(OpDis) Immigrant Invasion of Europe – Rinus Verhagen Monday, March 2, 2020

(OpDis) Immigrant Invasion of Europe -- Rinus Verhagen

(OpDis) Immigrant Invasion of Europe — Rinus Verhagen

Immigrant Invasion of Europe March 1, 2020 Operation Disclosure  | By Rinus Verhagen,  Contributor Dear members of defense in Serbia…

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Immigrant Invasion of Europe

March 1, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

Dear members of defense in Serbia,

In order to stop the invasion, it seems to me a good plan to use sprinkler planes, in consultation with the Greek government, to stop the Muslim invasion.

Instead of just water, I think diluted pig manure would be a good remedy.

There will be no casualties, and they will be disgusted, because they are unclean, and as humiliated as unwanted intruders in our Europe.

On February 28th the new gold covered money system is in force, from tomorrow the funds will be released, with which all costs can be paid.

When I have my funds, I will gladly contribute to the defense of Europe.

In this way it can be limited that there are wounded, the pig manure, will be a nitrate food for the soil.

Consultation with neighboring countries in order to tackle this jointly.

Of Dogs they are not very enthusiastic either, so dog associations can also be involved.

Loading and deporting in containers back to Turkey.

We have to stop Merkel and the corrupt EU to further destroy Europe.

The people of Europe don’t need low IQ mass murderers.







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