COFFEE BREAK WITH THE COMMANDER Posted by Valana (Patti) on January 14, 2020




“Thank you for finally stopping for a coffee break with me!”

Val, you know you don’t allow coffee where you are, on the ship or in our home on Venus mountain. So I’m not sure I’m coming there when I leave here.

“You would give me up over a cup of coffee? Well, let me get my little black book out. I have over a hundred names that would give an arm and leg to take your place with me!”

Val, you don’t either. But I’ve seen the time I’d given you away if possible. What do you want us to talk about off the record?

“We could talk about when you’re going to finish our book.”

I’ve already written “Government Woman” so why do we have to write another book?

“There’s nothing in it about all the out of body trips and tractor beam, transporter, and other ways of travel you could explain. There’s nothing about the night academy where we take astrals to classes of spiritual development and examples, like children you’ve known as well as your own classes you’ve attended. Frank talke4d about the

night classes and you could go into detail and verify his story to some extent. I wanted you to get together and he would have loved to have met you.”

I know. I met Rev Frank after he left the planet on your ship and he put his arm round my waist and said, “I would have believed you.”

I tried my best to get you to send the letter to him back in your year 2000, showed you my small ship over your place and went the direction I asked you to tell me to go to prove I wanted you to write him our story and tell him I wanted you for my real wife back in 1950 and I still did in 2000 but you wouldn’t do it. It would have stopped the story of the Venusian wife tale. You would have worked with him, preached with him and the two of you togtether would have perhaps changed some things.”

The two of us together woulde probably have been shot by the shadow government that does not want the truth of their Alien contact known by the world.

“I wonder if that had happened, would they have blamed Russia?”

Probbably so. They blamed Russia with everything, but that was all a sham, you know that, I know that.

“Are ;you going to add a chapter in our book about your father?”

Val, I don’t know who my real father was. I have a suspicion but….

“Well, if you don’t then you are not very smart. If you’d tell the Okinawa story exactly word per word it would be obvious who he was and it would also clear me of threatening to start the third world war over a woman. And it could be that story that you’ve had so many attempts to make your story of me untrue. It might not be me but it might be the truth behind the mystery man of Italy. The truth is so clear that you are failing to see beyond the tears. No one, honey, is so full of hate that they follow you for over twenty years trying to destroy everything you do unless there is money behind it, big money.”

Val, my story is so complicated I doubt it would even be understood if I wrote it all.

“It would be understood by those that needed to understand it and the rest don’t really matter.”

It’s too coincidental though, too much mixed up together to make sense.

“It’s not coincidence. It all fits together. If you just sit down and write as it comes to you, and I’ll help you. It may come clear if not to you, to perhaps some readers of where you’ve been used by Government mind control and why. It wasn’tg over me as big as I am to some. There was someone bigger…your real father.”

I had no idea our coffee break this morning was going to turn into the story of my real father. I thought perhaps it would be about a picture I was accused of stealing or a website I was accused of making. You fooled me but I never know how you are going to turn the conversation!

“Makes you a believer in me doesn’t it?”

You’re not controlling my mind but you are controlling the conversation. It’s fantastic how you do that. No, I was not going to mention my father in our book.

“You want all the truth told then tell the truth about your father.”

I don’t know the truth, Val, I just know what I know happened.

“You must write a chapter on the mystery man of Italy and then the whole truth of Okinawa you’ve never shared because you were afraid it would harm National Security. To hell with National Security. It was a personal thing it had nothing to do with National Security. They make too many things about National Security that have to do with money! The identity of your father does not concern National Security!”

You’re saying that all the lies told on me have been over my real father’s identity and not over my story of you? Is that what you’re saying? Why was the lie told that all we ever talked abgout was s** when the most s** I ever wrote was my post about “One Alone”? That had nothing to do with my real father.

“If your reputation for telling the truth about me could be destroyed then anything else you might tell would also be considered a lie.”

What does it matter if I told who I believed my real father was? He’s dead! If there was money anywhere for me it’s gone by now. Any chance of proving who my father really was died with Richard Nixon. And I couldn’t get to him, he was already in trouble when I got back to the states from Italy. And had he not been, I didn’t know how to get to a President with a bottle of Johnny Walker. I’d felt like a fool to try.

“Off the record, what was the name on the badge with the Eagle like on the President’s podium and United States of America curvfed over the top? I see you left that out of the story.


“And the name of the contact in between that was to make a way for you to take my messages to the President was….”


“Then what would “Johnny Walker Scotch” mean to a President? Johnny was dead… and your story could also clear Nixon of being Communist. For his sake, too, you must write the chapter of the mystery man of Italy. If you will write that story, you will clear Nixon of the Communist accusations, you will clear me of being the sole author of the message to Carter and you will make obvious to the reader if not to yourself who your real father was.”

You’re saying that all the lies told on me for the last over twenty years on this internet have not been over my story of you but because of who the father of an innocent baby was? And besides being taunted by mean kids about not having a father I had to have my reputation destroyed online because of who my father was?

“That’s what happens on a planet of uncivilized but technology advanced beings. – Val.”

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