MESSAGE to the NEW “HUMAN” SPACE FORCE – your turn ! – APril 07 2020

I have been pondering over OUR NEW SPACE FORCE that has been CREATED to help Save Humanity and this planet.

Maybe you are still in TRAINING ?

Would it be possible IF you guys/gals put out an APB ATTENTION PUBLIC BROADCAST out for NEW beings and VISITORS to our planet EARTH/TERRA.


PLEASE let them know that due to the trauma & destruction of being under the DARK/EVIL FORCES & quarantined for 350,000 years plus that planet Earth will NO LONGER TOLERATE – evil intent on this planet and that we have the right to IMPRISON/CHARGE any being that places bombs on our planet/commits terrorism acts/mass-murders and destroys earth and human life. Nor will we tolerate abduction/theft of our men, women & children etc.

EARTHLINGS reserve the right to BANISH/PUNISH those that do EVIL ACTS.

That Earth will NO LONGER be a dumping ground for inter-galactic, inter-dimensional CRIMINALS and hidden inter-dimensional PARASITES.

NOR is EARTH a dumping ground for poisonus insects/snakes whatever.

Earth will NOT TOLERATE BEINGS STEALING our resources like “SPACE PIRATES”. NOR will Earth tolerate theft of our Human species !

NOR will Earthlings put up with any UNARTHORIZED genetic DNA experiments etc. Any abuse that is done can result in banishment.


you might want to GEMATRIA what you say as well. ?

MAYBE the GALACTICS can help you with this.

That’s all as we are the 33rd galactic MEMBER – so the 33rd can also be in honor of CHRIST ! [Christ was murdered when he was 33 years old]


THIS PLANET is UNDER SURVALIANCE and so is the VISITORS etc. If any suspicious activities are found you will be escorted to a … space station ?

any SUSPICIOUS behavior and we reserve the right to place a tracking device on your ship/person, NOT injected into anyone. New visitors may be subject for tracking for the first few weeks of visiting etc.

If I was to do a LOGO for earth it would be all different colored people holding hands around a planet to appreciate and celebrate the different races of HUMANS Earth has.

You don’t want the logo to include lightening bolts as that was used by satanists for Lucifer. The chevrons – you could change those too, if you like

I will leave it – up to you guys to be creative and figure it out




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