REPTILES are SENDING HATE MESSAGES to ME again – THANKS- for the HEAD-UPS “BEOOCCH” on Corona [COVID 19] VIRUS investigation STOPPED by RCMP ? – LIZARDS are DESPERATE to CONTINUE evil UN AGENDA 21 [2030] to DEPOPULATE 90 % of HUMANITY ! MASSIVE CORONA VIRUS SCARE in CHINA and REPTILE PRINCE HARRY & CLONED WIFE wants CANADA to PAY them 500,000 pounds for their SECURITY to come and LIVE in CANADA = HELL NO !!! – Jan 23 2020 & Why did Justin Trudeau send lethal viruses to China? – STOP TRUDEAU. CANADA MUST NOT PAY Royal Prince Harry and Meghan £500,000 security bill!!!! – Sign the Petition! via @CdnChange

VALENCIO DANES just sent me a nasty MESSAGE – so I researched it.

Valencio Danes
Fucking horribly written bullshit full of spelling and other grammatical errors and exactly no new information; just a recycling of the same old bullshit available on fucking YouTube. Congratulations, you’ve outdone yourself, bitch.

Valencio Danes


They think I’m playin cause I’m in gators & Brabus.

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This is some old PINDAR research that was commented on….,




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Why did Justin Trudeau send lethal viruses to China?


Family-quitting foreigners Meghan Markle and Prince Harry want Canadians to pay for their security costs! WATCH: |


Justin Trudeau: STOP TRUDEAU. CANADA MUST NOT PAY Royal Prince Harry and Meghan £500,000 security bill!!!! – Sign the Petition! via

Bio-warfare experts question why Canada was sending lethal viruses to China

‘I think the Chinese activities … are highly suspicious,’ one expert said, after it was revealed a Winnipeg lab sent samples of Ebola and henipavirus to China

Researchers work in the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Man., where the ZMapp antibody “cocktail” was created to fight Ebola.Handout

In a table-top pandemic exercise at Johns Hopkins University last year, a pathogen based on the emerging Nipah virus was released by fictional extremists, killing 150 million people.

A less apocalyptic scenario mapped out by a blue-ribbon U.S. panel envisioned Nipah being dispersed by terrorists and claiming over 6,000 American lives.

Scientists from Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) have also said the highly lethal bug is a potential bio-weapon.

But this March that same lab shipped samples of the henipavirus family and of Ebola to China, which has long been suspected of running a secretive biological warfare (BW) program.

China strongly denies it makes germ weapons, and Canadian officials say the shipment was part of its efforts to support public-health research worldwide. Sharing of such samples internationally is relatively standard practice.

But some experts are raising questions about the March transfer, which appears to be at the centre of a shadowy RCMP investigation and dismissal of a top scientist at the Winnipeg-based NML.

“I would say this Canadian ‘contribution’ might likely be counterproductive,” said Dany Shoham, a biological and chemical warfare expert at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University. “I think the Chinese activities … are highly suspicious, in terms of exploring (at least) those viruses as BW agents. “

James Giordano, a neurology professor at Georgetown University and senior fellow in biowarfare at the U.S. Special Operations Command, said it’s worrisome on a few fronts.

China’s growing investment in bio-science, looser ethics around gene-editing and other cutting-edge technology and integration between government and academia raise the spectre of such pathogens being weaponized, he said.

That could mean an offensive agent, or a modified germ let loose by proxies, for which only China has the treatment or vaccine, said Giordano, co-head of Georgetown’s Brain Science and Global Law and Policy Program.

“This is not warfare, per se,” he said. “But what it’s doing is leveraging the capability to act as global saviour, which then creates various levels of macro and micro economic and bio-power dependencies.”

Asked if the possibility of the Canadian germs being diverted into a Chinese weapons program is connected to other upheaval at the microbiology lab, Public Health Agency of Canada spokeswoman Anna Maddison said this week the agency “continues to look into the administrative matter.”

The agency divulged last week that it sent samples of Ebola and henipavirus — which includes Nipah and the related Hendra — to China in March. It was meant for virus research, part of the agency’s mission to back international public-health research, a spokesman said.

Last month, an acclaimed NML scientist — Xiangguo Qiu — was reportedly escorted out of the lab along with her husband, another biologist, and members of her research team. The agency said it was investigating an “administrative issue,” and had referred a possible policy breach to the RCMP. Little more has been said about the affair.

China has been a signatory to the Biological Weapons Convention since 1984, and has repeatedly insisted it is abiding by the treaty that bans developing bio-weapons.

But suspicions have persisted, with the U.S. State Department and other agencies stating publicly as recently as 2009 that they believe China has offensive biological agents.

Though no details have appeared in the open literature, China is “commonly considered to have an active biological warfare program,” says the Federation of American Scientists. An official with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defence charged last month China is the world leader in toxin “threats.”

In a 2015 academic paper, Shoham – of Bar-Ilan’s Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies – asserts that more than 40 Chinese facilities are involved in bio-weapon production.

China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences actually developed an Ebola drug – called JK-05 — but little has been divulged about it or the defence facility’s possession of the virus, prompting speculation its Ebola cells are part of China’s bio-warfare arsenal, Shoham told the National Post.

Ebola is classified as a “category A” bioterrorism agent by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, meaning it could be easily transmitted from person to person, would result in high death rates and “might cause panic.” The CDC lists Nipah as a category C substance, a deadly emerging pathogen that could be engineered for mass dissemination.

Nipah, which was first seen in Malaysia in 1998, has caused a series of outbreaks across east and south Asia, with death rates mostly over 50 per cent, and as high as 100 per cent, according to World Health Organization figures. It can cause encephalitis, an often-fatal brain swelling, and has no known treatment or vaccine.

The Johns Hopkins exercise — called Clade X — involved a version of Nipah modified to be more easily passed between people. America’s Blue Ribbon Study Panel on Biodefence prefaced its 2015 report with a scenario involving the intentional release of Nipah by aerosol spray.

China’s extensive and controversial use of CRISPR gene-editing and related technology makes it conceivable the country could bio-engineer germs like Nipah to make them even more dangerous, Giordano said.

ok so here’s how 2020 been so far: ~almost WW3 -Australia is on fire (go donate) ~and now A LITERAL PLAGUE

33 minutes ago

2017: China opens laboratory in Wuhan to study the most dangerous pathogens 2020: Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan

Corona’s marketing team when they find out about the

Why tf is China serving bats anyways?

2 hours ago

Residents in Wuhan waiting to be treated. Many have been turned away, refuse treatment due to lack of capacity in the hospital, died @ home. Death # released only include those being officially diagnosed

2 hours ago

1720: The Great Plague of Marseille 1820: The First Cholera Pandemic 1920: The Spanish Influenza 2020: The Coronavirus Outbreak? 👀😨

now has more than 20 million people quarantined. Screening centers now at 5 U.S. airports “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and PESTILENCES; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.” Luke 21:11 SAVES

me after WW3 stops trending: Maybe it’ll be uphill from here China:

when both and are both trending  

Expert warns the Chinese coronavirus outbreak could be at least 10 TIMES worse than the 2003 epidemic that left 775 dead

4 hours ago

Director of Health in Hong Kong, Constance Chan said ppl don’t need to wear mask during normal social occasions… WuHan is now under quarantine, and 2 confirmed cases in HK, and this gov doctor said this kind of stupid thing?

An Indian nurse in Saudi Arabia has been infected with the coronavirus while the first case has been confirmed in Singapore. Follow the latest on the :

34 minutes ago

I bloody loved it when the Corona man came to my street as a kid. Like christmas every week… now they have a sugar tax.

This is the quarantine facility for those infected by the Coronavirus

The only Corona Virus I’m suffering from

Bro my anxious paranoid ass who is sick with a cold is now like

China just quarantined 11 million people in Wuhan city. No one allowed to leave. Let that sink in for a moment. Imagine a major city with 11 million people in your country told not to leave or congregate. This really is ‘disease x’ a global pandemic.

Trust me lads, I’ve played Plague Inc. Move to Greenland

Countries and regions other than China the virus has spread to – Japan – South Korea – Thailand – USA – Taiwan – Macau – Hong Kong Be aware, stay safe!

So … a bat virus merges with another virus, infects snakes, then jumps to humans? That’s not terrifying at all.

11 million people in quarantine in due to deadly

10 hours ago

This is how every zombie movie starts 🤦🏾‍♂️ we done for

remember that fun game, yeah well it’s happening in real life.

bruh, can God please stop playing Plague Inc rn please?

10 hours ago

Friendly reminder: it’s better to sneeze into your elbow than to sneeze directly onto your hands and then touch every conceivable surface. PDB: 2G9T

10 hours ago

“The can only be contracted through human contact.” My hermit ass:

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