Trudeaus Travelling Circus World Tour 2020 – Feb 13 2020

Trudeaus Travelling Circus World Tour 2020

Feb 13, 2020
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Trudeau continues to travel the globe in searc of votes, at your expense. But is he demeaning Canada on the world stage ito get them ? , Sunday Live 6-7 PM EST. email , , etransfer , BITCHUTE at,…

STATE OF THE UNION – CANADA – The Big Puzzle w/ Barry Prince! #P1ZZ4G4TE Headline !

Feb 10, 2020
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CANADA’S RED PILL – February 10th 2020 – (Recorded Feb 9th , Produced over 15 hours 9th & 10TH) I made an appearance on #BarryPrince radio show #TheBigPuzzle . We spoke of all kinds of things affecting #Canada and the Globe. From #Coronavirus to #Immigration to #FreeSpeech to #Communism infiltrating our country, to #DragQueens and #PrideParades, we cover it all. Recorded on Skype , audio only for Barry, but enhanced with screenshots and photos for Youtube. #TimeStamps below. IF YOU’D LIKE TO SUPPORT MY WORK ! Email or Etransfer : I see this daily ! Merchandise #BillyJoyce #CanadasRedPill… Follow Me on #Twitter : Send me a #FriendRequest on #Facebook here :….

We Must Never Forget Pt3

Feb 10, 2020

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Hypocrite Trudeau embarrasses Canadians

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Updated Info On Coronavirus Today

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