video updates for April 14 2020

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS – how are you all doing, today ?

JFK – Newly Uncovered Speech and his Message to Canadians

Mar 30, 2020

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There’s a new and virtually UNKOWN JFK Speech to Canadians and Americans alike. After winning his presidency his first visit was to Ottawa Canada, he made an address to Canadian Parliament on the 17th of May 1961.With such a strong and deep message it’s crazy no one knows about it, I knew I had to shine some sunlight on it to make sure people get to listen to his message to all Canadians.This video was meant for Normies out there, however only Qanons will be able to understand its true underlying meaning, I hope you guys share it. Here’s a link to the original video I stole from:

If Q is a fringe conspiracy, why is he followed by patriots from all over the world?

Tom Quiggin Talks Covid 19, Trudeau Trouble & CPC Decisions

Apr 1, 2020

15K subscribers”The world as you knew it two weeks ago, or three weeks ago, is pretty much gone. The world as you understood it last week is gone.” Terrorist expert,Tom Quiggin, talks about Covid-19, Trudeau trouble, immigration racism and the future of the CPC leadership race.

Doctors Dancing in empty hospitals WTF???

couple of interesting comments….,

hahaha this proves the corona virus pandemic is nothing but a scare tactic to the public to shut down the economy. it will fail just like Russian collusion, Ukraine phone call, impeachment hoax, kobe Bryant distraction… you name it. nothing they do works anymore because so many people are awake.

They dance in America cuz every covid diagnosis earns 13.000$ via medicare,anyone put on a ventilator gets 36.000$…..I would dance a jig too if I was collecting free money like that.


LIKE I said before = FAMOUS PEOPLE use their fame and LOVE to LURE AWAY our precious CHILDREN so they can steal them and sacrifice them !

Lindsey Lohan is a pedovore

Premiered 20 hours ago

93.3K subscribers

If you were a vampire and survived off the blood of children. Where would you look for your victims?…

Lindsay Lohan Tries To ‘KidnapRefugee Kids Then Gets Punched By The Mom

#WaacJobJoe #OREddy

Children of the World Killin’ Mamma and A Pair of Francis’

The truth always prevails and against a mountain of evidence and eventuates in a fiery death and extermination of the ugly evil witches that have kidnapped and abused the Doodlebugs of the world. #WaacJobJoe has decided to make his own family famous for: • The theft of millions from the Toronto Slovenian community by his father. • The massive conspiracy to defraud his step parents. • The kidnapping and abuse of children. • Conspiracy to obstruct justice. • Perjury …. and orchestrating the elder abuse and homicide of his own mother…. While expressing the efforts to see Father Batic of Our Lady of the Miraculous Metal Church in Mississauga cause Francis to be exterminated like vermin and burns…. while #WaacJobJoe and #OREddy continue to lie and pretend they have not given enough evidence to prove that their friend Doug Ford is covering up these…. and his own crimes, which see him loosing weight and putting on his daily clown show. #WaacjobJoe and #OrEddy are why I do what I do and have done what I have done and while I am going to bring a legion up their driveway with pitchforks and matches before I will see them continue to abuse, kidnap, traffic children, defraud seniors, abuse seniors and murder them for their money. Just getting warmed up Joe Skulj. Music: “Janey’s Chicken Salad” by the amazing Michael Sherwood (1959 – 2019) and Andy R.

Soups On! #OpChickenSoup Part – 4

Apr 13, 2020

This is NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL The Roman Empire of Pedofaggots has fallen as #MarkEllis and #ThomasCollins have caused 8,000 pedophile priests to be arrested and executed as pedophiles. Op #ChickenSoup (#OPChickenSoup) has resulted in the round up of 8,000 pedophile cardinals like Thomas and priests like Batic of Mississauga to be exterminated like the vermin they are.


pedo – douggie wants to extend the FEAR PORN Virus another 28 days [?]

I do REMEMBER FIRING ALL the CABAL MEMBERS WORLDWIDE!” around 4 or 5 years ago. AND I remember telling them to “GET OFF OUR STAGES !”

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