Political ‘Debates’ December 2019

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Political ‘Debates’
December 2019

Bernie’s Game Theory needs Adjustment, so does the American HUMANS theory of Economics.

Game Theory says there are 4-Elements in a Game.



All Players are supposed to be Equal. Bernie says the fallacy is that the individual Wage Earner (Player 1) cannot compete with the Billionaire-Oligarch (Player 2). The System, or Game, is therefore RIGGED.

Drink Everybody. Attitude Adjustment Time

The Only Players at the Table are BUSINESS(ES). Labor is a GAME PIECE. We become a Cog in the Machine, really Corporate property to be manipulated by them, at the outset of Employment.

The Business Chess Set or Dealt Poker Hand contains HR pieces which move the other parts of the MECHANISM. Perhaps the High Manager is a Bishop, the Workers, Pawns. In Poker, we would be one card of a Company’s Arsenal. The value of the total cards in the Hand determines the Player’s STRENGTH.

My belief is that TWO GAMES have been interposed upon each other and blurred. The NON-LIVING ENTITY GAME (CORPORATIONS, MILITARY,NATION) and an INDIVIDUAL GAME. The Reality-Trick is when the Entity Impersonates an Individual by sitting down next to him or her as a CEO, GENERAL, PRESIDENT.



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