Agent Margaritaville updates – INTERESTING ! – April 03 2020

#SBV = Socio Biological Virus – or – An ICED COLD CORONA makes for ROOM TEMPERATURE ๐Ÿ•!

โ€ขApr 3, 2020

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Enjoy this eye opening glimpse of the BIG PICTURE as Mobile Reality Warrior captures EMPTY virus testing centres, EMPTY hospitals and ARRESTS being categorized as VIRUS DEATHS. Thanks to Observation Deck for this great video. Check out their channel and please subscribe. Mobile heroes, a game anyone can play ๐Ÿ˜‰ While everyone is wondering what they can do with the spare time I suggest it could be playing mobile heroes in the truest sense of the word. Take a look at how these Mobile heroes “leveled up” to become true mobile heroes…and expose those who cheat at the game of life.

#SpiralGate Exposed

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For those who have seen the amazing Dutch 10 part documentary on my Bitchute channel, this will be a repeat. For others, this is a beginning of the examination of pedophilia as it relates to our corporate industries which are controlled by psychotic CryptoJew Pedophiles. You think I am wrong? Have a look, and then ask yourself why so many of these people are not virally infected with the #Pizzacold? Here is a taste of what is to come. Those who know cannot sleep. Those who smugly think they can escape true justice, are living on borrowed time. Music: “Club Scene” by the extraordinary Michael Sherwood (1959 – 2019) and Andy R.

WARNING: This is NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL Please hop over and subscribe to the source channel of this amazing work. In a few days news will startle the world about the underground war that President Trump has engaged, which has caused the massive number of earth quakes around the world for the past 3 years. Here is a taste of what is to come. Those who know cannot sleep. Those who smugly think they can escape true justice, are living on borrowed time.

Putin Swings while the World NWO #Prideophile Empire ROCKS!

โ€ขApr 2, 2020

Agent Margaritaville

President Putin hints at the 1918 plan to exterminate the Swiss CtyptoJew Satanic Pedofaggot Empire of the Rothschilds, which has fallen as a result of data and the use of advanced intelligence methodology to expose the massive child trafficking networks and underground cities where stolen lives have even enslaved to satanic pedofaggots. As Kevin Spacy, and George W Bush told us last December, as Bush delivered pizzas to the 6 SS Agents guarded him,… The NWO game was over. Meanwhile #WaacJobJoe knows that the pedofaggot Priest Father Batic, of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church on Brownsline in Mississauga will be the first child rapist in Toronto exposed and will be the pedofaggot who exposed the massive tax fraud perpetrated by brother Eddy Skulj and a massive number of Slovenian land owners in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Human mama murdering drek! Music: “Swing Street” by the extraordinary Michael Sherwood (1959 – 2019) and Steve Porcaro, from “The Doodle Album.”

Who Ordered the Margarita? -or- Payback is a B(W)itch & #FordNationsFucked: Part – 5

โ€ขPremiered Apr 1, 2020

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THIS IS NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL The information on this channel is presented in various manners to both educate and inform as well as to engage with those who’s lives are about to change because of their acts and deeds. Druggie Dougie’s fear is obvious, and Christine…. thanks for being a liar. It feels nice to see God take your happiness away once again. We both know what I mean. There is no virus, this is a military takeover and high level military intelligence operation which has been many years in the making. The executive order signed today by President Donald Trump completes the request made of General Michael Flynn on 2018.11.18 (For those of you playing at home). #DBug is now operational. This video also answers to questions I have received about Agent Margaritaville, in hundreds of emails, and over 2000 I have yet to get to read. I apologize for that, and will try to get to all of them, but there are only so many hours in the day. Please do continue to send your tips, and evidence and stories, questions and threats… I do what I do because of my own reasons. The fall of my enemies is the result of Gods work. Today is the first day of a new world. Go love your family. God bless the men and woman of the military intelligence and civilian intelligence world, who have all creates such an unimaginable movie for the world to see. … now, it’s time for the climax. Vatican falls Crown falls The Clinton Foundation falls The evil empires of the world fall… A new world is born. Data was their Achilles heel. Music: “Mosaic” by my wonderful friend and business partner, the late Michael Sherwood (1959 -2019) “Only The End Of The World” by Broughton-Lange-Mason-Ward.

Does Comet PingPong Make Sense To You Now?

โ€ขPremiered Apr 1, 2020

This November 2016 documentary from S.G.T. Report may have appeared difficult to understand then….. but now? Thanks to S.G.T. Report. Check out their amazing channel and subscribe here:…

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#SpiralGate Exposed

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Prince Chuck is Fuuuucked -or- Chirpy Chirpy CHOPP CHOPP

Prince Chuck is Fuuuucked -or- Chirpy Chirpy CHOPP CHOPP

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Charles is dead. It is just a matter of time. He was infected a long ago when he began hanging around his legion of pedophile buddies. Is Charles a pedopphile, AND PEDOVORE, like his best friend (cousin) Jimmy Savile? Take 15 minutes and see for yourself….as the famous brother of the little DREK goof, with erectile disfunction, who brought the family down, is exposed as a child trafficking murderer who is about to be a dead one. “Pedos of a feather” are like momma killers! … They all go down together! โ€œWhereโ€™s your momma gone Joe Skulj? Did you kill her to take her money you sick Slovenian bastard? Is that why your mentally ill sister threatened to expose a huge secret you share?โ€

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