👽 Scientists Want to Use Lasers to Guide Aliens to Earth. What Could Go Wrong ?? & some newer UFO sightings – March 01 2020

DID something happen to secureteam10? He hasn’t posted in 4 months ?

👽 Scientists Want to Use Lasers to Guide Aliens to Earth. What Could Go Wrong ??

Feb 25, 2020

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➨Tipeee : https://fr.tipeee.com/section-51 ➨You can find our Section 51’s official T-shirts & stuff here : https://shop.spreadshirt.com/section51/ We could build a laser that could send signals to extraterrestrial intelligence. Not we as in the staff of Section 51. And that’s probably beyond our skill set. But we as in humanity. A new paper published in November 2018 in The Astrophysical Journal has found that humanity could feasibly build an infrared laser hot and bright enough that — if we shined it directly at nearby exoplanets — alien astronomers should be able to detect it using sky-watching technology not too much more advanced than our own… Presuming they’re out there, of course… There’s more to say, more to explore together and we invite you now to join this new journey with us on Section 51 ! Subscribe now !

UFO Sighting in South Boston MA 2020

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UFO Sighting in South Boston MA, Monday 24 around 3pm to 6 something pm I also captured them on camera earlier that day but I didn’t think it was that

UFO Sightings London

UFO Sightings North America

Cloaked US Space Force over Jacksonville Florida 2/24/2020 UFO UAP Rik Marston

The Gulf Breeze UFO Locations from Extraterrestrial 1987 Sighting – Inside Florida Spaceship Home

Feb 27, 2020

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A visit to Gulf Breeze Florida to checkout where the UFO of 1987 made an appearance . Afterwards stopped by a beachside spaceship house for a tour .

Catastrophe Shelters Gone, Solar Cycle 25 Approaches | S0 News Mar.1.2020

Full Length Documentary: Top UFO videos Of Feb 2020!

“Galactic Mothership” Escapes Earth’s Gravity Seen From ISS on Dark Side of Earth

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The Cosmic Timeline is Wrong

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NASA Can’t Hide This!

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They Can’t Stop This Upload

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I Think We Got It Guys!

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I Got A Call From The L.A.P.D.

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Blue Banana Update

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