CANADA = Superior Court of Justice “Emergency Meeting” @13:30 Thanks to #FreyasPedos & HillBilly Justi(n)ce! & other INFO – April 29 2020

4/29/2020 — Earthquake activity West Coast USA — New volcanic unrest in W. Pacific spreading

Superior Court of Justice “Emergency Meeting” @13:30 Thanks to #FreyasPedos & HillBilly Justi(n)ce!

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Judges shake and quake from a December email We’ll drag the pedophiles from their houses… That plan will never fail. Now they know what is coming And to some it is unreal? So they set up a conference for today TOP SECRET … in (almost) every way! For 13:30 So discuss a rogue element? Home addresses? Crimes of Michelle, and Sean, and Rob …. many judges.. Like to “kneel and bob” One single video… A drop of a file…. Might bring them all down. But the limes and AgentBlueTequila Are Here to Help….. faggots! But adopting The Clinton Foundation’s Family Court Fraud Now threatens to bring angry fathers Up the drives If shaking pedofaggot judges Who are not so tough When the victim isn’t a child But a father wanting to break their fucking faggot necks Because under the Magna Carta Fraudulent policing (LIKE THOSE PAKASTANI GUYS IN THE 6 who can’t arrest the Globe and Mail and the Mayor…) ARE a LEGAL reason to go grab Freya at the 135 And legally end her sick journey… Mymy…

Ain’t No Sunshine & NO Margarita’s, in Druggie Dougie’s #FordNation

This is NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL As the final days come to the #FordNation, Druggie Dougie has thrown off last weeks, Hail Mary pass to find a vaccine, in favour of covering the asses of the dancing nurses, and other front liners who have enjoyed prosperity while normal non-pedophile folks, enjoyed a Margarita or two….

Corona vs Covid 19 for the Heart of The World!

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This is NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL….. Except when it is.


A Bouncy Castle for Satanic Pedophiles

Premiered 2 hours ago

🌴🇨🇦 – If you want more #AgentMargaritaville TRUTH, please be sure to press LIKE and Subscribe as YouTube has joined Twitter in suppressing this channel. – 🇨🇦🌴 To follow me on Twitter (currently) Email for assistance: Agent Margaritaville Wishes to Offer This Retraction Retraction : Prince Andrew attended Lakefield College in Lakefield Ontario, North of Peterborogh, not Upper Canada College (UCC) My sincere apologies to Upper Canada College for my mistake. It is difficult to not mixup Prince Andrew’s bastard cousin, Colonel Russell Williams, son of Prince Phillip and Judge Robert Scott’s alma mater UCC with fellow carnal calamity Prince Andrew’s alma mater Lakefield, given their propensity to produce alumnae who rape and murder innocent children. Judge Scott’s knowledge of this entire matter was offered assistance in 2018, however Judge Scott refused the offer. Judge Rob Scott called Colonel Russell Williams the “Bright and Shiny Lie”…. he himself tossed out of UCC for drugs use. How many Canadians and Canadian ‘interests’ were connected to this satanic child sacrifice island? How is TD Bank involved? How did Peter Munk die? Where is David Gilmour? What happened to Aaron Gilmour? How is Disney involved with Epstein and Canada? ….. all these questions lead to a poor situation for one of the apparachiks of this scenario… Epstein’s Lonely and Unemployed Child Sacrifice Castle Given the massive economic downturn caused by exposure of TD Bank and the Crown’s $10 Billion Dollar Child Trafficking business in Canada, and the loss of Prince Andrew’s main child procurer,…the TD Bank, Disney Corp. and British Royal Family, (all of whom control much of child trafficking and child sacrifice in Canada, in cooperation with Thomas Collins and his Catholic Archdiocese of Pedophiles) have chosen to take the Jeffrey Epstein’s Child Sacrifice Temple… Mobile! Thank you Tim Dillon for this fabulous satire found here: Enjoy Tim Dillon’s fantastic parody of this actual truth as he portray Jeffrey Epstein’s Temple, Looking For Work in LA. Support on Tim on Patreon. Catch Tim on his hilarious Tour dates:


The Great Awakening Part 5

Premiered Apr 27, 2020

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Connecting Dots: QAnon, Covert Games Messaging, Covington & Burling Betrayed General Mike Flynn

Apr 29, 2020

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In five minutes former spy and huge admirer of General Michael Flynn connects some dots from QAnon and points to a post with substance on how Covington & Burling appears to have betrayed General Flynn — throwing their client under the bus — with malice aforethought. If they do not offer an immediate abject apology and a certified check for $10M to General Flynn, they should be subject to the full process of law toward terminating the firm and removing the law licenses of Anthony, Chertoff, Holder, Kelner, and Smith [five, not four, video mis-speak]. LINKS:

#NewsSprocket17 #Trump2020 #KAG

🔊 Juan O Savin Talks General Flynn

Apr 28, 2020

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Patriot Productions… WE THE PEOPLE ASK THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO CALL ON CONGRESS TO ACT ON AN ISSUE: We Call For Investigations Into The “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” For Medical Malpractice & Crimes Against Humanity… Patriots stand at the ready [shills whine].😩 ✝️🏛️POTUS Trump Gives Resurrection Day Easter Blessing @ Oval Office… 🌎🌩️Pedophile Arrest Clips Worldwide April 2020 ➡️… Protect your Kids, Search Nationally for Pedophiles in Your Area: DRU SJODIN NATIONAL SEX OFFENDER PUBLIC WEBSITE : ➡️ Please Also Watch: 💊Vitamin C Coronavirus,, Fake News and Censorship ➡️… 💊Vitamin C and COVID-19 Coronavirus Shanghai Government Officially Recommends ➡️… Sub if you’re a Patriot who LOVES AMERICA Twatter: Periscope: Have faith🕇and trust in yourself. WWG1WGA!!! Q Dark to Light WE Are The NEWS Now (All Your HEADLINES Are Belong To US)🤣 Sprocketing NEWS Notables Relevant to the Recent & Systematic Destruction of The [OLD GUARD]. 🔴LIVE Streaming Most Major Events BYO POPCORN.🍿 #NewsSprocket17#Trump2020#KAG#MAGA#Qanon#WWG1WGA Contribute: ➡️ God Bless America & You

VERY GOOD VIDEO below as well, INSIDER update

Rogue News: Interviews – “WThe Intelligence Insider

Streamed live on Apr 16, 2020

The Washington Monument is 555 ft = 6660 inches tall and if you measure the base then its 666 ft

Apr 28, 2020

Weekend Warrior

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Baal’s shaft. Not my best work but here it is for now. I may redo once I can gather more info.

Chief Counsel Robert David Steele. Seating

Jun 8, 2018

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All videos from the London seating are available at http://www.LoveOrder.INFO saves from the totalitarian technocracy, we bring You indigenous oxa money and courts DISCLAIMER STATEMENT: I do not own the video thus all rights are reserved to the author and producer of the material. No copyright infringement intended, for news report purposes only to serve the public interest. It also indicates the legal copyright owner, therefore re-posting of this material for the purpose mentioned is in compliance with fair use. It is not intended by the user to infringe on copyright. Thank you for viewing. Please remember to like and subscribe for more awesome videos.

Benjamin Fulford on Pandemic, Wall Street Fraud, Rents & Mortgages Could End, Free Energy Soon?

Apr 23, 2020

34.9K subscribers

Benjamin Fulford, speaking from Toyko, discusses his perception of where we are on the pandemic, its utility in shutting down Wall Street fraud, the possibility that rents and mortgages could be jubileed out of existence. He speaks of nothing less than a total transformation of global finance in which Wall Street executives committing crimes are eliminated, and the stock market returns to its traditional role of raising capital for innovation. Strongly recommended: Free stuff and premium Monday report ($11/Month). Robert subscribes.


Report date: 04.28.2020

The patriots are now bringing the entire country back online, the [DS]/MSM are trying everything they can to stop this. The patriots are now dripping out declassified information on GP, FISA and Flynn. The [DS]/MSM are now in overdrive to spin and stop as much as they possibly can, what we are witnessing is information warfare.

It’s Time, The Economy Is Opening Up And Nothing Can Stop It – Episode 2160a

Report date: 04.28.2020

The Economy is now opening up, the people are ready and they want to get back to work, they want to live again. The [CB]/MSM are pushing the narrative to keep everything closed, this will not work people are ready, businesses are ready. The people believe the economy will bounce back, the next phase of the economic system is coming.

It Has Begun, Those [Knowingly] Who Tried To Remove POTUS, Treason – Episode 2159b


Apr 27, 2020

Report date: 04.27.2020 The event is failing, states are now opening up, people are taking to the streets. Now here comes the storm, the FISA will kick it all off. Flynn will be exonerated, Muellers team has no case, they made it up, tick tock. Once this shot is heard, those [knowingly] who tried to remove POTUS will be brought up on charges for treason. It has begun.

Report date: 04.27.2020

The MSM are pushing the news that the US is in a recession and will be very difficult to get out of a recession. This has been the same theme since Trump took office. The Fed was raising rates to crash the economy, that failed. The MSM pushed articles about a recession, that failed. Now because of the event they believe they got their recession, this will fail, watch what happens next.

Report date: 04.26.2020

The event is now coming to an end, the [DS]/MSM are pushing everything they can, but it is failing. The people are waking up, they see what is happening. Relevant events are about to unfold, nothing can stop the truth. Exculpatory information has been released that should dismiss Flynn’s case and exonerate him. Kim Jong Un is missing, have the chains been broken. The cure can not be worse than the sickness.

Report date: 04.26.2020 The patriots are now pushing the fiat currency to the edge. The economy is now prepared with the a strong foundation. The [CB] believe they have cover using the event, but the patriots are pushing the system over the edge, the fiat currency is on deck. Gold will destroy the [CB].

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

Watch Dr. Ben Carson Wipes The Smile Off Obamas Face At The National Prayer Breakfast

Apr 24, 2020


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Watch Dr. Ben Carson Wipes The Smile Off Obamas Face At The National Prayer Breakfast Link:…


Apr 27, 2020




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