I Wish I had enough CATAGORIES to LIST all the WONDERFUL websites of the 144,000 and HUMANITIE’S whistleblowers,ETC.  But you will have to settle for the main ones that I choose as I can’t fit them all on this website, I would need like = 0ver 144 websites PLUS. EVERY single ONE of YOU is IMPORTANT even if I never discovered yours yet and some are posted without a category as I find WHAT you say IMPORTANT to HUMANITY and your FIGHT for WORLD FREEDOM from the NEW WORLD ORDER PSYCHO’S that are going-down HARD and FAST !



IF you FIND yourself WORRIED or in FEAR, find a QUITE PLACE and BREATHE IN and OUT at the count of 3 three times. BREATHE IN and hold it, count one two three, and breathe out.. DO this several times until you FEEL CALM and PEACEFUL as you can connect to the VORTEX [higher-self or GRAND CENTRAL SUN etc]. Or STAY NUETRAL is another way.

MEDITATE and or SING or DO SOMETHING FUN something that brings YOU JOY !  if you can. CREATE something, anything whether YOU play and INSTRUMENT or carve wood or paint a picture, do a PUZZLE anything it takes to take your mind OFF the CLUTTER and or THOSE whom are trying to BRING you down etc. LAUGH, watch a COMEDY.

EVEN I have had negative thoughts which brings down my vibration, so YOU are NOT alone. PAST family hurts etc.

It is NORMAL and COMMON to have NEGATIVE thoughts of those that verbally attack you and Judge you etc. It is the EGO that gets wounded and acts like it’s BETTER than everyone else attitude. Which is why ones needs to GET OUT OF THE EGO and just BE in PEACE and LOVE and JOY. SOME do YOGA and listen to music and higher vibrational tones to re-tune your body

And MAINLY because I think that the DEEPSTATE/CABAL SUCKS ! [LOL!]

NO one said it would be easy and this is probably one of the hardest MISSIONS that I have had to do but sharing what I am going through helps me to SHED the CRAP that has NO PLACE in MY immediate future.

And it HELPS others to KNOW that YES it can be DONE and MASTERED.

WE just have to REMEMBER to USE IT and HOW to do it properly.

Because of THE CABAL trying to KILL ME or doing another evil things to me financially etc. Or because people have been lied to so badly that they DON’T understand it when they hear the truth about things and THEY DON’T KNOW how dark these evil BEINGS really are and what they were doing etc. SOMETIMES you can get upset over it. It is NORMAL but it is NOT my FAULT people were lied to but YOU know how people are when they first WAKE-UP to such unbelievable CORRUPTION they take it out on those of us that are trying to wake them up or just telling it, like it is, NOT sugar coated !

Which is WHY sometimes, I would rather be silent or give them spoonfuls of info as some can’t handle THE TRUTH. SOME are just too LAZY to search for the TRUTH themselves. ANYONE is capable of doing EVIL, most choose NOT to. I am NOT here to JUDGE HUMANITY, that happens with your SPIRIT GUIDES, when you change dimensions and pass-over. I was here to JUDGE the most vile evil DEMONIC shape-shifters of inter-dimensional, inter-galactic CRIMINAL beings that have invaded our planet eons ago for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! HEAVEN is HERE for the HARVEST, which is WHY we have so MANY EXTRA PLANETS are here that never will NEVER explain. But WHO KNOWS MAYBE THEY ARE holding THEIR CARDS and waiting for the FAKE ALIEN INVASION of PROJECT BLUE-BEAM ? WILL NASA be INVOLVED and WILL THEY use SATELLITES  for the HOLOGRAMS ?

WE are here to educate and prepare Humanity for the changeover to THE GOLDEN AGES, their ASCENSION and to bring TRUE JUSTICE to this planet on a MAGNITUDE that is BIBLICAL !

Here is a little SECRET that I do when I find my mind wondering on STUPID thoughts or negativity that does NOT serve me. And THE SECRET IS…..,

I repeat the WORD “LOVE” over and over and over and over and over every few seconds until I loose that thought or negative mindset. It usually works for me so I will SHARE IT with you because SHARING is CARING ! That is HOW I am training my MIND and it seems to working so I am going to “stick with it” as you say….,

THOUGHTS are THINGS and they can CREATE, especially after 17 seconds


Who are the 144,000 and what is their purpose › 144,000
May 16, 2018 – Revelation 7:5-8 indicates that when the sealing of the 144,000 occurs, … pretending to establish a kingdom of peace on Earth for 1,000 years! … when 144,000 people have been sealed, the fourth seal will be broken and the …

144,000 – Wikipedia › wiki

144,000 is a natural number. It has significance in various religious movements and ancient … of Luke 12:32) will serve with Christ as king-priests for a thousand years, while all other people accepted by God (the “other sheep” of John 10:16, …

MANY GOOD GUYS BENEVOLENT BEINGS on and off PLANET are ALL doing their PARTS to make FREEDOM happen on all fronts. GOD-BLESS EVERYONE and ALL PATRIOTS and BENEVOLENT FORCES for what they DO DAILY. MAY HEAVEN BLESS those dealing with these ARRESTS WITH safety AND protection and those in COURT taking them all down !

WE must CLEAR out old hurts and BAGGAGE of CRAP that EGOTISTICAL GARBAGE that everyone on the HIGHER PATHS KNOW you must CLEAR that cannot come with us and MAINTAIN our HIGH FREQUENCY. I know that sometimes, it ISN’T EASY [we know] but DO YOUR BEST to KEEP those VIBRATIONS HIGH. Even I have let my vibrations FALL as I clear-out that CRAP one more time and wipe-it clean with the VIOLET FLAME of SAINT GERMAIN.

FORGIVENESS is KEY as NOT FORGIVING souls = holds you back.

I HAVE CHOSEN a few video’s as there are many you can find on youtube.

Violet Flame Invocation

Seven Sacred Flames Meditation: Seventh Ray Temple, The Violet Flame temple in Telos

The Violet Flame


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