Pleiadian Contact – A CALL FOR HEALING – Med Beds and More Date: Tuesday, 18-Feb-2020

Pleiadian Contact: A Call for Healing, Med Beds, and More

Pleiadian Contact – A CALL FOR HEALING – Med Beds and More

Date: Tuesday, 18-Feb-2020 20:21:58

Source: Rumor Mill News | By Mr.Ed

Many people ask me about Med Beds. There are 2 people I know of who are working to make Med Beds. (Randy Cramer & Jared Rand)

Both need time and funding to complete the task.

However…The Galactics (GFL = Galactic Federation of Light) have told us decades ago that when they come here (and they are here now just cloaked out of sight) the first ships to land will be the medical ships with medical teams.

These ships contain Med Pods and below is a Q & A session from a Pleiadian perspective on this topic. You can go back and read prior communications with this contact.

They confirm other Galactic races are here to help as well…and it looks like it won’t be long before you get to see for yourself. 🙂 Mr.Ed

February 17, 2020

Dear Mr.Ed,

Hi everyone! Please enjoy today’s message, our first for 2020. These messages have been sent for almost 2 1/2 years, since September 2017! All of them are found on the website at the link shared below.

I suspect conversations to be a bit more frequent this year. This depends on how things progress from this point on. What you are about to read is one of the most condensed and specific connections I’ve had with them. I am still processing a lot of it.

With love, Sophia

This post can be seen on the website:

Posts from the Pleiades

February 16, 2020

Hello Sophia! We are here!

Hello! Thank you.

I wonder if you would answer some questions? Also, introduce yourselves please.

Why yes, of course. We are your brothers and sisters on the ships. The ships from the Pleiades. We’ve been talking to you these many years.

Note: Visual here of mostly female, maybe one male, small statured beings with light hair and similar (to one another) clothing. Sophia.

It is us who you’ve called the Pleiadian Pipeline. Today there are just three. The others are engaged, working on the pods, on the plan for their release.

Okay, you know of this virus outbreak that began in China a few months ago?

We do, yes.

Are there plans to assist the planet? It sure seems like now would be a good time.

There are.

Please explain them, in concrete terms. I am receiving a jumble of information (meaning – from them) right now.

Would you slow it down and provide more detail so that it can be effectively shared?


Our technology, the pods we’ve been discussing with you, is a rejuvenator of sorts. It does not combat invaders as such. It reinforces and provides sound imprinting for sustainable rejuvenation.

As such, the best use of them, and now, would be to fortify the body and immune system of humans against any airborne virus.

They can do that.

Understand though that if the body identifies with an image of “sick from a deadly pathogen”, then that imprint/image alone may overtake any outside effort.

All is choice.

Okay. Are you telling me that you have nothing that can specifically cure this virus?

What we are saying is that our technology does not look at the “virus” specifically. We deal with and work with entire systems. These systems, when weakened, physically, emotionally or mentally with “dis-ease” still hold a blueprint for vitality.

The strength of any bio-weapon, as we view it from our distant perspective, comes equally, if not to a greater degree, from the abject terror the body experiences when he or she is informed that “they have contracted it”.

Fear is a powerful thing.

The mind decides which way this goes, in every case. Emotions support that decision.

I’m not sure you’ve answered this question.

Okay, to be frank. We do not have an antidote, no. The virus is mutating.

What we do have is more of an offensive approach. Vital bodies, who see themselves strong, are the best tool to fend off invading germs.

Your pods do that.

They assist and maintain, yes.

When will you bring them here?

We are working on it.

I have people ready now to take them.

We can get things going quickly.

Many will assist.

We are aware of the urgency felt.

I’m not sure you can say that. You are on a ship. In all of our conversations there has been always a point in the future when you would actually show up with physical help and actual pods.

This is a critical moment and help in the way you describe would alleviate fear.

What is being considered is massive.

As are predictions for the outbreak.

What we mean by that is that we are considering global effect. It would have to be distributed around the planet and quickly. Your ability to travel beyond your locale may be limited.

These are complicated logistical questions. I am not a part of that planning sector.

Does that mean that you cannot answer the question of when or how?

It means that planning talks are continuously held, as you say, 24/7. I am/we are not up to the minute with updates.

What can you say then? Will you help?

If so, when? How? This sort of situation requires straightforward conversation. Please excuse my bluntness.


We know that there are plans to assist. The pods are ready; still more manufactured all the time.

We know that it will have to ultimately be news disseminated from those in charge of areas and countries in order to be accepted.

As we look human, it may not pose as much of a problem as first thought.

Our presence globally would have a calming effect, yet would have to be introduced prior to it happening.

Plans are in the works for this.

We do not have any further information as to timing. Just to say that it is set to occur by summer.

Do you mean summer in the United States? This begins in about four months’ time.

We do.

Although at what point during the summer is unclear.

These are evolving plans and could change.

I understand.

So, to clarify. Your tech does not specifically target this COVID19 or any virus? It will reinforce healthy immune systems which is the best defense.

That is correct.

Are there, or do you know if there are others who are looking at helping to heal humanity and stop this virus? Other non-human races?

We do and there are. We have not acquired information on these and can only speak directly about the healing pods we manufacture.

Okay, fair enough.

I would like to be kept informed on this. Is that possible?

We can reach out, yes. We have been quite busy. We will talk again when something changes or is definite in the plan.

This is what we will do.

We are glad you reached us now, yet we must go.

It is our great pleasure to speak to you this way and an honor to assist.

Goodbye Sophia and friends.

Goodbye. Thank you.

This conversation ended here.

Added note: As mentioned earlier, this was more of a download of information, and part of what was felt clearly, but not written in the translation, was that the logistics of disseminating healing to the planet from off world sources is complicated also by the plan for a “fake alien invasion”.

The sudden appearance of ships in the sky would be quite threatening and a useful moment to initiate chaos and another narrative.

This takedown of the controllers adds another level to the logistics and timing of everything. The field on which this is being played out is very, very large.

What was seen was cooperation on many levels. These three speaking to me were sort of “lower level management” if you will. This conversation was a courtesy, not a necessity. It is the first time that they have “shushed me off” before I said goodbye!

Another thing not fully expressed with the transcript is how powerful a weapon fear is. It can literally heal or harm you physically, and the controllers know and utilize this. Remember the media is controlled and it is so important for us to resist falling into a frightened state. All news should be received and absorbed with gentility and attention to how it feels when taken in.

So, as we move into spring, I will reach out again if I don’t hear from them first. Sign up for the RSS feed or the newsletter so you’ll see the next conversation when it happens. Please use your own discernment, as always, with this information. Take care of yourself and of your loved ones.

With appreciation for all that you are,

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Posts from the Pleiades

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