(OpDis) Hope vs. Fear — Rinus Verhagen Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Thank-you Rinus;

The EVIL CABAL consists of many EVIL BEINGS, some invaded our planet thousands of years ago. They have hidden in the shadows of CONTROL and have LIED and manipulated/stolen tortured raped & abused us and violently MASS-MURDERED humans – for thousands upon thousands of years.

They the EVIL CABAL/DEEP STATE/SATANIC ILLUMINATI etc are NOW going to get what is coming to them, their just desserts.

They have NO ONE to blame but themselves.

They are PARASITES and inter-dimensional and inter-galactic CRIMINALS and have been responsible for MOST of the suffering  on planet earth. They have been harvesting humans, our organs and feeding off of US from our FEAR ENERGIES and drinking human blood as modern day VAMPIRES. The vril lizards are like [invasion of the body snatchers] [look at J Turdeau] they steal human bodies to do evil works against everything that is GOOD and PURE, like stealing our children and sacrificing them to satan/molech and bhaphomet etc.

[[[NO DEALS]]] for these lying/mass-murdering PSYCHOPATHS

JUSTIN TRUDEAU was killed and replaced by a VRIL LIZARD in 2015. He is NOT HUMAN anymore as his thirst for blood has proven it. IF they have NOT picked him up already – he will be shortly as he has TO GO for our freedom !

It is called DIVINE & HUMAN JUSTICE for the earth people’s.

NO FEAR – YOU cannot catch the corona virus unless you drink/drank human blood or cannabalism or are a VAMPIRE/WEREWOLF or the CABAL ELITE CONTROLLERS. Many are REPTILIAN, some are DRACONIAN and SNAKE people etc. They GREYS were the ones that were abducting most of the humans for the reptilian races to FEAST on.

Now you KNOW why WE are HERE in the moment of time to BRING absolute JUSTICE to humanity and the other beings on ours and other planets that THEY HAVE ALL terrorized like RABID dogs – they care about NO ONE !

NOT just world freedom, WE are here for the ASCENSION of the human race and the transition of this planet back into being led BY THE DIVINE LIGHT not evil psychopaths.

Into a NEW and BRIGHT FUTURE of FREEDOM and LOVE and PEACE and JOY = for all beautiful HUMANS and visitor BEINGS on earth.

YES – you are on a FREEWILL planet – but that does NOT mean that you have the right to trample on other’s FREEWILL. Nor does it mean that you are allowed to mass-murder/steal etc. FREE WILL but do NO HARM. WRAP this around your heads. = FREE WILL but do NO HARM is the new paradigm. Divine laws will come into play quite simply = DO NO HARM !



MAY HEAVEN BLESS each and every being with abundance, love & healing, knowledge and understanding so this never happens again !


(OpDis) Hope vs. Fear -- Rinus Verhagen

(OpDis) Hope vs. Fear — Rinus Verhagen

Hope vs. Fear March 31, 2020 Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor Fear, a tool that has kept us as a population un…

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The Implosion of the Elites and their Power

Hope vs. Fear

March 31, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

Fear, a tool that has kept us as a population under control for decades.

Fear is a form of stress that affects our behaviour and sense of freedom, resulting in reactions of unrest and unease, uncertainty for the future and our survival.

What if you stand in your own power again, and decide for yourself what is good for you, and shape your own life unconstrained, then there is no longer any fear that imposes restrictions on you.

A future without Sallafists and Satanist politics, we are going to shape this ourselves.

Fear is a recipe that politicians and executive leaders have used to keep us away from the truth.

Corona Fear, this is a turning point in human history.

A VIRUS infects the entire system of the Cabal, which should have been a fear threat to unleash Genocide on the world’s population by inciting people to take a vaccination. is now gratefully used by the Alliance in favor of the transition and liberation of mankind.

A VIRUS can’t be seen unless your name is Greta (Soros) Thunberg, she can see CO2, and now has the CORONA virus herself, she saw it coming and couldn’t stop it, LOL.

The fear propaganda about Corona Virus is now turning into the great awakening.

The queues for the Corona Test at hospitals, turns out to be nowhere to be found, on closer examination.


Donald J Trump talking about defeating an invisible enemy, who will be defeated so that the spread of the disease cannot continue and will be eradicated.

The Patriots have received a Corona Virus gift from the Cabal to make the Cabal completely powerless.

After rain and storm comes sunshine, so be patient and let the storm rage over the world of corruption and the Cabal.

When I take all the information, I get the impression that the Andrechrome produced in Wuhan has been deliberately infected with a Corona Virus, causing Satanists who use children’s blood to stay young to be infected after all.

That, of course, deserves proper care on the Mercy medical ship.

We had to be patient to experience what’s unfolding right now.

So our patience is well rewarded right now.

If the Central Banks no longer have power over the money system, politics is also powerless, since laws all over the world are so twisted that law only applies to the Elite, this will have to be corrected by applying GESARA.

In the US the 2nd article in the constitution is that everyone has the right to defend themselves with armed violence.

We may eliminate any attack on us with an appropriate countermeasure without causing a danger to our environment.

Telecom providers want to roll out 5G – possibly also 6G as soon as possible.

It turns out in my observation that Donald J Trump has no idea about the technical ionization of our cells in our body, where 5G is a lethal radiation, because the oxygen atoms turn into ions, and are therefore no longer oxygen, but are part of our monocular composition.

This change poisons our body from the inside out, as a result of high frequency radiation.

The rollout of 5G will have to stop worldwide, to stop the genocide on humanity.

Controlling the world’s population by means of a police state is in my mind a fascist wet dream that does not fit the GESARA thoughts.

There is no one who has the right to force someone else to take anything from unwanted products or techniques that are harmful to our health.

Since the protection of the political mafia, telecom companies is no longer possible, we can proceed to protect ourselves, for our family, animals and all humanity.

It is a birthright that we claim against aggression to which we have been exposed.

Since we are not barbarians, I suggest that we first make it clear to the telecom providers that we do not want their service, and they are liable for all the consequences.

I ask currency holders to support the following action:

Purchase measurement equipment to use for locating 5G transmitters.

Hire people who are going to make an inventory of this, and record it with GPS data and photos that will be put in a database per country that will be accessible to everyone.

Telecom providers can expect claims if they do not obey the desire of the population to dismantle their Genocide technology system.


If we are not heard, we can take action, and the masts will break down like an iconoclasm or crystal night from the past.

The damage for the telecom companies will be so high that they will go bankrupt, this creates the chance to take over and make the network safe without using WIFI.

The goal should be to eliminate as much radiation as possible, by using fiberglass and LIFI technology, this will contribute to less cancer for the world’s population.

GESARA is there to liberate mankind from the Cabal with its Genocide agenda 21 / 2030, there is no 5G in that will make people quiet and insidiously sick and killed.


Any attempt by harmful radiation, in combination with chemical elements, to influence the behavior of the masses, to control the masses is an act of aggression against humanity and our nature, the MK Ultra program of the Nazis will no longer be allowed to be used when GESARA is in force.

It is up to us to transform the world into the court of oaths a paradise for all life on our planet, and to share all the good we have.

We will have to let go of the divisions, in all the forms that have been used to set us against each other, and I hope that this will happen.

Holding on stubbornly to want to dominate over others from politics, religion, or money system will be counteracted by the QFS, as this is contrary to the goal of freeing humanity from slavery.

Nobody with common sense wants to be oppressed or to live in tyranny, then you can’t grant or force that to someone else without being in violation of GESARA law.

Economy is not unlimited or desirable, but that we can live in happiness and peace, without having to worry about the future, which is being manipulated by rulers.

GESARA is a shift of power back to the people, as Donald J Trump repeatedly tells and promises, values of his words are measured in his actions to convert to the new reality and destroy the Satanic Cabal.

To help restore nature, HAARP, Cern, Direct Energy Weapon and Chemtrails will be forbidden to use against humanity and animals.

It is imperative that the existing power structure is transformed, and the people take back their own existence and freedom.

They will no longer be centrally controlled power centers like the current Cabal politics, but referendum decisions that are transformed into the interests of humanity, not oligarchies as the property of a few.

It is the art of the currency and fund holders to organize this, with local, regional, national and global planning offices helping to make the transition work well and effectively.

Jumping wildly around with great wealth packages is not the intention but also means taking responsibility for the projects that should serve us all.

It is preferable to think carefully before we really start, and in mutual consultation not to reinvent the wheel.

Form as a responsible fund holder for a team that will help propagate the projects, ensure good guidance through coaching and project guidance, where self-directed teams will carry out various projects.

Evaluate the results and adjust the process if necessary, share this with others project executions of different fund holders, in order to achieve optimal results by effectively working together as an independently responsible currency holder.

The future is what we make of it ourselves, now that the Cabal has been defeated, we will take control of corrupt politics and the governing body in all countries for the benefit of all mankind and the earth.

Allow happiness and prosperity into your new world of peace and respect for one another, banish hatred, and cooperate so as not to thwart the happiness of others by persisting in an old false indoctrination from your upbringing or religion.

If we unite, we can realise all the plans for our future.

The Cabal has opened Pandora’s box, and falls into his own knife by the great awakening.


WELL this is interesting = I am sure we will get a GALACTIC update about this video tommorrow P.S. NYLA most people DON’T know this sweetheart BUT I have been saying for years that there is way more than ONE ANTI-CHRIST. Those that WERE poisoning you through through the foods and water and chemtrails etc. THOSE that want to KILL YOU and suck your blood and harvest humans/dna/blood/flesh/organs and our LIFE FORCE and kill us through poisonous foods are just as guilty as those of WARS who MASS-MURDER for PROFIT like the CENTRAL BANKS did by PAYING for both sides of ALL WARS = and were doing until they were STOPPED. I am still trying to figure-out WHO the WHORE of BABYLON in the BIBLE. Is it a women or a man. Remember: BIBLES were invented by the CATHOLIC churches of OLD by TAKING SACRED TEXTS and combining them together. Now many things were LEFT out of the BOTTLE and changed as well.


JUSTINE TRUDEAU who was mentioned as NIMROD?





For example; Like there were MORE WOMEN that wrote SCARED TEXTS that are NOT included in the Bibles. The TREE of LIFE is MISSING. TAROT CARDS are missing that is used for your SPIRITUAL PATH. Of course SATAN has his demonic tarot cards too, which WE do NOT touch as the SATANISTS copy everything that HEAVEN does, it is the 3D EXPERIENCE of duality that Humanity went through and many will beginning healing from this when more TRUTH is brought to LIGHT. Plus the Vatican made HUNDREDS of DIFFERENT religions and made them slightly different so HUMANITY would FIGHT and WAR over their RELIGIONS and there were also Purely SATANIC churches that innocent people would enter into = NEVER to be seen again.

Listen to the song HOTEL CALIFORNIA – you can check-out anytime you like but you can NEVER leave.


Coronavirus & Anti-Christ connection, POTUS Activates Reserves, FED is Dead, Quarantine Extended

By 3D to 5D Consciousness
Mar 30, 2019



In this episode I am sharing the Coronavirus and its connection to the Anti-Christ consciousness. We are examine this situation from a galactic and spiritual perspective now. The POTUS has activated 1 million reserve to go to war with the Illuminati in USA. The Federal Reserve is officially dead. The Quarantine is extended until April 30, 2020.

[OpDis Editor Note: In this video, Nyla Nguyen gives an update about Trump activating military reserves, the Fed being officially dead, the Coronavirus’s connection to the Anti-Christ consciousness, and the quarantine extension.]


[Theresa Tam] is a #Prideophile -or- TRANNNNNNYBOYZ and Their Lumps! – #DBug

Canada’s Minister of “Child Trafficking,” [Theresa Tam] a 45 year old fellow from China, who was part of the virus being spread to the world, and also has overlooked the health concerns of Canadian children who are raped, murdered and eaten by [#Prideophiles] like [TAM]. [Theresa] will join [Jacinda] and [Michelle] in GITMO for a few shots!

FORDS, were the CRACKHEADS that were mentioned on TV – years ago.

Firstly: Thanks for the thumbs down #Penisnose…. For your kindness, you should anticipate someone crushing T-Rex one day, and ending your rein of terror and lies in a puddle dino-juice and broken dreams. Secondly: your little pedofaggot [Druggie Dougie] and his crew chose to play games on social media… Really [Dougie]? … cover up any murders of their momms’s, for your staff like you did the murder of Agnes Skulj on March 24th, 2014 at the hands of your assistant and her brother Joe Skulj of 29 Beckwith Drive Etobicoke? How does it feel to be [Dougie] now? If you must know, it was the enjoined efforts of [#WaacJobJoe] and [#OREddy] that got your [#FordNation] dragged you in front of the U.S. Marines…. lol Feel free to deal with them [Dougie], but remember what #TeamOrange will do when they meet up with you.

I believe the German Finance Minister is the first “official” #Rainbowplague casualty, Tom Hanx will be the first celebrity #Rainbowplague casualty and the end of Eagle has finally come, thanks to Evergreen’s expedient evil.


Premiered 9 hours ago

THIS IS NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL WARNING: Disturbing images of children being shipped to cannibal restaurants in Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, Calgary, Winnepeg, …. you get the picture!??? So who is eating children in Canada,.. and around the world? Who are the fake lawyers who are located in the law society databases, that transact the shipments of frozen human children in packages sealed as “Attorney Client Privilege” documents? Why are DOG worshippers running our Canadian Bar Association and Advocate Society, our Law Societies, our courts and our entire system of justice and policing? #WaacJobJoe is going to let you know!

THANKYOU VINCENT FOR THE ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7DZ1…

2:45 Now playing

Bubba has the Bug – #DBug

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