The Storm is Raging and QManity is Winning [videos] Starship Earth: The Big Picture March 11, 2020

GOOD NEWS STARSHIPEARTH is back online with new website and it LOOKS nice.
HERE are some of their updates, courtesy of starshipearththebigpicture.Headlines and Updates for March 11, 2020:
The Storm is Raging and QManity is Winning [videos]
March 11, 2020

Guess what! Today, 3-11, is an Illuminati ritual day. We’ll see what they can cook up in their cauldron of nasty tricks for the unsuspecting masses.

The information continues to flow and an interesting picture is emerging about the Wuhan Flu. Despite the finger-pointing as to who dunnit and where it originated, researchers and analysts bring the finer details into focus.

The CV health scare is just another one of “those” the psychopaths brought us in the past as explained at length every day by investigative journalist Jon Rappoport. He’s provided quite the education and much needed perspective to weather the storm. Here’s today’s contribution.

Unfortunately, it is most dangerous to the elderly and the infirm and the authorities in most places (excepting Iran) are doing their best to protect the public by quarantining infected people who test positive. Thanks for the share, J.

Consider this interesting article excerpt in plain English:

As a catalyst to begin their deflation of the “Everything Bubble”, this report notes, the US Federal Reserve is utilizing coronavirus Covid-19 manufactured hysteria—a virus worrying millions of people around the globe that is neither new nor unique, as many of the large family of coronaviruses (like the common cold) co-exist with humans without giving them any trouble—is a coronavirus that near exclusively affects elderly people having underlying health conditions like heart disease and diabetes—and is due to this coronavirus having a protein depleted in elderly people, but among young people sees them having this protein in abundance—thus meaning that when this coronavirus “knocks on the door” of young peoples’ cells saying “Look what a nice protein I have for you!”, these young peoples’ cells answer back saying “No thanks, we have more than enough”—but in elderly peoples’ cells, sees them answering the coronavirus protein offer with the words “Come on in, we need lots of it!”—a reality exploited to full effect by the doctor-scientists belonging to the American Society For Microbiology who completely protected aged mice from this coronavirus by pumping up their depleted protein levels—and is, also, a protein the doctor-scientists at McMaster University have previously advised the elderly to fortify themselves with to protect their immune systems and rebuild lost muscles.

You can read the rest of that article here, and see the accompanying diagram. It’s actually a positive piece so don’t read it if you’re tired of winning. Wink-wink.

What demographic forms a large component of cruises? That’s correct. The elderly. So while this coronavirus is not new, despite the nouveau “novel” handle they gave it, it is similar to the covert technology the dark ones created to sneak into our electronics in that it may have a “back door” into the weakened immune systems of the elderly and infirm.

This would also explain why there are so many influenza deaths EVERY YEAR that the media is conveniently leaving out of their fear porn. This is interesting news from Germany. Thanks, J.

A Dr. here in Germany confirms more or less what I have been suspecting all along. If an older man in his office had infect. of his lunge he can have him testet on that or on CV. It makes no difference the clinical picture is the same. The Dr. wanted to go on a trip were he had to show through a test that he was free of CV. Because of his knowledge he renounced the risk of having to close down his office was to high if he had just a higher body temp than normal. He says there is no difference in tests for CV or common flu. Use your own discernment.

What demographic forms a large component of the “alternative news” community? That’s correct. Folks of middle age or retirement age—because they have the time to do the research and generate videos, blogs, and websites. They also have background, intelligence, and perspective to act as catalysts of Truth for the masses who are busy raising families and climbing the employment ladder.

We’re not going to let the outgoing, sociopathic regime take out our precious seniors and recent history along with them. They’re not going to erase what scant relics we have in favour of the control freaks’ re-written “history” books stuffed with fables and fake statistics. Hollywood has no place in history—or “ourstory”.

We have an update this morning from CFB Trenton (near Toronto) where they are quarantining ONE Canadian cruise passenger from the Grand Princess which is now docked off California. They say the quarantine process has had outstanding support from the community and the patient will have zero contact with the public during the 14 day sequestering. It, too, is a positive report.

Coronavirus outbreak: Canadian under quarantine at CFB Trenton tests positive for the virus

WWG1WGA = We’re all in this together.

Check this out. Brilliant, don’t you think? Non-violent warfare at its finest. Some admirable strategies have come out of this conflict that have us clapping in admiration.

President Trump’s border initiatives are working in America, too.

Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Good news about that today…

Supreme Court gives Trump win by allowing ‘remain in Mexico’ policy to continue

Qmanity is cruising now. We’re weathering the storm that will soon see clear skies, sunshine, and warmer temperatures rendering the latest flu virus dead in the water. In a few months, due to the anticipated onslaught of exciting news and events, it will be a distant memory.

In the mean time, if we can, we could recommend folks think twice about getting a “flu shot”. If anything it would open the door wider to invasion, if our understanding of vaccines and the Qman body is accurate—and based on results, it appears to be sound.

Masks and flu shots won’t help. Fortifying the body with natural agents recommended by Naturopathic and Natural Health doctors might, as well as the old “wash your hands” trick and avoid sick people. Sound impossible? Avoid the public entirely! Stay home, and have what you need on hand or have safety-conscious people bring what you need for a few weeks until this nonsense goes away as President Trump told us it would.

It won’t always be smooth sailing for us this next little while, but the forecast is bright.


The Earth Alliance will keep the enemy reeling with news like this:

Weinstein sentenced to 23 years following NY sexual assault trial

It’s important for people to see that the Rule of Law has been reinstated and the courts increasingly manned with constitutional judges. There’s plenty more where that came from. We see it nearly every day.

Prince Andrew Linked To Another ‘Predator’: Alleged Pedophile And Rapist Peter Nygard


I can’t wait to encounter HMS HRC on the high seas for our final, epic battle. I can’t wait to say, “Down she goes!” after we deliver a barrage of catastrophic canon balls to her hull and watch her sink beneath the waves where she will never contaminate our lives again. Burial at sea, so we never again have to suffer that scowling, arrogant countenance. Perhaps she will be permanently erased from our historical records after she is recycled into energetic particles in the Great Central Sun.

Him, too.

Here’s a little different spin.

McEnany: Cancelling Biden Events is to keep him off the trail…not because of coronavirus


For those not aware of the Illuminati/globalist/New World Order plan for Earth and her People, the following video and accompanying transcript will explain the long-term agenda originally devised by the psychopaths/ruling “elite” bloodline families.

As the introductory text in this video explains, this was the “plan”, but due to it’s outrageously heinous and predatory nature and the fact they broke the Universal Laws and were not fit to oversee anything or anyone, that plan is no longer possible. It will not come to fruition.

Higher powers stepped in and we are on a different timeline now. We are on a positive timeline where the evil and demonic aspects of that plan are being eliminated and are no longer the threats they were.

I agree that while this is not our future, we DO need to understand what happened, who our enemies were and are, and what we see happening now to disassemble the structures they built that kept us all slaves and prey.

Thanks for the share, E. It’s a fascinating tale indeed, and QManity needs to understand this. They were nearly successful in their execution but the Earth Alliance has a new Plan.

If you prefer, you may read rather than listen to the transcript of the information Bill presents at their website here. You may wish to also read the extensive “liner notes” under the video on YouTube.

One day we will hear the full truth about our history on this planet so we can avoid similar ever happening again. We look forward to learning it from an infallible source; the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. Until then, we use our discernment.

The Anglo-Saxon Mission, explained by Bill Ryan : a Project Avalon video


A version of the modern aspects the plan to take over the world and the New Plan are laid out in this now “classic” video that reached through the illusory fabric of a false reality and got the attention of a lot of people.

QThe Plan To Save The World REMASTERED


Del Bigtree is one of our most powerful educators, particularly with respect to vaccines. This might be an eyeopening video for some as it illustrates the degree to which the controllers lie, obfuscate and mislead. That is how they play the game and we always have to be on top of ours. They cover up the truth, and we uncover it.

See more of Del’s groundbreaking work at The

Dave’s X22 Report from yesterday brings us up to speed. He is always optimistic, and sometimes I wonder if the news is really all good.

Wait Time Is Over, Trump Makes His Move On The Economy, Watch The News – Episode 2118a

To close, we have Part 2 of the Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast on NESARA/GESARA, etc. We shared part one late yesterday. Part 2 is below and speaks of the vast sums of money to be reappropriated from the globalist thieves.

What most are unaware of is the astronomical size of the Global Trust. There are so many zeroes we would lose count. Kim Goguen is the Trustee, has shown us the original master organizational chart created by the bloodline families which she has been entrusted with and it’s so far outside the realm of imaginable it will take some time for the truth to filter down.

Thomas Williams has spoken at length about this on his own and other Internet radio shows and Kim has put in the odd appearance as well. Our future is bright, but we have to stop the greedy control freaks and psychopaths from trying to steal the funds and crash the world. It’s a weekly threat from them.

Thomas also posts on YouTube. I think you may want to listen to the extra intel update (25 min.) Thomas recorded on Monday, March 9. He and Kim are still here, they’re okay despite the attacks, and we’re thankful for that. As of this writing that show is only available on but will be on YouTube eventually.

Thomas makes an important point when he states it’s largely faction-based wars ongoing now and as a result we’re getting high-level intel. He says it’s unfortunate that it is only he and Kim that are working for Humanity now after others have shown their cards and abandoned Humanity. He reports that things are very serious in America and elsewhere just now and demand our immediate attention.

Please listen for yourself to that important update and feel free to share your views in comments.

Whatever our wildest dreams, there’s a good chance they may eventually come to fruition, so dream big.  ~ BP

NESARA / GESARA – Part 2 – Trump’s EO – Seized Assets – What is the Value?

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