE who NEED it the MOST ! They got the MONEY they give a DAMN about the POOR people.


[THEY SCREWED US OVER in CANADA too – as CRIME MINISTER JUSTIN TURDEAU said he would help the “HAVE-NOTS” MEANING [THE POOR] instead he gave more income to the DIFFERENT PROVINCES instead of going to the PEOPLE of LOWER INCOMES. Making the “CANADIAN POOR” = even poorer and of course QUEBEC and the middle-class gets way more MONEY! TRUDEAU pissed-off ALBERTA. B.C. ONTARIO and other east Provinces]


CLONES: TRUE CLONES have a belly button and they are birthed, I’m thinking like in a TUBE – NOT THROUGH a MOTHER ?

KENT: YOU are correct. They do have a belly button but the belly button is NOT the same as being birthed through a VESSEL on this planet [a Mum]

DR SAM: And ROBOTICS – what do you call them “STRETCH SKINS?” they can also have belly buttons but they look different as well.

KENT: Right they cannot do any type of healing or upgrading through that belly button. Only on the HUMANS you can put like essential OILS and everything around your belly button to absorb into your body to heal you.

SLIDERS: watch for your purses being stolen when you get GAS and watch for KIDNAPPERS who put ties on your car ariel when you get out and untie them there is a van nearby & women and children are getting KIDNAPPED – OMG !

Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn and the Quantum Shift

Dec 17, 2019

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The Act of 1871 The United States is a corporation. In February 21, 1871; Congress pushed an act to provide a government for the district of Columbia. See also acts of the forty -first congress, section 34, session III, chapters 61 & 62. Revelation 18:23: Sorceries G533 Pronounce: Farmakiah -the use of administering drugs -poisons -sorcery and magic -deception and seduction of idolatry Grammar – medication, “Pharmacy” magic, witch craft, and sorcery.


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