Truth Found Here – Forget the News…Watch This Woke Person – Recommended (Video)

Date: Sunday, 5-Apr-2020 00:20:27

Source: Rumor Mill News | By Mr.Ed


Michele Anne Tittler
Apr 2, 2020

She sounds like me talking. She really is on top of things.

I never seen this person before…but I can tell you she is full of facts and truth.

I do know a lot about the Galactics of the GFL...and what she said about them is also correct. They are here…and you will soon see some of them. They are working behind the scenes.

They will go public post mass arrests. (when it is safe)

Please help get this out to all social media.

We the people are the ‘Real News Media’.

Mr.Ed 🙂


Latest Qanon-Related News : April 4, 2020

More Qanon-Related News : April 4, 2020 Pt2

Latest Qanon-Related News : April 5, 2020

Hannity: Media mob wants to censor daily White House coronavirus presserhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihAz1wBRaXs

As Democrats scheme to investigate President Trump over virus response. #FoxNews #Hannity

Report date: 04.03.2020

The [DS] just signaled an event to go after the Dragon. The FISA court wants names for certain warrants. Durham is on the hunt. The mission is going forward, stay vigilant, news unlocks pain is coming. All the indicators are pointing to a surge of the storm coming very soon.

Report date: 04.03.2020

The patriots are in control of the economy, Trump signed the DPA to protect the people of this country, he has the ability to force companies, banks etc to protect the people during a national emergency. Checks have already been disbursed to the people.

Report date: 04.02.2020

The [DS] is now pushing their 16 year plan, they believe they have the upperhand, they are getting what they want, but they are mistaken, this will all come back at them. The mission is underway, the military has launched and operators are going deep to route out the invisible enemy.

Trump Makes His Move, Economic Timing, Release The Chains – Episode 2138a

Report date: 04.02.2020

Trump and the patriots are now using the latest event to pivot the entire system. The patriots will now ask for anything including the kitchen sink. Trump is now bringing together the big oil giants, the [CB] tried to keep them on divided, but now is the time to bring them together. Trump has now asked for payroll tax cut to the end of the year.

Report date: 04.01.2020

The event is continuing and Trump has announced in the next two weeks it will be very difficult for the American people, but there is a bright light at the end of all this. The patriots seem to be gearing up for a major mission. The UK is warning its citizens of blackouts.

Report date: 04.01.2020

Trump and the patriots are now in control the economy. The economy is now shifting from the [CB] to we the people, this is the first stage. The [CB] needs to take on as much wait as possible. The petro dollar is based on oil, the oil price is now coming down. Trump will start to ask for tax cuts, right offs, lower rates etc.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

The Red Shoesical Satanic Cannibal Club

I suggest you take some time and look at the various great examinations available into the REDSHOE Cannibal Club, which is an elite group of men and women who have committed pedophilia, murder and then cannibalized a human child. This is not as rare as one might think, as cannibals are buying steaks on Laird St in Toronto and in Thornhill in a home owned or operated by Mary Chan who also owns the two houses on each side of her main home which hold “brothel type rooms” used for visiting cannibals to enjoy their kill before dinner. Music: “Shoesical” by Michael Sherwood (1959 – 2019).

Social Distancing ~ Distanciation sociale

Agent Margaritaville

Apologies for earlier error, as I uploaded the wrong file. However, here are some things to consider, as days of socially imposed prison, continue and keep you inside while people are rounded up and taken away. Thank you to Sarit Jacobsohn for this entertaining look, and to the Bronfmann sisters for being the wickedly evil balance to Sarit’s sweet and funny video with the pedophile swirls in Pepe’s cartoon. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Cp… Music: “Time Fly’s By” by the awesome Michael Sherwood. (1959 – 2019)

It’s A Good Good Thing! #DBug

Apr 4, 2020

For those that wanted to know why the entire world is about to shut down, and what is really going on, I suggest you look closely at the happenings in New York and California. Following this shutdown I anticipate the arrest of over 200,000 #Prideophile lawyers, judges, business leaders, celebrities, and persons of authority across Canada. These arrests are chronicled in the 160,000 sealed indictments currently held by the U.S. Federal Courts. From #OperationDarkroom over 100 Million pedophiles have been identified, and are about to be terminated by the forces battling this scourge against humanity.

The Human Race is about to extinguish the Pedophile Race. 3M and their Adrenochrome industry is coming to an end, as Dougie Ford takes a swipe at the BIG GUY,… and the Chicago connection is CLOSED. Today I informed Michael Ford that I was prepared to help, but if not, his father may have some issues in the PEN when the “other” family business is known. Enjoy the show… #DBug Music: quotation the good things by the extraordinary Michael Sherwood, (1959 – 2019)

Think You Are Awake? – Cannibal Steakhouse Anyone? #OutBackSteakHouse #AtlanticPackaging, #Unilever

Apr 4, 2020

Perhaps the good folks at “Outback Steakhouse” and “Hobby Lobby” and “Home Depot” might appreciate all their twitter followers to seeing this video, …. many more companies to come in this examination of satanism in the corporate world. This is #Spiralgate! This campaign is brought to you by Joe Skulj of 29 Beckwith Drive Etobicoke joe_skulj@atlantic.ca who has exposed his own company Atlantic Packaging as a company we will be addressing, for their involvement with child trafficking and the disposal of children’s bones in glue vats, as well as cannibals and pedophile companies they do business with such as Seagrams and Unilever. #WaacJobJoe Joe inspired perjury and conspiracy to murder as a personality disorder and trafficked my child to catholic pedophiles connected to #pedofaggot Priest Baltic, or Our Lady of The Miraculous Media Church on Browns line in Mississauga, and CCAS Toronto…. so please be sure to mention him should you forward this video. #OREddy This video is also inspired by Eddy Skulj of 12 Vanguard in Etobicoke who exposed Plan-Group and their involvement in encasing children’s bodies in the cement of Toronto buildings and buildings across Canada.

Health Canada

#SBV = Socio Biological Virus – or – An ICED COLD CORONA makes for ROOM TEMPERATURE 🍕!

Apr 3, 2020

Agent Margaritaville

Enjoy this eye opening glimpse of the BIG PICTURE as Mobile Reality Warrior captures EMPTY virus testing centres, EMPTY hospitals and ARRESTS being categorized as VIRUS DEATHS. Thanks to Observation Deck for this great video. Check out their channel and please subscribe. https://youtu.be/aFWvgf4EmLU

Mobile heroes, a game anyone can play 😉 While everyone is wondering what they can do with the spare time I suggest it could be playing mobile heroes in the truest sense of the word. Take a look at how these Mobile heroes “leveled up” to become true mobile heroes...and expose those who cheat at the game of life.

This vid is going around the INTERNET

Corona Virus and American Naval Intelligence Officer’s Predictions

Mar 29, 2020

109 subscribers

American Naval Intelligence Officer William Cooper wrote a Book name “Behold a Pale Horse” in which He predicted “What would be World after 2000“. He was died by Gun Shot in 2001. Book Digital Copy: https://www.academia.edu/36399763/Wil…

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