(OpDis) Kill Vrill Phantoms — Grant Ouellette Monday, February 24, 2020

(OpDis) Kill Vrill Phantoms -- Grant Ouellette

(OpDis) Kill Vrill Phantoms — Grant Ouellette

Kill Vrill Phantoms February 24, 2020 Operation Disclosure | By Grant Ouellette, Contributor A response to the post (Reader | Maver…

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Kill Vrill Phantoms

February 24, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Grant Ouellette, Contributor

A response to the post

(Reader | Maverick T) Vrill Bill: The Difference Between Clones and Drones

The Vrill is featured in Phantoms, the 1998 American sci-fi horror film adapted from the 1983 novel of the same name by Dean Koontz, who also wrote the screenplay. It is directed by Joe Chappelle (JC) and stars Peter O’Toole as Flyte (Fly / flight), ROSE McGowan (JP), Liev (evil/live) Schreiber as WARgle, Ben Affleck as the Sheriff, and Nicky (the) Katt is the SS deputy. Quigley plays the Woman in room 204 where the radio spontaneously wakes up and plays Patsy Cline.

O’Toole was the consummate acting artist.

In the town of Snowfield, Colorado, something evil has wiped out the population. Will the ROSY Sheriff and his feline deputy win this WAR when Dr. Flyte flies in? Will any get out alive?

JP brings her sister to the ski resort town of Snowfield, Colorado, where the Sheriff and his deputies are investigating 150 dead and 350 missing.

In a hotel they find written on a mirror “Timothy Flyte”. Flyte is found and flown in. He is a British academic who theorizes the town has fallen victim to the Ancient Enemy (Vrill), an entity he calls “chaos in the flesh”, which periodically wipes out populations including the Mayans and the Roanoke Island colony.

Flyte figures the enemy is an amoebic life form that gains its victims’ knowledge after it absorbs their bodies. The Enemy creates Phantoms of creatures it has absorbed (clones and drones) to act through. It thinks it is a god due to the way previous civilizations have reacted to it. It brought Flyte to Snowfield, so he can reveal its existence to the world. The Doc learns that the creature’s body is something like crude oil, and can be killed by bacteria that they have in their small lab. They use the Ancient Enemy’s arrogance and god complex against it and it dies from the bacteria. Or does it?

Saruman was the White Wizard (Istari) In Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings before he fell to evil. Vril symbolism is found in the name of Grima ‘Wormtongue’, who once was a good man of Rohan, but became Saruman’s slave.

There are many physical versions of the Vrill in movies such as the giant worms in Tremors, the bug in The Matrix, and the Alien(s). Those movie creatures were destroyed: blown up, sucked up, encased and starved, or melted in molten metal.

V.R.I. in the encyclopedia is an acronym for the Latin ‘Victoria Regina et Imperatrix’, meaning Victoria, Queen and Empress. It appears as though Vrill is a portmanteau of V.R.I. and ill.

Rearrange VRI to RIV perhaps for RIVer and water symbolism.

Vrykolakas is a Greek folklore creature, similar to a vampire.

Image from Bing.

Michael Jackson’s ‘Vriller’ video gives us a way to Moonwalk out:

They’re out to get you

There’s demons closing in on every side

They will possess you

Unless you change that number on your dial

Regardless of their form, the Vrill Phantoms can be killed with something that is readily available in our game, be that a bacteria or silver bullets – recently lightworkers bought silver.

Live, love, and have a rosy Flyte


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