WAKE-UP CALL for the CANADIANS ! APRIL 15 2020 – THE secret WAR between GOOD and EVIL and when the REPTILIANS invaded the EGYPTIAN timeline when I was QUEEN NEFERTITI by SAINT ANDREW

87 % of FAMOUS ACTORS PEOPLE either SOLD  their souls to SATAN and/or they were SOUL SCALPED by the REPTILIANS and 78 % of SINGERS, same thing, according to Divine/Galactic sources. When one is SOUL-SCALPED = soul  is viciously STOLEN for EVIL PURPOSES etc


ALSO many POLITICIANS and WORLD LEADERS of BIG corporations, CEO’S and BANKSTERS etc POWER POSITIONS and DECISION makers are NOT HUMAN and haven’t been for a long time. Apparently the evil forces were making 6 CLONES of each PRESIDENT/POLITICIANS were CLONED.

The VRIL LIZARDS push out the PROBISCOUS on the top of their HEAD and they PLACE IT into a HUMAN through their EYE and they become POSSESSED and the HUMAN will continue WITHOUT EMPATHY. Like invasion of the body-snatchers – YET A LITTLE different as they DO USE and make CLONES from real HUMAN dna/blood. These EVIL beings once possessed will carry-out the EVIL plans of the dark forces, called DRONES.

Reptilian parasite removed from a person who abducted multiple times.

Reptilian Brain Parasite – The Eye of Newt

Sep 17, 2015
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Extrange insectoid with alien grey head and sharp teeth found in London, UK… According Bro Thubtendakpa: THE EYE OF NEWT: The Thing even has Horns… That is the Serpent!!! That is the Beast!!! That is The Draco Reptile! Those are currently in many heads and all to ill effect… Devil Worshipers LOVE THAT THING, because it makes them Rich and Famous… This is the Snake on the Crown of all the Egyptians, IT lives in human heads and controls THEM… IT is literally the Satan Serpent… That is the Satanic Serpent Brain Parasite. That is in their Heads controlling THEM… That is a Draco Reptile Brain Creature, and THEY LIVE in OBAMA ‘s Head… This is the Fucking Worm of Olde!!! The Templars ‘s Ritual: “Kissing The Anus”… THAT was the Ritual, where IT, would jump out from one Satanic Ass, into another’s Demonic Mouth… Look at the Phaoroe Crowns!!! Look at all Those Snakes Worming out of the Foreheads!!! THAT is The Serpent Satan Reptile Snake in the Head in all of THEM… So they did mummification to come back into the right bodies… We presume it can parasite itself into any animal…. All across the universe. The DRACO GAMMA radiation burst event of 2011 was their wanna be invasion… The Knights Templars were the very paragons of the manly, knightly virtues: they were also, many of THEM, Homosexuals. Their Initiation Ceremony included not only Religious and Feudal Rituals but Homosexual Rituals, as well. The Order of the Knights Templars was, in fact, a Homosexual Warrior Elite. THEY were charged with renouncing Christ and Christianity, worshiping a cat or an idol, and “THAT at their initiation they were required to kiss the Templar receiving them on the Anus (or Backbone, KISSING THE ANUS RITUAL), on the Penis (or Navel), and on the Mouth, and THAT THEY were then told that they might have Carnal Copulation with one another and were to submit to it passively if required by another GAY Templar.” The Gay Templars were guilty of the major accusations cited above… THEY were founded in Jerusalem in 1118. Came under the influence of anti-Christian heresies and of surviving pre-Christian Cults, and that this was part of their sexual outlook. The Essential Homosexuality of the Knights Templars, he says, “did not reside in the Private or Personal Homosexual Activity of any specific members of the order. . . . The Homosexuality of The Order was part and parcel of its resistance to medieval Christianity.” PRAYING MANTIS or PREYING MANTIS aliens… There are even fewer reports of a praying mantis type of alien. They are usually seen on the ships with the gey or reptilian aliens, but seem to be in charge or command. The praying mantis got its name because when it feeds it looks like a man praying with his hands together. This begs the questions who taught man to put his hands together when he prays to “god”? When we give our love and devotional energy when we pray is it being devoured by a praying/preying mantis type alien? The ancient gnostic texts found in Nag Hamaddi, Egypt speak of a type of parasitic entity that can control a man’s thoughts. This appears to be the inspiration for the pilot episode of Star Trek The Original Series as well as this episode from Star Trek Voyager in which an alien presence invades Captain Janeway’s cerebral cortex and poses as her father in order to convince her she is dead so that the alien can feed off her energy in its light matrix. Researcher John Lash has a lot of material about the mind parasites, called Archons… The Little Grey Archons or Archon Aliens & Mind Parasites. … From the Biblical Serpent who tempted Adam and Eve in the gar-DEN of E-DEN to the Sumerian accounts ….. The Bible also describes Satan as a Dragon… The Horror… THE HORROR!!! Shakespeare said it best as he always does: “Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting, Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing,– For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.” I am embarrassed… Seeing what I wrote to you BROS and SIS, IT is Horrific… Its like Nutso Psychobabble… ITS SO SURREAL!!!… Yet… Its all TOO TRUE!!! GODSPEED!!! Accept JESUS CHRIST as your SAVIOR. By Marinodelfino. London, February 2014. https://youtu.be/leOdH-FBWTYhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTAba…


LIKE THE WALKING DEAD these DEMONIC BEINGS hid their CRIMES FOR OVER 350,000 YEARS humanity was secretly used & abused !

LOOK, I am NOT going to sugar-coat this – this is IMPORTANT

TRUDEAU is NO LONGER HUMAN and he makes his own rules.

DID he get GREEDY ? Was he KILLED and CLONED in 2015 ?

Some have said he has the NIMROD vril lizard reptilian worm inside him believed to be NIMROD , the EVIL BABYLONIAN King. IS HE REPTILIAN and controlled only dark and one-track-minded for EVIL actions ? YES but WHY ?

Once they are CLONED it is over for them and you can’t change them back

HUMANITY is finally SEEING through his NAZI-ASS BULLSHIT !

You need to grow a pair of balls CANADA and send in your BEST to get him !

NOT the time to be POLITE CANADA  = IF you want your country back !

“YOU need to be TRUE NORTH, STRONG and FREE, NOT on bended-knee!”

MAYBE AMERICA BEAT YOU TO IT AS some are still sleeping in CANADA !

Trudeau, He figures as he is NOW a DRACONIAN [which I cancelled all DRACONIAN LAWS many times over] that he can do whatever the hell the evil little turd desires. HE HS GOTTEN AWAY with COLD-BLOODED MURDER, EVIL INTENT, KILLING single Mothers & Billionaire [vaccine?] PHARMO-COUPLE who might “TELL ALL!STEALS the NATIVE’S LANDS by BRUTE FORCE and sold CANADA out = a shit-storm

RULES are for the little people – that is what they call the HUMAN RACES

YIKES !!! – EVIL = BE GONE ! And take your FRIENDS with you !

[APPARENTLY only 4 people on the planet can change the laws, I am one.]




WHY are you listening to this mass-murdering SATANIST TRUDEAU ?

REMEMBER that the DRACO’S only wanted half a million HUMANS alive = WHO would be THEIR SLAVES [of course] so they can SHAPE-SHIFT freely and run around the planet in their TRUE REPTILIAN FORMS. Dream-on ! TRUDEAU is a TREASONOUS TRAITOR that sold us all out !


It should be OBVIOUS to you now as the POOR gets STIFFED. What the heck does TRUDEAU know about having a job ? Or have 2 jobs to pay the bills when the ILLUMINATI SATANISTS gave him a hundred year TRUST fund[s] !

Never mind the 800 different payment schedules = money out of Canada.

I have international ARREST WARRANTS for OBUMMER and his MAN WIFE, and TRUDEAU, his family and his FATHER for CRIMES against HUMANITY !

Michelle obama Acidentally shows her penis”again” on live tv (PICTURES) more Proof she-he was born a man

time magazine loves TO lie !

Image detail for -Oh No… Time Magazine Votes Michelle Obama “Most Beautiful Woman .LOL sure looks it here! Obama Hillary, Michelle And Barack Obama, Funny Picture Quotes, Funny Pictures, Funny Pics, Side By Side Pictures, Black Girl Problems, Laura Bush, Liberal Logic

LET me update this = she is a TRANNY REPTILIAN !

Reptilian Tranny Michelle Obama caught on video


Obama Deception Part 1

THE REPTILIANS cloned BARRY SOTERO/BARAK insane OBAMA to look like AKHENATEN as they thought is was actually FUNNY. NOT FUNNY

OBAMA is WORMWOOD in the BIBLE as the messenger of SATAN !

It is NOT as I know because my TWIN-FLAME is NOT a REPTILIAN and neither am I. AKHENATEN might be my TWIN-FLAME? If HE was then WHY WAS a SHAPE-SHIFTING LIZARD doing as one of his WIFE’S? Some state that he HAD more than ONE WIFE [kinda greedy] Was it normal back then ?

Lately many are claiming to be ME as NEFERTITI – well good luck with that because I was and STILL am the real NEFERTITI as I am the one that carries her LIGHT CODES and constantly goes to EGYPT spiritually – when I am needed to.


AS YOU WILL FIND-OUT his “other wife” was a REPTILIAN. And I was NEFERTITI and started my ASCENSION PROCESS and they killed me ! My question is WHO is my TWIN-FLAME. IF NOT HIM. THIS WAS ONE OF MY PAST LIVES, one I have the last 5 minutes of REMEMBERING. TIME will TELL, I NEED to MEDITATE on this more? Read this below;


In this video below she talks about one of AKHENATEN’S WIFE’S was a SHAPE-SHIFTER REPTILIAN who sees her reptilian feet by the way !

THE reptilian SHAPE-SHIFTER’S came after us and KILLED US !

I believe that the REPTILES went after him first and then me !




Which is why THE REPTILIANS probably pushed a reptilian to be another WIFE ?Just taking an educated guess, since they love to INFILTRATE !


Would like to know.


think ABOUT THIS for a moment;

OBAMA is NOT the reincarnation of AKHENATEN, never ever will be !

but WHY would Akhenaten be chosen out of Millions and Millions of beings to be cloned WHY HIM? WHAT SIGNIFICANCE does or did Akhenaten have ?

I know that Akhenaton’s grandfather, Thutmose III, started a mystery school which taught esoteric knowledge and Akhenaton was a major figure in this ancient Egyptian mystery school.


TO MOCK GOD & ME as we were BRUTALLY murdered and ROBBED by REPTILIANS and this is NOT the REPTILIANS planet, BUT THEY TRIED TO CLAIM IT, and then they came to STEAL it ! THEN I gave THIS planet back to THE LIGHT FORCES as the space War was won and I am sick of the EVIL DARK FORCES – FIGHTING OVER AND trying TO STEAL PLANET EARTH !

NOR is his FAKE MANchelle WIFE related to any SACRED EGYPTIAN either as that is complete crap. STOP posting miss-information about good souls !

I am a DIVINE PURE BEING made in the image of GOD from Heaven.

NEFERTITI was/is a GOOD SOUL. So was AKHENATHENwe were INVADED in EGYPT by the REPTILIANS who murdered us and then CLONED US. DID the fake cloned US create CRIMES ? Who knows and IF we DIDN’T – the evil ones will SAY we DID and LIE anyway. I cannot tell you MY connection to the ATLANTEENS or LEMURIANS as I would have to REMEMBER this info.

This is a new video that I have never seen yet, below.

In this video above it says that I was beaten and my children were taken away for me for secret teachings of knowledge being NEFERTITI and possibly by the REPTILIANS or whomever. They took AKENHATHEN away from me so I couldn’t be with him. What about his other WIFE ? SHE was a reptile and HATED ME ? No idea ? Apparently the EVIL REPTILIANS hate all HUMANS with a passion.

DO NOT get a hate-on for all Reptilians over this as there are and have been some BENEVOLENT ONES that came to help us with them. Unfortunately ALMOST that were here on EARTH – most were/are on the DARK and EVIL side.

I AM STILL looking FOR ANSWERS for me and my TWIN-FLAME. Now that being said lately that ISIS and OSIRIS whom many say were actually EVIL? Carmen believes THAT it may have been AKHENATHEN who [WHO WAS CUT into 14 PIECES and his body scattered to the winds] NOT Osiris that many believed before. Which could also explain my innate desire to find him since the AGE of 16 years – I’ve searching for my other half.


This video above is NEW and I haven’t watched it yet but I am interested to see it. I know that I have been SPIRITUALLY whisked over to EGYPT many times to give my LIGHT CODES for certain things.

I request ALL of MY MEMORIES of being NEFERTITI and/or being either ATLANTEAN or LEMURIAN. As I only HAVE A memory or dream of being inside a PYRAMID that has CRYSTALS all in it and above me, and the last 5 minutes of my LIFE before the Reptilians murdered me as I was NEFERTITI.

I have been single for about 8 years now I guess – waiting for my REAL TWIN-FLAME the other half of my DIVINE SOUL created as a TWIN-FLAME. SURE would like to KNOW who MY TWIN-FLAME is and IF he is STILL ALIVE ? I have been searching for him since I was 16 years old.


PEDOPHILIA blackmail is ONLY used to the human outsiders – but NICE TRY as these turds actually proven themselves to = ENJOY IT !

It is an Honor to work for HEAVEN = even without needed DONATIONS !

I know many are looking for answers + including MYSELF.

Watch WHO you BLAME and WHO you label as EVIL !



p.s. Honestly, DON’T really care what people THINK about ME as I have been miss-judged most of my life. I am here to do a JOB. A massive JOB that I was required to do. I lead the way and I do NOT follow. HEAVEN guides me with certain knowledge and certain super-natural abilities and happenings.

I have said and will continue to say that I do NOT know everything but I KNOW enough to put these SOB’S away for LIFE and or GRAND CENTRAL SUN etc. HEAVEN has TRIED them through me. For countless CRIMES against HUMANITY and against this beautiful planet/SPACESHIP.

NOW the other “Q” says they have EVERYTHING so we have to trust that.

YOU have TO TRUST someone sometime, awake souls KNOW what is happening & about to happen as WE volunteered to come here to HELP you.

HUMANITY lives here so HUMANITY has to help themselves clean-up the MESS that these EVIL BEINGS have done to us and this planet. Heaven also has tonnes of messages for humanity which I do my best to update amongst the many HATS that I had to wear to GET this done for your FREEDOM.



Mar 11, 2017
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Visit http://www.DarkJournalist.com BOMBSHELL NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE REVEALS ATLANTIS CONNECTION TO ANCIENT EGYPT IN 10,000 B.C.! Akhenaten Nefertiti Starseed Royal Atlantean Lineage

In this fascinating and stunning third installment of the special investigation of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts recently discovered in Turkey, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Dr. Carmen Boulter from the University of Calgary. Dr. Boulter provides us with an update of this unprecedented discovery of objects that were excavated in Turkey inside a concealed mountain vault tomb that closely resemble the Amarna period of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, Queen Nefertiti and King Tut. This amazing discovery would be incredible and historic enough by virtue of the fact of its being located in Turkey and suggesting that Queen Nefertiti fled with a small band of followers and escaped her husband’s fate at the hands of the corrupt Amun Priesthood. But the early testing of the artifacts reveals that carbon dating tests put the age of the artifacts at approximately 10,000 BC, which throws a completely new light on the age of royal lineage of the Amarna ruling family. This raises all kinds of important questions about our ancient history and strongly suggests that this unusual Amarna Royal Family was a Starseed lineage transferred down from the Royal Adepts of Atlantis and is linked with extraordinary spiritual understanding and extraordinary psychic abilities. The Discovery of The Century: 10,000 B.C. A great deal of intrigue, controversy and excitement hangs over these amazing findings that were excavated in Turkey inside a concealed mountain vault tomb. Dr. Boulter is a leading expert on Ancient Egypt and the classic five-part Netflix series she produced ‘The Pyramid Code’ changed the way we look at the level of technological and spiritual development in ancient times. Her deep involvement in this amazing find has not only given it great credibility, it has also resulted in rigorous scientific testing being done on these objects. The explosive initial results give an earth shattering date of 10,000 B.C. to these classically Dynastic Egyptian artifacts. That predates the historic Egypt by 8,000 years!

Atlantean Colonies and Missing Links: Gnossus and Crete The extensive collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts that were discovered reveal a missing link to the Lost Continent of Atlantis. The evidence of an Atlantean Princess found among the ruins of the Secret Tomb in Turkey and the presence of objects that appear to resemble Goddess artwork from the the civilizations of Crete and Gnossus, suggests that these were legacy cultures of true Atlantean colonies. These colonies maintained the ancestral memory of an advanced civilization that possessed high technology and spirituality that claimed the stars as their true home. Their stories of a lost motherland strongly coincides with Plato’s classic legend told to him by the Egyptian Priest Solon about an advanced culture located somewhere in the Atlantic, which “sank beneath the waves” 8,000 years earlier due to the spiritual decadence of its denizens. Hall of Records The “Sleeping Prophet”, Edgar Cayce predicted that ruins of this lost continent would rise again in modern times, near what is today the Bahamian island of Bimini. The 1968 discovery a structure located in shallow water, dubbed the “Bimini Wall” sparked a renewed interest in the reality of Atlantis. Cayce also saw that a Hall of Records containing records from Atlantis and the key to their advanced technology was located beneath the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau in Egypt! Dr. Boulter’s new documentary series, called ‘The New Atlantis’ will reveal her exciting new findings of an Atlantean culture that existed before recorded history and which she posits formed the basis of the Sumerian, Egyptian, Maya and Inca Civilizations. Stunning, Controversial, Explosive and Fascinating, you don’t want to miss this extraordinary, history-changing Dark Journalist episode!

Triggering the Left by pointing out Trudeau’s hypocrisy

Premiered 15 hours ago

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On Monday, True North’s Candice Malcolm pointed out the fact that Justin Trudeau violated his government’s own rules on social distancing. As a result, the media and the left were falling over themselves in defense of Justin Trudeau. How dare Candice criticize poor Justin? They claimed Justin did nothing wrong. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Trudeau refuses to follow the same set of rules that he demands Canadians to follow. True North’s Candice Malcolm points out exactly which rules Trudeau violated in her latest video.

Rules For Thee, Not For Me

Justin’s paid-off journalists defend Trudeau’s border-hopping Easter family vacation

Apr 15, 2020
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Last week, Justin Trudeau went on TV to tell us all to stay home, and journalists rushed to defend his hypocritical actions after his wife Sophie posted family photos on Instagram. SUBSCRIBE to watch the FULL Ezra Levant Show: http://www.rebelnews.com/subscribe Go to https://www.RebelNews.com for more great Rebel content. Unlike almost all of our mainstream media competitors, Rebel News doesn’t receive any government funding. We rely on our generous audience to help keep us reporting. Please consider supporting Rebel News by making a donation, purchasing a Rebel News Plus subscription, or any of the other methods below:

Trudeau, CBC try to excuse Easter trip to “cottage” during lockdown

Is [Justin Trudeau] a #Prideophile Pedofaggot? – We ask CSIS and RCMP at the #PIZZAGATE!

Feb 29, 2020

This SHARABLE version of the adventures of The Children’s Army finds Agent A1, who 0wns the police in the 6, with a criminal investigation currently underway against the YRP for suborning terrorism and pedophilia. Not to be outdone, Agent A1 was instrumental in destroying the credibility of the entire #OPPizzagate Empire in Cobourg Ontario, on 2020.02.24 as he and The Children’s Army discovered with video upcoming, that the Ministry of Community Safety intentionally misinforms the entire #OPPizzagate empire about the truth of crown child trafficking, CAS child trafficking and H9C9N03 (Adrenochrome) production in Ontario. Now the OPP, CSIS and RCMP have been put on notice and are also hereby notified that you are 0wned. Stand up and join the fight, or fall with them. 2020.02.29 Will be the year we leaped to a #NewCanada Music: “All You Can Eat” by Ben Folds, and performed by Circe, Christian and Michael Sherwood.


The Deep State Octopus: The Greatest Fraud in Human History


The Deep State Octopus: The Greatest Fraud in Human History

The Deep State Octopus The reason why Switzerland is the Deep State’s Head Quarters The 13 Archon Bloodline Families that run Planet Ea…

(OpDis) Consent Withdrawn — Thinker2
The Biggest Scam in History of Mankind: Destruction of Modern Society
Update: 18 January 2020 — Anna Von Reitz

The Deep State Octopus

  • The reason why Switzerland is the Deep State’s Head Quarters
  • The 13 Archon Bloodline Families that run Planet Earth
  • The Greatest Fraud in Human History

Source: Final Wakeup Call

Global Power structure

The Deep State cabal with their cronies are the top 1 percent of all people who own more than half of the world’s wealth. They are an extremely powerful network of people that controls nearly everything around us. People won’t read about it in the mainstream media because they are also controlled by these very same people. Politicians won’t talk about it publicly as they too are complicit. That would be like a mobster discussing murder and robbery on the TV-news. Many people maintain that the Deep State is hidden, however it is hidden in plain sight. For those willing to wake up and take notice, it is unconcealed and for all to be seen.

The Deep State is the source of all that is negative on planet Earth. To survive the coming rough times, it’s essential to understand what it is all about. The Deep State is organised of top-echelon employees of over a dozen powerful agencies, like the CIA, FBI, NSA, IMF, CFR, BIS, top generals, admirals, and other military operatives, long-term congressmen and senators, directors of important supervisory agencies and CEO’s of most of the big multinationals, of which the majority shareholder ownership is in the hands of Deep State cronies. Whereas, all agencies are what could be called the running dogs.

The Deep State’s satanic control is the result of a very well organised long-term conspiracy with the purpose to establish the New World Order, based on the Luciferian revolution against God and Nature.

The real top of the pyramid consists of the Luciferian Pharaonic rulers of Octogon seated in Switzerland, which appears to be the core of the Global octopus of ruling elites with their tentacles reaching into every niche of “our” society. These are the Pharaonic Templar Bankers of Switzerland with their 5th Column Masonic minions. These form the ruling Oligarchy around the world. The Ruling Pharaohs, originate from Lucifer’s occult mystery religions, that came out of Babylon and Egypt. They now are identified as the Global Elite or Deep State-cabal, who see us as their slaves and property, to do with as they please.

At the top of the pyramid hierarchy sit the Swiss OCTOGON Templars, followed by the 2nd layer consisting of George Soros and the Nazis. Actually, the Nazis are an integrated part of the Octogon, and somewhat belong to the top too.

According to the highly recommended Documentary “The Pharaoh Show”. The Crusaders’ last stronghold of the Templars fell on May 18th 1291, and only 2 and a half months later Switzerland was founded on August 1st 1291. According to the documentary, the Templar’s treasure was hidden in Switzerland, with which the Swiss banks were founded. The Freemasons came out of the Templars. “The Pharaohs are still here and are ruling the world through secret societies, as is said, “the Pharaoh and his army disappeared into the sea”. In ancient Egypt, the pharaoh was the most powerful person. The pharaoh was the political and religious leader of the Egyptian people, holding the titles: ‘Lord of the Two Lands’ and ‘High Priest of Every Temple’.

Their Head Quarter (HQ) is in Switzerland 6.000 metres below the surface of Lake Geneva has one of their entries in the CERN-complex. Their name Octogon is a highly secretive Nazi organisation, founded at the end of WW2 to acquiring all of its fortune from looted Nazi Gold and assets deposited into Switzerland, in order to use it for future wars and illegal actions.

CERN is the largest and most advanced nuclear and physic particles laboratory in the world. The security is most severe at this top-secret facility on Earth. So, it’s the perfect place to hide the entrance to the only real Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Until recently this location of their HQ has remained a mystery.

The reason why Switzerland is the Deep State Head Quarters

These are the ten reasons why Switzerland became the Deep State’s HQ; 1. Switzerland is located in central Europe. 2. It is the only neutral nation on Earth 3. It is the only sovereign nation on Earth. 4. It is home to Onyx Interception Systems.
 5. Switzerland is home to Holy See, i.e. the Holy See means C-I-A. 6. Switzerland is home to the Bank for International Settlements(BIS). 7. The names for Switzerland are i.e., CH and Suisse that equates to CIA and SS. 8. Swiss National Day is the same date as the anniversary of the Temple of Spies.
 9. Switzerland is intimately tied to dictators as; e.g., Hitler, Mussolini, Jong-Un, etc.
10. Switzerland was originally founded by the Knights Templar and the Order of Saint John.

In short; CERN serves as the secret entrance to CIA Headquarters which is located in the underwater Alpine canyons of Lake Geneva, and is only accessible via underground trains from CERN, and via submarines travelling through a 275 kilometre (170 mile) subterranean tunnel, that evidently begins in Genoa, Italy, and ends in Lake Geneva.

Further is interesting; the logo of CERN contains the number “666” which is indicative of “The Beast”, a Biblical euphemism for the Devil or Anti-Christ. It also is the acronym for “Rome”, as it can be construed that the number “666” equates to the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire still exists, and is now located in Greenland, it runs the underworld via Switzerland that not so coincidentally is the real HQ to the CIA.

Additionally, is known that Switzerland is responsible for managing and maintaining the Babylon System in the underworld. Metaphorically speaking, Switzerland is the sieve of the underworld for it removes unwanted people and ideas, especially in respect to the secret home of the CIA and the fact that the Roman Empire is alive and well in Greenland.

The Swiss Federal Institute (SFI) in Zurich released a study entitled “The Network of Global Corporate Control” that proves a small consortium of corporations – mainly banks – run the world. A mere 147 corporations which form a “super entity” have control over 40% of the world’s wealth; which is the real economy. These mega-corporations are at the centre of the global economy.

The 13 Archon Bloodline Families that run Planet Earth

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, and Schiffs are a part of the main actors of in total 13-Archon bloodline families. They own the private U.S. Federal Reserve and almost all other Central Banks in the World, in which The Bank of England and the German Deutsche Bank serve with money laundering to the Octogon Bank of International Settlement – BIS in Basel Switzerland.

The Bilderberg group, the Counsel of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, form an integral part of the banking cartel which completely is a Scam.

The Bilderberg group and the CFR are charged with the implementation of the New World Order – agenda being their command over population control, vaccinations, Chemtrails spraying, food, water and air poisoning, and the running of the drug cartels.

All together these groups encompass the global swamp that is now rapidly being drained by the TRUMP – Team. With the help of The Earth Alliance, the Patriots and every awakened citizen. – Be aware, all countries are incorporated in Companies by the cabal and subsequently being bankrupted by the banking cartel, that also includes the thirteen archon bloodline families.

Recently, their wealth and that of all banking families has been seized by the militia of the people of planet Earth, under the instruction of the 188 members of the board of governors of the World Bank, and the Global Overseer mandate trustee of the Global Debt Facility assigned by all leaders to lead the new global freedom movement, guided along by the Power Transition Rule.

The Greatest Fraud in Human History

In order to grasp the enormity of the perpetuated crimes and fraud all people have been subjected to, it is important to note that most of it has been accomplished through the corporate banks and government services corporations, fraudulently presented to the people as being legalised banking institutions and so called ‘elected governments’, which, instead of serving the people, are simply hired contractors of the British Crown in the City of London.

All these corporations are owned by foreign “Bloodline” families. They are private corporations, most of them franchisees of the privately owned Bank of London, located in the City of London, which is a private Khazarian Mafia nation-state with its own ambassadors and police force. The City of London is not part of the UK and doesn’t pay taxes. The Rothschild Banking family ran covert malpractices to extract illegally enormous amounts of money, with which they bought the UK. They have since expanded their private central banking kingdom and have become the functional head of the Khazarian Mafia, the World’s leading Organised Crime Syndicate. It is known that the Rothschild private central banking system is international, and functions like an octopus with many tentacles. The only reason people pay taxes, is because the Criminal Rothschild Banksters have transformed each country into their own police state, with their “bought” judicial systems, rendering them the ability to use their unbridled power of the boot in your face, with threatened imprisonment to enforce compliance.

It is of the highest priority to root out these criminals and imposters responsible for all of today’s misère in the world. These banks and governments are all foreign Khazarian controlled corporations, contractors, and agencies that are responsible for the mismanagement of a greater part of the world.

An inconceivable high-level of fraud has engulfed the world over the past couple of hundred years, in particular perpetrated by the criminal banks and governmental services corporations, with their extended tentacles to the farthest corners of the globe. This vast criminality cannot be eradicated by the efforts of one, or even thirty nations, as these crimes have been replicated in almost all countries throughout the world, with the same results.

This colossal affair must be addressed as a global issue and resolved in favour of the people, because the people have not authorised, nor benefited from these criminal activities caused by these Central Banksters and their corporate affiliates. All people have been victimised throughout the world through these wrongdoings and fiduciary trust fraud on an inconceivable scale.

The Illuminati use paedophilia to blackmail and control their puppet- members, the revelation of which has rendered the masses in denial. As lies are more credible than the truth. In the meantime, corruption and sexual abuse are abounding and no one mentions the involvement of the Jesuits and the Freemasonry.

The legal system and police are comprised, and fully complicit in subversion of civilisation. The masses suffer from the Stockholm syndrome, and hope the psychopaths won’t harm them if they keep their heads down and play along. Fully devoted in their enslavement, people are too corruptible, cowardly or dumb to face reality, as the slaves are taught daily to love their slavery!

Think about; The acts being committed by Deep State cronies against the Western world at large, these are acts of treason during a time of declared war – implemented after 9/11 by the Bush jr. administration. Therefore, it would be no coincidence that President Trump, as Commander-In-Chief, has deliberately funded the Pentagon with its most gigantic budgets ever. Because, the Pentagon has agreed to run the military arrests of deep state traitors, under Trump’s direction, that now secretly is being executed.

The global financial market correction could continue during the coming weeks, as more GESARA-related changes are made around the world. – All people should now be waking up to the realisation that they are mind-controlled by the establishment. The centuries-long tyrannical regime is steadfastly reaching its end, and must be destroyed for once and ever. No more lies and manipulations. All markets will be freed, all aspects of lives are being freed from oppression and suppression. People will take responsibility for their own lives and decide for themselves.

There is no overpopulation, no global warming, there is enough food for everyone. It was President John F. Kennedy in the early 1960s who already warned us about our hidden rulers. He was a most honourable and courageous statesman. It’s time to wake up and stand up, as brothers and sisters together.

All future generations and their children must be informed so that similar criminal evils do not happen to them again. Only continued civil vigilance can prevent the return of these criminal money thieves. The easiest way to achieve this is to purchase, read, and study the book The Great Awakening, written specifically for this purpose. Being a guarantee for ourselves and future generations continuous well-being, happiness, health and joy, this book should not be missing in any bookcase.



Watch WHO you BLAME for the MESS on EARTH.

LATELY they have being putting MOVIES on TV that BLAMES the HUMANS for EVERYTHING that is WRONG and the HUMAN RACE has to wiped-out BS satanic made MOVIE bs bullcrap. That has to STOP as the BLAME needs to go WHERE it BELONGS and that is to the EVIL FORCES that is responsible for MOST of the PROBLEMS on earth. ONLY the EVIL ONES = LIES as the LUCERFERIANS blame the HUMANS AND PUT THEM DOWN constantly. Isn’t that right “FAKE MOTHER GOD = FAKE GODDESS of CREATION”

Who constantly LAUGHS at the HUMANS and BLAMES them for everything !

SAW through YOUR GAME awhile ago and I prayed-over what to do about it.

Then it came to me CLEAR as day, to give you a taste of your own medicine. And I put you RIGHT in your places for trying TO FOOL humanity in your games ! I told you and I warned that HEAVEN and the LIGHT FORCES aren’t playing here, nor do they like to BE PLAYED. You will be PLACED where you need to be and IF you are LEAVING/BANISHED/HANGED – & THEY COME AFTER SOULS for MAJOR CRIMES against HUMANITY, then you WILL BE.


SO be it !

INFORMATION W0RFA|R/ Pro Boxer Says Arrests Happening

Who I do not trust are the people who, while we have this pandemic going on, wanting to throw voting laws into pandemic relief bills, I hope the people who monitor these videos wake up and see they don’t care about you. How many people could take your job. We are all cattle/sheep to them. Help spread this video and any other like it that expose people who are trying to save their own rear ends by trying to ruin our own President, af eBay point does that become treason?


Jeffrey Epstein: The Game of the Global Elite [Full Investigative Documentary]


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