Ah this is magical...I found more information by chance about Uluru…With Love Amparo…


Dear hearts 

We did it !!! We hit critical mass with mass meditation 

Yesterday I Went to 2 locations with my sister Joanna….
To finish the (Avalon Star clock ( Islands of Avalon )
lightgrid& song lines Activations …:

Working In conjunction with the Saturn Pluto conjunction on the 12th January
And flowing with the Sacred ritual that was taken place
(Uluru Australia ) …

Creating a Rainbow  Bridge of Chi From ( The Heart Chakra) of the planet ( Avalon Glastonbury)

With The Solar plexus of the planet ( Uluru Australia ) …

Along the rainbow serpent lines & songs lines ….

connecting with all you beautiful souls who have been meditating with the mass meditations around the world

As it was needed on the 12th January

Connecting sending your love and light in Unity consciousness …

And the mass meditation working In conjunction with Uluru Australia was a massive success for another Shift to take place within the collective matrix 

Well done !! wonderful Souls we did it … we hit critical mass 

Uluru & Glastonbury flow through both serpents ( The rainbow feminine and the ( Plumed masculine )

As they act as the Kundalini ( Ida & Pingala )

And yesterday at both locations the rainbows were forming the Serpent ouroboros
Chi flow around the Islands of Avalon….

As Chi is the ultimate source of energy.

It is the life force or cosmic energy and it flows through all of life ….

and it was flowing through the Rainbow Serpent Lines From

Uluru & Glastonbury and around the Whole planetary song lines & Merkaba ..,,

I planted crystals in two locations creating a mirror node between the 2 ….

The rainbows were beautiful …: the light beings inside the rainbows were magical and majestic … if you look at the pictures closely and zoom into the rainbow …,

you can see the light beings and Chi flowing through the rainbow …,

Into Both sacred sites it was sooo stunning..:::

I was also visited by Star family
& my beloved Ash’Tar’Ka’ree
With Valiant Thor’s ( The Victor Fleets)
& Lords Ashtars ship
( The Phoenix )

The ships We flashing me & JoAnna…

sending their love as they were anchoring this light , this divine Chi through the core crystals of their mother ships – down into the crystals that I planted into the rainbow  bridge Secret sites …,

You see , Stone monuments & sacred mountains or sacred land, is built on energy vortex’s on spots where the currents of the Earth and the currents of the higher realms and earth intersect …

As above so below.

As light and energy consciousness can easily move along these electromagnetic force lines the highly electromagnetic forces that act as a bridge between the material and the astral realm ….

For example When the ancients were placing the ancient megalithic stones and working with the Leylines / song lines Rainbow serpent lines,

they were working with understanding of megalithic science – chi – and the megalithic yard.

As chi energy rushes with enormous velocity through these Snake lines it creates a power spot …

That is the node !!

In which two or more lay lines converge … And the more lay lines converge at a spot the more powerful is the energy , and the radiance from the centre of the node is stronger at a full moon / eclipse solstice equinox or planetary alignment….

Also , where there is water stream floating … as the vertically enables the energy flows upwards , gathering the accumulated energy to distributed self in a spiral form….

Energy can have a positive or negative influence within the spiral or Kundalini , as the energy can move either to the right or to the left , …..

And where there is no water stream by …. By The secret node , then the energy flows in a horizontal way over the ground the etheric Energy can spirals out …. it can radiate for miles from the centre of the node…

when the etheric Energy enters buildings ….. it finds its way out along the walls …,,

for example , and when a tower or a building is built on the top of the lake centre or node , the energy chi flows over the walls to the top of the tower ….

or for example ,

when an altar or obelisk is placed on a node centre or Layline ,

The altar becomes charged with etheric chi Energy , this energy spreads out through the whole building in a spiral manifestation ….

this constitutes to the understanding that Leylines are bio energetic geomagnetic currents of bio magnetic Chi force underneath the Earth …,, flowing current lines of magnetic energy

hence the name Dragon lines.. .

The Layline grid is also a Tetragrammaton ……

The energy grid interpenetrates and encircles the planetary mother.

For example: When our planetary mother was forming ….
Sacred minerals emerged from the core of the Earth during the formation of the Earth and brought with them the electromagnetic charge…

the electromagnetic charge was then brought to the surface through springs and lakes that contain this charge and carry the electromagnetic charge to the oceans at the intersections or crossings of the Leylines… . &

because stone consists of molten minerals and Quartz’ hardened in the earths atmosphere the minerals in the stones can channel the electromagnetic currents around the Earth …

And the powerful currents channelled through the stones can open our energy fields , as we humans act as conduits ‘ anchors .. Antennas of this energy hence why spiritual initiation is carried out on secret power spots….

For example: The north and south magnetic fields that connect the polls by long rays extending the longitude of earth …. generate the major energy lines ….. and because megalithic monuments are placed on top all around water streams and lakes , That’s why monuments were aligned to each other through a network of underground water streams and water currents because water can retain the accumulate magnetic energy …

water is magnetised by the influxes of gold and elixir and is transferred via the stones to the Leylines which are at crossings of water currents …

It to acts as an Enhance amplifier so to speak … the energy has a spiral movement …

This energy push or influx mixture of electromagnetic influences are caused by solar and celestial cycles As the Sun reverses its polarity in a cyclic way ….

This is why it’s vital planetary gridwork and mass meditation is conducted by us light workers….

The more of us who can go out and activate Node’s and plant crystals on the sacred sites and sacred land at the same time , joining hands in mass meditation ‘ will send a ripple effect throughout the planetary Merkaba ….

We can all do our bit , each and everyone of us , So after reading this if you feel guided to go to sacred sites to plant your crystals then do so…

We need more Gridwork along the lay lines song lines , place your crystals and flow the currents of energy consciousness and link up hand-in-hand altogether working in cosmic conscious unity conscious and let’s get this new earth fully into this reality…

Sending blessings of unconditional love and light

Ria Aurora Athena


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