ECETI News: Seriously is Anyone Watching this Schiff Show – James Gilliland 1/28/2020

NA been doing other things. SICK of the CIRCUS SHOW with FREAK CLOWNS !!!


ECETI News: Seriously is Anyone Watching this Schiff Show — James Gilliland

The Latest from ECETI and James Gilliland


Seriously Is Anyone watching this Schiff Show

“Barely two weeks after Donald Trump took office, Eric Ciaramella,” the CIA analyst who everybody knows is the whistleblower, “was overheard in the White House discussing with another staffer how to remove the newly elected president from office, according to former colleagues. The same whistle blower that had meetings with Schiff and staff of which Schiff denied.

The new whistle blower the democrats are demanding testify has close ties to Biden and is on the Clinton payroll and again has no first hand knowledge of the call. Just like all the other testimony against Trump based on bias assumptions having no first hand knowledge just another distraction. The only people who had first hand knowledge testified there was no Quid Pro Quo as stated in Trumps own words. I might add the words of Adam Schiff in his parody were exactly opposite of what was said in the transcripts.

Despite the Muller Report costing millions exonerating Trump of all charges of Russian collusion and ignoring the real collusion with the democrats creating a false Russian Dossier and using it in Fisa applications to spy on Carter Page and the Trump campaign. They also completely ignored the real, live TV admittance of Biden demanding the Ukrainian prosecutors stop their investigation of his son and the company he “worked for being paid millions with no experience”. Despite the fact he stated on live TV he would withhold billions in funding unless the investigation was ended he has not been investigated, in fact he is shielding him. I would have to say this whole thing is a Schiff show. With real bad acting full of extreme bias, lies and deceptions.

RGB Calls Impeachment ‘Illegal BS’

In an interview with DC newspaper, “The Washington Beguiler,” Ginsberg was straightforward and honest about what she thought:

“Yes, it’s true I am not a fan of President Trump. I find his presence in the White House to be an insult to America and I would love to see him taken out in chains.

“But that impeachment was a farce. The House Democrats went ahead with an inquiry and a vote with nothing. No evidence, no real charges, nothing to warrant the whole event. I’m very disappointed in them.

I hate to say it but that whole impeachment was illegal BS. If a case like that ever appeared in my courtroom, I’d have thrown it out immediately and scolded the prosecution for wasting everyone’s time. The Democrats should possibly face consequences for their meaningless disruption of government.

Whether you love or hate Trump, this whole impeachment farce is not based on law. It is based on extreme bias and hate for a duly elected president with the goal of stopping his reelection. There is no honor, truth or foundation for this action. This is why I am submitting the following links. Enough is enough. Suspend your judgement and listen. I know I will take a lot of heat for this yet there is only one side to take and that is the side of Truth and Fairness. If you are a democrat and you want to get reelected I would strongly suggest getting on the right side of the fence. Let’s do what is right regardless of party. Time to unite, it is healthy to have opposing sides with input from both. It is unhealthy to put party in front of the truth and the law.


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