PATRIOT INTEL & X22 REPORTS – DEC 18 to the 20 2019

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS just catching-up on some posts. BEEN watching the cabal CLOWN SHOW for many years and I am so TIRED of hearing about these EVIL CRIMINALS – I will FEEL relieved when they are all ARRESTED !

WELL CHINA is now in charge of the NEW WORLD BANK so GOOD-BYE and ADIOS EVIL LYING STEALING = SCUM that ripped-us all off in the  WEST !

PIR 12 20 19


Report date: 12.19.2019

The [DS}/Ds voted for a fake impeachment. Pelosi is trying to hold the articles of impeachment instead of sending them to the Senate. Ted Cruz says Trump would like to call witnesses. Q drops more bread, the fake impeachment might be ruled on by the Supreme Court. Sacrifices were made for the greater good, what is coming is going to shock the world.

Report date:12.19.2019

Boris Johnson is now moving forward with the BREXIT and the economic plan. He is now pushing legislation that could end up in a no deal BREXIT. BJ is now looking into [GS] actions in the UK that pushed a campaign that was against BREXIT. Did the [CB] just make a move to save their system.

Report date:12.18.2019

The [DS]/Ds are pushing the fake impeachment, they are having a vote and most likely they will vote to impeach Trump, this was always the plan, the patriots knew that this was going to happen. Horowitz has now said that there was political bias, that the entire investigation should have been shutdown because the upper agents needed to use the rules to make sure everything was on the up and up, they didn’t. Q drops more bread, the first indictment will trigger mass awakening the first arrest will verify that other will be arrested. Patriots have planned this from the beginning, control, truth, justice and united people is the plan.

Report date: 12.18.2019

The founding fathers knew that having a [CB] control the currency in the US was not a benefit to the people. The [CB] is a burden on the economy, it does not allow people to thrive, it allows a small portion of the population to reach the top, the majority of the people struggle every single day. The value of currency declines every single day which makes it harder on the people.

Report date: 12.17.2019

The [DS] is getting ready to hold the fake impeachment vote. They want the Senate trial to be long and drawn out, this will not happen. The [DS] is getting ready for the elections and now we see states like NJ, NY and the rest push drivers licenses for illegals. The FISA court is now looking into the FBI submitting warrants while omitting important information. Q dropped more bread and talks about Flynn, [watch] what happens next. How the [DS]/dems are trying everything to stop the corruption from hitting the public arena. This will not work.

Report date:12.17.2019

BJ is now following in the footsteps of Trump, he will not be attending the Swiss World Economic Forum next year. This is the summit where the global elites meet. The US economy is right on track, manufacturing is now bouncing back,this is exactly what Trump wanted, to control the economic narrative. Right on cue Trump hits the fed to lower rates, and push stimulus.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

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