STROPPY ME – Q DROPS and X22 REPORTS – Jan 28 2020

Latest Qanon-Related News 1-28-20 : RINOs Take Centre Stage

Latest Qanon-Related News 1-27-20 : Another (Sad) Distraction!

Report date: 01.27.2020

The fake impeachment is continuing, the patriots are now showing the country what the [DS]/D’s have done, the rules and laws that they broke to get the impeachment. This is not an impeachment, it is a tribunal for the [DS]/D’s. There are many coincidences that have occurred during Trump’s defense time, the latest is the leaking of Bolton’s book. The patriots knew this was going to happen, they know the playbook of the [DS]/D’s. This is about exposing these individuals, enjoy the show.

Report date: 01.27.2020

Trump and the patriots are strategically positioning individuals to move us to a sound money system. Two individuals are nominated to the Fed, setting up the possibility that one of them will become the chair of the Fed in 2022. This is all part of the patriots plan

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