Monday, March 9, 2020 – DINARES GURUS

Monday, March 9, 2020


Judy Note: Sources confirmed a 100% liquidity start for all Tiers on Mon. 9 March late afternoon, with a release of funds overnight from Mon. 9 March to Tues. 10 March – done by both China and Trump to be in conformity to the World Court lawsuit.

 The World Court had ordered the reset to begin on Tues. 3 March, which it evidently did. By Fri. March 6 at 9am EST the Department of Defense and US Treasury signed off on a shotgun start for 100% liquidity access to all tiers 1-4 with rates locked in until a rate update on Sun. night 8 March. Since Fri. March 6 there have been 2,200 or more arrests of obstructionists to the GCR, mainly Democrats in the US and obstructionists other countries.

On Sun. 8 March the Dow Futures had dropped over 1,000 points, Asia Markets were imploding, Putin had sparked an oil price war and oil exports plunged amid fears of a price war after OPEC failed to strike a deal with its allies on production cuts, adding to market volatility already brought about by fears surrounding the ongoing Coronavirus spread – a Perfect Storm for a Global Currency Reset.

 On Thurs. March 5 Dubi 1 & 2 had fully distributed monies to pay out all accounts in Tier 1-4.

 The UST has been releasing liquidity over the last 24 hours with 100% access to funds across 20 payouts and levels

 Redemption Center staff were looking for a very long next week.

Okie: The RV has started for some groups and private individuals. This was our last weekend. The RV would be within the first few days of this coming week.

 Sat. midnight 14 March was the deadline to redeem Zim/exchange currencies at Contract Rates – a date that could likely be extended.

 Mon. 16 March was the deadline for the general public to exchange currencies at banks at the new international rates – a date that could also be extended.

 Mon. 30 March the Gold Standard was expected to be announced.

Currency Exchange/Bond Redemption:

 Judy Note: Treat the below as a guess. Official instructions would be available upon RV release.

 Special Redemption Centers have been set up across the globe to exchange at the higher Contract Rates from 7am to 11pm the day of release until midnight Sat. 14 March. 

 It was my understanding that there was a deadline of Sat. 14 March to redeem Zim, although you could have a later appointment if you called for it before the deadline.

 On Mon. 16 March the General Public could exchange at regular banks, receiving the new but lower, International Rates of exchange.

 An hour or so prior to liquidity release, Wells Fargo and HSBC Banks would send out over 400,000 emails to currency and bond holders, along with instructions on how to exchange and redeem. That information would also be available on certain websites as below.

 Each country had their own 800# or website code for use of currency exchangers/ bond redeemers that would be sent out by email, or found on those certain websites as below.

 Clicking on that web link on your computer or phone, would create your own unique signature to receive an exchange/ redemption appointment, along with exchange/ redemption information.

 At your exchange you would watch a 15 min. CD that would explain the exchange/redemption process before you began.

 If you don’t have a Trust Account a Treasury Direct Account would be set up at your exchange for your funds. You would have 90 days to set up and transfer those monies into your own Trust Account.

 Abbot Downing Wealth Managers would be represented at each Redemption Center, though you could choose another Wealth Management company if you wished.

 You could ask for up to $14,000 cash at your exchange and would receive a black debit card loaded with up to 15 million dollars.

 If you held currencies and no Zim, your Non Disclosure Agreement was expected to be around 1 ½ pages. If you held Zim expect to sign a 4 ½ page NDA. If you held both currencies and Zim expect that NDA to be 5 ½ pages.


 I. On the Zim it was my understanding that:

 The Zim was a bond, not a currency, and redemption monies were designated for humanitarian needs. The Zim Bond redemption deadline appeared to be at midnight on Sat. 14 March, after which you could no longer redeem Zim. 

 If you didn’t have a specific humanitarian project you would be offered a Zim default rate of anywhere from $11 to $33 million per 100 Trillion Zim Note. There would be no restrictions on how you used your redemption monies. 

 Zim Bonds with a specific humanitarian project: Zim Rate $.11 to $1. There was 80% of your Zim redemption that would go to international humanitarian projects and be handled by your Wealth Manager. The remaining 20% was for you and your project. 

 If you had a specific humanitarian project you should to type up a short 1-2 page outline of your project including your goals and approximate costs of your project over the years. Include the number of jobs you could create with your project. 

 All Zim would be paid quarterly or annually in a long term payout period of your choice of 5, 10, 15, or 20 years.

 During your long term payout period you would be paid interest on monies left at the bank (of your 20% if you had a project). The interest paid was said to be 2% to 9%, dependent upon on how much you had and length of your payout period (with a choice of 5, 10, 15, or 20 years, the longer the payout period you chose, the higher the interest rate received). You could likely be taxed on the interest earned.

 Either way you could be offered opportunities to invest in international humanitarian projects.

 The Chinese-Zimbabwe Humanitarian Project Contracts paid interest on monies invested, and then returned the monies after the term of your contract ended so it could be reinvested in other international humanitarian projects. It was rumored that particular contract was limited in the amount of Zim they could take, so it would be a good idea to get your Zim appointment early. 

 Deadline for redeeming Zim was said to be March 14 midnight.

 At your exchange you would have immediate access to 1% of your redemption monies through issuance of a debit card, and have the remaining 19% in the next 90 days, providing you signed up to have quarterly instead of yearly payments. 


 J. Judy Note: Some have asked about our Humanitarian Project, which was Child Abuse Recovery, Trauma Survivors (CARTS). You would define your own role in how you wished to work with CARTS. We were in need of contact people to establish Humanitarian Complexes across the globe. So far we had CARTS Partners in New Zealand, Australia, US Indian Nations, Canada, Croatia, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, plus many more across the US. Below was a summary. If you were interested in joining us, please email me:

 CARTS was dedicated to “People Helping People” through building & giving ongoing support to a global network of Education/ Humanitarian/ Food Dome Complexes that encouraged independence while transitioning people out of poverty. Clients would own their own home and transportation; be encouraged to grow their food; have access to safe and quality child care, legal aid, physical, dental, mental health and addiction treatment, vocational training & quality education to secure jobs, be self sustaining and able to repay for services provided.

 The CARTS Mantra addressed specific personal needs on a person to person and local level; coordinated needs of different cultural complexes across the globe; supported parents in raising their children in a healthy lifestyle of single family homes set in large green spaces with easy access to resources for high functioning lives; provided emergency shelters and meals, supported Children and Youth programs, Diabetic and Veteran retreats and educated the public on the plight of and funded rescue of, exploited children and assured prosecution of their perpetrators.


Fri. 6 March Fleming Conference Call: Intel from the Department of Defense (DOD)

1. On Fri. March 6 at 9am EST the DOD and UST signed off on a shotgun start for 100% liquidity access to all tiers 1-4.

2. On Thurs. March 5 Dubi 1 & 2 fully distributed monies to pay out all accounts in Tier 1-4

3. It has been confirmed that all payouts, top to lower Tier 1-3a, started on Fri. March 6 to create Tier4b payout.

4. The UST has been releasing liquidity over the last 24 hours with 100% access to funds across 20 payouts and levels.

5. The T4 Paymasters payouts began on Fri. March 6.

6. This was done by both China and Trump to be in conformity to the World Court lawsuit.

7. Since Fri. March 6 there have been 2,200 or more arrests of obstructionists to the GCR, mainly Democrats in the US and obstructionists other countries.

8. Within 24 to 48 hours Tier4b payout release should begin on Mon. March 9 or 10.

9. On Fri. 6 March updated rates were locked in.

10. Rates would be updated Sun-Mon. night 8-9 March.

11. Zim rates: 11 cents to $1

12. Of that 80% would be invested in international humanitarian projects and 20% would be for our own humanitarian and personal use.

13. 1% would be put on a debit card at redemption for our immediate use.

14. Email and Web links would give number to call to get confirmation code.

15. There was a three day rescission period where you could change your mind on the terms of your contract.

16. NESARA would be here within 3-6 months

17. If funds were not out as planned, Interpol would make arrests.


MarkZ Monday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions
MZ: Everybody seems to be in a surprisingly good mood with the world on the brink today…..well, it’s good for us. I think this week we are going to have to sit back, grab our popcorn and watch everything unfold as things go screaming into place for us. 

MZ: Today is supposed to be a very big day.   We are watching it in Zurich, in Hong Kong, and in Reno. Nothing has occurred yet but we are expecting to see dollars in place and watching how things play out.

MZ: I really expected them over the weekend but No CMKX deliveries yet….. my guess is they were trying to kick the can…they thought they had a few shotgun shells left in the old Fed gun with cutting interest rates….but they are quickly learning they don’t have any ammunition left. It’s like taking a BB gun to hunt elephants. I think the corner they painted themselves into has just been painted today. 

MZ: This crash puts us right where we need to be. 

MZ:  I do have paymasters who can see funds again as they position for it. 

MZ: Lots of rumors that the big church groups may go tonight. 

Member:  morning all my intel says it’s going to be a VERY good week..

MZ: We have economists calling for QE now on a grand scale which is important for us because they wanted to kick the can as long as they could but now there is nowhere to kick it….people have lost faith. 

MZ: Now look at the oil crash today.  Oil props up the Petro Dollar. Gold is moving over 17…this is big. There is no faith in the fiat market….we need an asset backed currency. The final stab in the back….almost a Ceasar thing is the oil prices…..Saudi Arabia just said the US dollar is basically crap.

MZ: This is big. When you are buying gold you are shorting the dollar. Then Saudi Arabia crashes the oil prices…. This is BIG NEWS screaming we are about to have a reset!!!! Just read the news and you will see we are so close to a reset. 

Member:  Markets are crashing. Wall Street suspended trade today. Yay

Member:  US stocks halted after falling 7%. Global stocks plunge as oil crashes and coronavirus fear spreads

Member:  Market is down 1846.23

Member:  Wow marker-1900 before open stage one shut down!!!

Member:  Markets: 15 minute pause at 7%, 13% and finally suspended at 20% drop to prevent 1929 again…

Member:  Mr. C said Friday that the market needs to drop 6000 points to see the RV. It dropped 4000 points last week. So 2000 points more to go. Bix Weir said futures market dropped 1000 last night. Yay!!

Member: Gas will be $1.49 by Wed.

MZ: It well could be…at present levels oil is expected to close at $27 to $32 dollars a barrel today … could go lower if Saudi Arabia declares war on the Petro dollar. 

Member:  the NY Fed announced before market opened that it will increase its one-day repo loans from $100B to $150B. Its 14-day loans will increase from the scaled-back $20B to $45B on Tues and Thurs this week


Member:  Coronavirus is a perfect cover for the RV

Member:  Okie says it’s gonna happen this week…HOPE so

MZ: I think there is a better then excellent chance he is right. There is so many economic indicators screaming that there is no place to go. 

Member: The Greatest Gold Quotes of all Times “GOLD is the Money of Kings, SILVER is the Money of Gentlemen, BARTER is the Money of Peasants, DEBT is the Money of Slaves” – Norm Franz 


Member:  Haven’t been excited about this in awhile, but I’m excited today !!!

Member:  news is things are moving fast all over

Q: Is article 8 needed in Iraq?  Do we need the UN to lift sanctions?

MZ: The UN lifted sanctions in Iraq already…..they met at the UN in New York …put everything in place…they were supposed to just finish paying off Kuwait for the invasion and that is in their budget. It’s my understanding they finish paying that bill and they are in article 8 

Member: Mark, I heard all the same talking points for the global reset in “08…what makes this different. 

MZ: The biggest difference is CIPS. We now have a backbone…we can work around the central banking system. Also in “08 there were not enough nations who had aggregated gold to back a currency change. …lots has happened since “08….In “08 you needed the central banking system to move international money… you don’t and it can happen almost instantly. That to me is the biggest difference. 

Member:  No more kicking the can. As my dear old mother used to say, “its time to chit or get off the pot”

MZ: Its going to be a interesting week….and we will all be here watching it happen. 

MZ: We will have several health guests this week…Today is CBD Gurus, Wed. is Dr. Rich…..

CBD Guru Joins the stream…………watch replay for the Q&A

MZ: Will see you all tomorrow at 10AMest unless I get big news…..then you will see me sooner for sure. 



JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick 


Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person

MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims: 

Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions

MZ: Watch the Video “The end of the road” by Monkey films on Amazon Prime….End of the Road:

You can share links like these one’s to those who don’t believe: theoriginalmarkz: 

IF THE INTERNET GOES DOWN MARKZ NEW NUMBER Emergency number (712) 770-5028 Code:648989 Playback number (712) 770-5066

MarkZ : 

Mark Coffee and Chat …. Monday through Friday 10:00 AM EST EDT ….Chats live or recorded ONLY SPECIAL NEWS tweeted out


Note: Please listen to the replay for all the details….



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