(Reader | Maverick T) Vrill Bill: The Difference Between Clones and Drones 2/20/2020

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 20, 2020

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 20 2020 Compiled  20 Feb. 2020 12:01 am EST  by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, …

(Reader | Maverick T) Vrill Bill: The Difference Between Clones and Drones

Reader Post | Maverick T


The concept of clones walking among us no longer seems implausible; in fact, no one really bats an eye at the idea anymore. Cloning technology has been around since the 40’s (possibly earlier), mostly used nefariously against the sleeping masses.

But those times are a’changin’ – the awakening masses aren’t standing for it anymore. Clones serve no purpose in the advancement of the human races toward enlightenment and ascension. Clones have only served the interests of the enslavers of the human species – those…probably non-human by nature, those who not only take pleasure in taking human lives, but also require a steady diet of it to sustain their own unholy subsistence.

Briefly, there are basically three types of clones currently in use:

1. “Duplication” or “REM driven clones” – Replication cloning is the process of cloning an original person where, utilizing a person’s DNA, the clone of the original person starts life off again as a baby in a grow tank. It takes approximately five months through the process of regenerative medicine, science and technology, by stimulating tissues and agitating them again and again, to grow a human body this way.

2. “Replication clones” – These are clones of original people, which start life off as a baby, and go through the entire gestation process (9 months), similar to natural born human beings. Replication cloning can be achieved through surrogacy, where a woman is implanted with the embryo containing the DNA of the person to be cloned; or, replication cloning can also be achieved through the use of artificial wombs. (Example, the Obamas are said to be replicas of ancient Egyptians.)

3. “Microchip bodysnatching” or “chipheads”Human consciousness imprinted onto a microchip (referred to as the “soulstone”) is inserted into the brain of a re-animated clone, the re-animated clone remembers the previous life experience of the original dead person, who lived on this earth. Current lifetime experiences are then added to the memory collection. Unfortunately, a major side effect of “chiphead” technology is that the recording of the consciousness is always flawed, tending to make re-animated chiphead clones more negative than an original natural born human would be; re-animated chipheads have a tendency to be rapists, child molesters, and pedophiles. Also known as the “the undead,” and “megadeath.”

Interesting reading here: https://astral7ight.blogspot.com/p/queen-elizabeth-elton-john.html


Clones and drones have absolutely nothing in common. A drone is created upon the heartbreaking death of a brother or sister human being’s conscious mind, once replaced by a Vrill lizard’s consciousness via that gross eye thing.

The Vrill have a proboscis on their exoskeletal spine that shoots a parasitic worm containing the intelligence of the vrill into someone’s eye, then into the brain where it controls them and the vrill get to experience life as a human, albeit a dumber and more evil human, then known as a drone. There are many Vrill in society walking around trying to enjoy life as humans…but they’re detectable…with catscans and other tests – sometimes they have one eye swelled out more than the other due to the “transition” and are way more dumb than the original person…but smarter than normal Vrill…as they adapt to higher intelligence but are still dumb…they have a vacant look…drones do a LOT of the unbelievable evils you hear in the world [They] are very loyal slaves… and they’re evil child molesters, half turn gay other half are bisexual.” – Donald Marshall

Speaking of bulging eyeballs:

Because Vrill lizards possess zero human qualities, the drone too exhibits no signs of:

1. Kindness
2. Morals
3. Respect
4. Character
5. Common Sense
6. Patience
7. Class
8. Integrity
9. Love
10. Critical Self-assessment
11. An awareness of God

The Vrill species is indigenous to this planet, and although it has been around (albeit underground) for millions of years, evolving alongside the dinosaurs and humanoid reptiles, the species has not evolved beyond the status of a nasty little creature with one (lucky for it) small talent, a natural biological process ability called “droning.” There are three distinct “types” of Vrill, which we will discuss in our next edition.

According to Vrill expert Donald Marshall, the Vrill were the cause of the loss of Atlantis, which did exist at one time but apparently became so overrun with drones the best solution was to sink the continent to the benefit of the rest of the world. Knowledge of the Vrill was fairly lost to the world for a while, until Adolf Hitler, during World War II, rediscovered the Vrill; they showed him the Atlantean tech that survived, which eventually led to human cloning. A most popular sport at the cloning centers is droning, both adults and children. Some “Illuminati” adherents in attendance at the cloning centers claim to very much enjoy watching their eyes as the life slowly drains out of them.

By far, the most important clue to understanding the Vrill/drones is this:

Because the Vrill species presence on this planet predated the evolutionary arrival of the human species, the Vrill FULLY and ENTIRELY believe this Earth belongs to them. As well, we human beings belong to them. Which is why they are so cavalier in their treatment of our races. They think less of us than we do of ants. Our only value to them is as food – particularly children – of which they have been generously supplied with over the centuries by greedy “elite” who gleefully trade wagons and wagons of mankind’s children in exchange for gold, silver, diamonds, and precious emeralds, which are useless to the Vrill.

This attitude does not dissipate in the droning process. In fact, the sense of entitlement only increases as the drone enjoys the positions of power they often find themselves in, power over humans, control over humans. It is an all-consuming obsession.

Ever wonder what that little pin Nancy Pelosi is always wearing ‘really’ means?

And they simply cannot conceive of ever giving that up. Seriously. They are incapable of having the thought.

So, should you be afraid of the drones that walk among us? Absolutely not. Just know that with understanding comes calm. With understanding comes acceptance.

No need for disgust or anger, just know what you are dealing with should you encounter what you may perceive to be a drone – and you most certainly will. They are starting to show themselves more and more as they are becoming increasingly aggressive. Now it becomes prudent to always remain alert.

A quick head’s up, just as in their original genesis, drones are typically sensitive to both bright lights and loud noises. Probably wise not to agitate them overly. Calm is key (but give a beat down if someone’s got a good beat down coming).

No worries Patriots, we’ve got this. Remember, you are your brother’s keeper.




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