I thought TRUDEAU was ARRESTED ? SO who IS this ? clone # 6 ?

PM Justin Trudeau gives update on UN Security Council bid, coronavirus risks, Teck Frontier project

Feb 9, 2020

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau provided an update on Canada’s bid for a U.N. Security Council seat, saying they have shown they’ve been “consistently” involved in the world, from its G7 leadership on women and girls’ education in conflict areas, or an oceans charter, and said while the seat is a means to continue that involvement they will do so whether or not they get the position. He also spoke about the coronavirus death toll surpassing that of the 2002-03 SARS outbreak, stating the risk for Canada remained low and said that they had responded to China’s requests for medical equipment and would continue to work to ensure they have the tools to contain the virus. Trudeau said Sunday he also brought up the consular cases of Canadians detained in Egypt with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, saying that wherever they go in the world they will “always stand up for Canadians in difficulty around the world.” Asked about the Teck Frontier mine project in Alberta, Trudeau said that cabinet was going through the appropriate processes to determine if approving the Teck Frontier mine project was in the “national interest.” Asked about some Liberal MPs calling for it to not be approved, Trudeau said he recognized the project had implications across Canada and they would “take a responsible decision.”

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