New Reset Timeline – MarkZ Q&A Intel Stream Highlights 4-21-20 ~ Intel

New Reset Timeline – MarkZ Q&A Intel Stream Highlights 4-21-20 ~ Intel


MarkZ Tuesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: Yesterday I told you I was looking for the reset in Mid-May. I may have to revise that estimate for sooner……There are a number of emergency meetings being called as we speak. . I am expecting a lot of shaking of the trees today as they try to speed things up.

MZ: Oil went negative yesterday. A 305% drop in the value of oil. It took a dive right out of the gate and futures were exploding. This happened much sooner than I thought it would …things are coming together quicker that I thought they would

MZ: I plan on coming back at 8pm est time tonight. I think we are going to get a lot of news today….possibly pertaining to our timing. Everybody right now is in scramble mode to figure out how to speed up the roll out of this. .

Member: Bix Weir said big banks would collapse today!

MZ: August 15, 1971 we went off the Gold Standard, or finished going off the Brettan Woods agreement which was a kind of hybrid gold standard that we had. This became the Petro dollar. Ever since then the need to buy and sell oil what the only thing that kept the US dollar strong. If any country in the world had energy needs….any transaction had to be in US Petro dollars.

MZ: With CIPS this was starting to become unglued…..and now with the collapse of value of oil where they are “paying you to take it”!!! well, futures contracts for May went into the negative. Meaning come and take it away because there is no storage.

MZ: So, what backs the US dollar now guys if you don’t need oil? What gives it any value? They have over printed it into oblivion. Emergency meetings being called all over the place

MZ: Watch those emergency meetings guys…they will be quickly scrambling

MZ: Negative oil rates….wow…..This is truly historic. Like the fall of the Berlin wall…..

MZ: I am having to change my expected time as to when we could revalue now. Sooner than May 15th.

MZ: Banking sources still say RV at anytime…..Government sources were saying by May 15th…..but after yesterday….all bets are off.

MZ: Oil is what kept the government rolling so at this point I see one of two things…..We need a monetary reset around the world IMMEDIATELY….or there may be wars.

Q: How can the government keep printing money?

MZ: They know it’s not real…’s an illusion. They know they are not going to pay it back…..At this point the government knows it has to reset its currency.

MZ: And there is no way to get out of this without debt forgiveness….

MZ: I heard from Government sources, banking sources, paymaster sources and there are a number of emergency meetings being called right now….for this morning and this afternoon. I am hoping to have news for everyone so doing another stream at 8pm est tonight.

Member: Death of the Petro dollar ….gold standard will be here soon

MZ: Don’t know if it will be today…..but imo yesterday made it happen.

Member: Dow was down 500, and oil is negative $4

Member: The crude oil going negative first time in history

Member: The Petro dollar has just kicked the barrel!

Member: Bottom fell out of price of oil. Dollar tied to oil. Follow the dots…..

Member: Monitary shift is almost done, oil is the last event.

Member: The Drop in Petrol price during the Lockdown is like a Bald man Winning a Hairbrush”.

Member: Oil prices tells you a lot what is happening .. that was our economy base .

Member: Henrietta needs a C-section!

MZ: I think the oil implosion will cause the c-section

Member: I think that golden egg is finally starting to crack

Member: Big banks done. Big oil done. Big pharma … soon.

Member: Looking like Trump taking all the money away from the deep state

Member: I don’t see big oil in our future. Oil was a great 19th century commodity which was protected by the oil barrons for great wealth and control!

Member: After Event we will have free energy devices, so demand for oil will go away in a couple years.

MZ: We will still need oil for lubricants, plastics unless we embrace something like hemp plastic which is biodegradable. They will still use oil…just nothing like it is used now.

Member: GM just announced that all its cars by 2023 will be on renewable energy not gas very interesting


Q: Will the oil implosion lower the value of the dinar?

MZ: the revaluation of the dinar has been scheduled about over a 100 year period. Meaning the pay back with oil credits will be over a long time. Oil prices will not stay that depressed for that long. If anything it should increase the value of the dinar. Iraq has the lowest cost per barrel for getting it out of the ground.

Member: good morning folks if you want the best info on nesars/gesara the greatest video ever on weekend warrior you tube it made me cry it moved me…

What is NESARA GESARA? Weekend Warrior: Apr 20, 2020

Member: So much is happening folks. USMCA, China Trade agreement, Currency Manipulation tariffs put into affect, Banking failures, Oil problems, FISA, Economy collapse. The Reset needs to happen

Dr. Rich joined the stream at about minute 45:00……


MZ: if you have time watch my video i did a year ago The difference between money and currency in simple terms. Jan 22, 2019

MZ: See you all tonight at 8pm est…..hope to have lots of news…

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