Patriot Intel Report (with Notes) — January 24, 2020

Patriot Intel Report (with Notes) — January 24, 2020

Image courtesy of Patriot Intel Report on YouTube.

PIR 01 24 20

Published on Jan 24, 2020

About minute 1:50

I have been getting a lot of emails and comments wanting me to address specific things like GESARA, NESARA, GCR and RV….all these terms you find on the internet.

We have a “Matrix of Information” which is factual, and provable…..

Then “historical replication” which is the probability of certain events repeating based on history…what is the probability of the outcome?

The last part is things that are non-factual…rumors….prophecies ect……

When we put this all together we come up with things that could potentially happen.

There are a lot of things that have historically happened in the past that started out as “rumors”. When it first came out people thought it could not be true…..but was historically proven to be true later on.

We all need to do as Q has said and do research for ourselves and do our own due diligence. Dig, dig, dig.

Now factually we are right now looking for major economic changes….This has been said by the Trump Administration, Mr.Trump himself talking about “currencies being equel” , people in the US Treasury, people just appointed to the Federal Reserve who are saying openly that they want to change the “Global Economic system”.

So yes we are anticipating this.

Now something I have been looking for is a “Black Swan Event”. This is something “unexpected, rare and unusual” . A “Black Swan Event” is something that happens and generally surprises everyone.

This trade deal President Trump signed with China I believe is the “foundation” for the new global economic system to rest on. This system has been worked on for years and is getting ready to be put in place. Everything is ready. .

How does this fit with a “Black Swan Event”? If we are about to see a major economic change, and about to change the entire global economic system…..How do you do it???

Do you tell everyone publically that the Federal Reserve is a sham (we all know this…lol) a Ponzi scheme supported by corrupt politicians over the years, and that the Rothschild’s control all the worlds banks??? No.

Do you let one country pull the plug first and take responsibility for it? No.

The smartest way to do it is to bring it down so it’s nobody’s fault. Before the new structure can be put in place the old one has to come down. And that will be instigated by the “Black Swan Event” I believe we are on the brink of seeing it now.

We do not know what the Black Swan Event will be ..but…there is a high probability and potential that it may have something to do with this Viral outbreak in China. This viral outbreak in China …if it spreads… could potentially wreck world economies. It could become the “Black Swan Event” and it would not be Trump’s fault, or Xi’s fault, Brexit’s fault, or anyone’s fault because it would be “An Act of God”. .

“Oh no….this happened and economy is in turmoil worldwide and we need to take Emergency Measures and change things!”

So, be aware of this and watch as we could potentially be seeing the “Black Swan Event” unfolding before our very eyes!

Source: Dinar Recaps

[OpDis Editor Note: Patriot Intel Report provides great insight on the latest economical and geopolitical events.]

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