“Re: Reactions to my GESARA Transition Post” by Rinus Verhagen – 1.10.20

“Re: Reactions to my GESARA Transition Post” by Rinus Verhagen – 1.10.20

Entry Submitted by Rinus Verhagen at 5:28 PM EST on January 10, 2020

Dear IDC Readers,

I want to be more clear about my article: GESARA Transition — Rinus Verhagen

Here I am talking about terminating an invalid contract.

There is only a discussion whether Jesus, what in my personal indoctrination has been served as the truth.

This is no different than other indoctrination of different currents to divide mankind.

How are we going to accept a universal awareness if so many forced currents of religion want to force us into a straitjacket.

Try to listen to your heart,


Enjoy the beauty that the creator of the universe has given us.

My message was and is, to awaken and be open to the desire you have from a sovereign Soul.

Reject the Cabal System with its Satanic deception, in which you are infected from your own imposed belief from your indoctrinated worldview.

In which I do not want to question the sincere intention of the writers, but I do want to make it clear that I do not want to be seduced by their image of indoctrination.

I don’t want to mislead people, but I want to make them aware of their own will, from their conscience.

We stop accepting from the NWO to allow ourselves to be forced into a fascist communist dictatorship.

Just rejecting the person Jesus, and replacing it with another pseudo-creation, doesn’t matter at all from my intention.

I am not a faith slave who prescribes what I am allowed to believe, I follow my heart.

Given the reactions, on this subject, everyone has the freedom to fill it in according to their own standards, as long as it is peaceful and contributes to all humanity.

I am not telling this from my EGO, but from my heart and conscience that we must act now to stop the Satanic NWO.

This is not to say that my way of thinking about religion is the absolute truth, as we have all been deliberately manipulated differently’.

Many books have been written, and rewritten to serve an agenda, not to tell the absolute truth, which makes me look forward to the real story of our existence.

I have clearly stated that religion is not the basis for my story in Gesara Transition article.

But that we need to connect spiritually, in love and tolerance, with respect for each other.

The spiritual connection by rejecting a slave contract without our consent based on the hijacking of our Soul, degrading us as human beings to a commodity for Satanists, that was my message, and not anonymous.

We will no longer accept people of good will and belief in a life without wars, committed against humanity out of greed of the Fake Elite.

If I really want to rush everything, I can blame Pontius Pilate for crucifying Jesus together with the Jews of that time, which is totally ridiculous to blame people or groups for that now, because who writes history, so far always the winner of oppression.

To state that The true “Christ” is called Yeshua Ben Yoseph who was the Man incarnated as Source in a physical material body and came to earth as our brother and teacher/guru to bring the true message of liberation from the prison Man finds him/herself in… the Divine Spark/Spirit that is encapsulated within the Soul of Man which is imprisoned in a material prison body.

If it is so, I would like to accept this, which does not detract from my intention.

Claiming back your soul is to have a contract made outside our knowledge to relegate us to slavery, where false politics with the bankers would like to maintain this.

Believe what you want mate choose for yourself if you follow your heart.

I also do not see it as an attack on my person, but as a revelation of difference of opinion, what we should give the space to achieve a common goal.

By becoming aware of all the lies, we have the opportunity to unite, where a forced religion does not matter, only the conscience and responsibility to others where we do not have to deny our self-esteem.

We have been confronted with various forced worldviews, in which I would like to take the Earth as an example, Plate Earth, Hollow Earth, Round Earth, in which you get its divisions and allow yourself to be distracted from important things like our spiritual power.

People meditate to connect with each other of like-mindedness, something confused with the worldview that we grew up in and was forced upon us.

From a human perspective, I want to support all people in Iran, because they have suffered a malignant imposed Salafist Religion.

The alleged spiritual leaders have allowed the population to suffer in order to impose their evil inhuman religion.

This is not at all peaceful to human, but a horror trip for the once so free population who have been sentenced by Islam maniacs to be slaves to religion.

There is no place here for a spiritual freedom or humanity, to turn their imposed Sallafists fascists oppression into personal freedom without shedding much blood.

To return to the contact and claiming your own soul is a state of conscious choice, to give your future a healthy direction from your free choice.

You may also say, instead of Jesus, the universal GOD who created the universe, the earth has become like a penal colony of the Cabal, while we had paradise there.

My message is HOPE for a better future, seeing religion as an obstacle that wants to prohibit it because of the divisions it creates.

If we are not allowed to have hope, we can just as easily take the blue Cabal pill and serve the Cabal as a slave as Mankind by being cowardly and not making a conscious choice for our own well-being as human beings.

The new religion will become the Chrislam wen Anti-Christ Pope his will have, with much more transgender nonsense to connect us to their Satanism.

If we want to stop this, we have to take a stand, and one may do so from one’s own limited indoctrination or worldview, but just be human and then act from one’s own conscience and soul.

Apart from the reactions on the IDC blog, I have also had spontaneous reactions, from people who are on the same frequency and the message was equally clear.

My personal shortcoming is that I assume that everyone thinks like me, while I am not normal, because what is normal, 90% of the population follows the rules that have been imposed.

5% is criminal because of a very low IQ or a very high IQ.

5% is just honest and doesn’t accept the current system anymore, now that all the deceptions are becoming clear.

Normally it is just as debatable as Time, it depends on what perception one is acting from.

We have adopted a unit as standard that is presumptuous when we start to realize that.

For our sense of time of 1 year and 365 days, does not apply through the laws of the universe, this is the same for speeds.

Surprise what the future will bring.

We are witnesses of the transition that will be to the benefit of all of us.

Become aware that on the world stage the Cabal will be taken out of power, we are going to have a life of carefree, we are going to earn it as a godlike creation.

If we’re going to talk about Gods, this is not the creator of our universe. But those who manipulated our DNA to create us into a working race for their gain.

That we’re poverty-stricken as work mules must be clear by now when we look at our history and the current Cabal politics that thinks we can move on.

We have a choice, through our moral awareness that what we have now is no longer acceptable, this is the key to transition, because we no longer respond to the lies we are presented with.

How does it feel when you come to this realization?

The contract I aim for is to be morally accountable to your own heart and soul, this is a conviction for people who feel on an equal frequency, and consciously state that they will no longer support evil.

See the heart-warming reactions.

Hello Rinus,

Thank you for all of you and the courage to look Dark in the light of truth and share it with all those who are drawn to freedom. I am forever grateful to you and your teachings and insights. I am inspired to live all of me and move in from this prison that lived like a virus hidden like a wolf in sheep clothing. I am an integrative health practitioner specialized in chiropractic in Ct. I have spent most of my 30 years helping people heal from internal parasites that are coded with a biofilm that’s the body’s innate intelligence knows there is an insult but are tricked by the biofilm that looks like a normal cell. The toxins from the parasite destroys the natural biochemistry of the body.

How the outer world we live in reflects this inner world. All roads do not lead to the Vatican but to heaven on earth.

You I call my friend as you have brought tears to me eyes cleansing my soul. I feel more free today than I can remember. I want to connect to more people like yourself so I can really implement the necessary changes that can support the masses in Awakening. Heath care is a joke. It’s Sick care. You know more than anybody War and sickness is great business. Peace and health and wellbeing is not.

God bless you my friend.


Dear Alex As reaction of claim your soul.

I must confess that I am speechless about your beautiful reaction about the liberation we must and can carry out ourselves.

All the good is in us, we’ve only forgotten it.

How easy it is to make a choice that disconnects you from something you hate, because you know it’s bad.

With my down-to-earth look and simple wording, I want to help people get out of their own jail, because we are free if we make a conscious choice.

I’ve gotten a lot of nice reactions about this, from people who feel right that they are really free when they make these, just like you experience this.

People who understand this lose the fear of a Satanic system and believe again in his own ability as an enlightened human being.

A claim to your birth right as a sovereign soul is a liberation that brings you inner peace.

We are going to make a beautiful place of this world when the Archonten Cabal is defeated.

Many confused left-wing people who will gain the insight and see that they have been deceived all their lives, will liberate themselves in this way.

Alex and everyone who believes in his own power and is open to connecting make the real transition of our existence possible.

For too long we have let ourselves be deceived as humanity, by seeing this now we choose for our freedom.

Precisely many diseases are caused by worries and attacks that governments carry out on us, by shutting them out and not following them anymore there is a psychologic liberation as you now experience it.

See other reactions I’ve received, from people who are grateful and now see it as it is.

all reactions through Facebook:

1. This makes me so happy.

2. You always have good pieces.

3. Good morning Rinus, what a good start to the day for reading this piece. You’ll get a happy feeling about it right away. Thank you for the work you’ve done again. Thank you for this message.

4. I’m going to draw up and sign the contract. I share this message.

5. This is the most important message you have ever posted. Deep admiration for your courage ..and insight and feel like your fellow warrior. Let’s do this.

You don’t have to send the contract you make with yourself and your soul, because we are our highest authority as sovereign human beings.

By writing it down, and accepting it out of conviction, you have accomplished the choice for your own liberation, and your soul can no longer be captured for all eternity.

The light you see brings you out of the darkness, we are divine beings, we only forgot that we can cure ourselves of the Cabal misery.

I spontaneously wrote this article after I got this inspiration through my 3rd eye in my sleep last night, so I climbed into the pen to share it with you, to capture my vision.

The fulfilment of our desire as it is in the book what I once got from Monique a dear friend of mine (The Secret)

It’s about connecting with each other, not falsely taught EGO to be right, together we must destroy the rule and divide game of the Cabal once and for all.

If Rinus wants something or not, I will hold on to it, no one can threaten to change that.

Discover your own spiritual power and follow it, ignore the imposed oppression by disobedience in their eyes.

The Cabal has no authority over your birthright as a sovereign soul.

The agreement you make and put on paper whether I make you a conviction is a conviction with your conscience about good and evil.

It eliminates the blindness of a false reality to which we are subject.

You may believe in Smurfs, Jesus, Allah, or Martians, no longer allow yourself to be divided to the detriment of your own existence in order to further serve the Cabal as a foolish slave.

Choose for your own good as an honest human being, with respect for others, so we can connect, not wanting to prevent the Cabal by all imposed opposites.

Enter the confrontation with your own Heart, and give yourself the opportunity to grow together as a human being, because at birth everyone is equal, without religion forced punishment or reprimand for the rest of his life, by forced perversity from a barbaric religion, in which he or she happened to be compromised, without having a choice.

I only aspire to share my talent and solutions, without imposing it on anyone.

Everyone has the ailment to make the right choice that contributes to a peaceful existence for all of us, in which we individually do not want dominance from any religion.

Don’t let your passion and humanity be taken away from you by an imposed Cabal agenda.

The united individual strength of many will be much stronger than the noses of the 1% of the vile Satanic Cabal.

I don’t want to condemn comments because I am assuming the sincerity of the individual perception that has been imposed on everyone.

It offers an opportunity to act together against evil to claim our freedom.



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