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PIR 05 08 20

May 8, 2020


BOOM! We were told to watch the news and boy did it ever pay off! Today Gen. Flynn’s case was dropped by the DOJ and we dive in head first to check out the order! We also talk about POTUS’s reaction as well as the reaction of those involved in this unjust case. The lead Prosecutor is withdrawing from other cases at the DOJ and I predict he won’t be with the DOJ long. We also look at the fake Venezuelan invasion

General Flynn is Free! – Sierra (NZ)

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Sierra (NZ) This is a great moment in the Alliance war against the Deep State. The charges against General …

RedPill78 — Barr Talks Indictments, AS Stonewalls Declas, Strzok-Page Emails Released
Destroying the Illusion — [4.17] “Carrying Water” for the WHO and Bill Gates, Breaking Chlorine Dioxide News, FISA DECLAS
RedPill78 — State Dept. Cables Release, Disappearing Pope, Nothing Can Stop What is Coming

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Sierra (NZ)

This is a great moment in the Alliance war against the Deep State. The charges against General Flynn have been dismissed. He is a free man. Q promised that General Flynn was safe and would be freed. ‘Future proves the past’.

Sean Hannity tweet…

FLYNN FREE! Justice Department dropping charges against former NSA Michael Flynn.’

Jack Flynn tweet…


Brenden Sir Huglife Dilley tweet…

‘Remember that time that Sydney Powell told us that Gen Flynn “knows where all the bodies are buried…and still does”? Does this mean that this fully innocent, exonerated and cleared name Patriot can begin sharing the location of said bodies with POTUS, Barr and Durham?’

Donald Trump Jr tweet…

‘Now is the time to go on the offense. I look forward to watching General Flynn take a flame thrower to these corrupted institutions.’

I have saved the best for last. During a press conference, a reporter asked President Trump if he had heard that the case against General Flynn had been dismissed. Here is a link to the press conference so you can watch his response (I have included excerpts below…)

Excerpts from President Trump’s reaction to General Flynn being free…

He was an innocent man. He is a great gentleman. He was targeted by the Obama administration…in order to take down a President…What the Obama administration did is unprecedented. It has never happened before…in the history of our country. And I hope a lot of people are going to pay a big price…They are dishonest, crooked people. They are scum…they are human scum…The Obama administration, Justice Department was a disgrace. They got caught. Very dishonest people. It’s treason. It’s treason…’

Deep State satanists will never sleep properly again after this statement from President Trump.


And General Flynn knows ‘where all the bodies are buried’.

Congratulations, General Flynn and family! You are the bravest of Light Warriors. We honor your immense sacrifice in the war to liberate humanity. Thank you.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

Qanon Updates 5/7/20 Bombshell Coming WWG1WGA

May 7, 2020

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Qanon Updates 5/7/20 Bombshell Coming! WWG1WGA! Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!

For “the US” Military — Anna Von Reitz

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz Wednesday, May 6, 2020 I have been asked to write articles for our Veterans and our current da…

Anna Von Reitz — The US Citizen Blues
Anna Von Reitz — The Cost of Freedom
Is Logic the Same Thing as Common Sense?

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

I have been asked to write articles for our Veterans and our current day Military so that they can better understand the history and the verbiage and what has actually gone on in this country since the so-called Civil War — because all of this has bearing on them and their role and what is happening now.

My first stab at this was the 6-page “Quick Start Guide” released and posted last week at and at

If you are new to these subjects, start there, and also look at the one page graphic depiction of the actual structure of the government, and the one page description of the five (5) political status options that Americans can choose or by default, wind up in.

This covers all the basics, but does not delve into the specific history of the military in all of this. All we have to go on in that respect are anecdotal Primary Sources — eyewitness accounts written at the time, such as the autobiographies of Ulysses S. Grant and Jefferson Davis, diarist entries, periodical publications, and, of course, the Congressional Record and Congressional Register and Executive Orders, beginning with Abraham Lincoln’s General Order 100, in 1863.

What appears in retrospect is picture of utter chaos and confusion, exacerbated by a great deal of purposeful — and some, perhaps, accidental — semantic deceit.

The issue of slavery was still hotly contested and as an institution, it was preserved in a back-handed fashion by skillful word-smithing of the 13th and 14th By-Law Amendments passed by the Rump Congresses.

The trick was that they abolished private slave ownership, and substituted public slave ownership instead. They also declared that criminals were slaves by definition.

None of this had any effect on Americans owed the protections and guarantees of the actual Constitutions, but it had immediate impact on the operations of the Federal Subcontractors and on Federal Employees in general.

For one, it meant that Municipal “citizens of the United States” could be preyed upon and deprived of any and all rights and considerations. These conditions prevailed for a hundred years, until the Civil Rights Movement succeeded in establishing “Equal Civil Rights” — albeit, as we have just seen demonstrated, Civil Rights are privileges, and can be “suspended”.

All this talk about the Constitutions being “suspended” — for Federal citizens, yes, they can be, and apparently now are, in honor of the fake coronavirus pandemic.

But for actual Americans, the Constitutions remain in full force.

This is one painful demonstration of how we have been living with double and triple standards in this country for a long, long time, all as a result of confusion and mismanagement and usurpation that took place in the wake of the Civil War.

Just as slavery and its continuance in the public sector was “the” key issue coming out of that great conflict, the confusion between the “civil” and the “civilian” government was the other primary mind-buster for most people at the time.

In common parlance, the word “civil” as in “civil government” typically indicates the Federal Civil Service and its activities, but in a more technical sense, it refers to any function of the Municipal United States or, alternatively, any retained civil function of The United States of America.

The functions of the Post Office are the most accessible example.

The United States of America has its own Post Office run in tandem with the U.S. Postal Service, while the U.S. Postal Service runs side by side with the Municipal USPS.

One Post Office, two Postal Services, and last time I counted, seven (7) different hats for The United States Post Master to wear, including international and global offices.

All of these can be and are called “civil” government activities — but which “civil government” becomes the question.

You will all Notice that since the Delegated Powers of the Confederation returned to The United States of America, we fly The United States Civil Flag and maintain The United States Post Office.

There is a separate contract with the Universal Postal Union allowing this, and it does not imply that we are in any general sense subject to Municipal authority, even though we administer Civil Government functions on our land and soil and within the context of our retained Amendment X powers.

We fly the Peacetime Flag — The United States Civil Flag — at our Post Office locations, which is appropriate because the actual government of this country has not been at war since 1814. This is a perfectly legitimate Federal Flag and we, The United States of America, are fully empowered to fly it.

That said, you will notice that the Title IV War Flag flies at all U.S. Post Offices, and all USPS service centers.

And absolutely none of these “Civil Government” functions, exercised by any international or global power, have anything whatsoever to do with the actual civilian government of this country — aside from our obligation to faithfully serve the States and the People.

Civil is not civilian in the same way that a state-of-state is not a State.

If you are in “the US” military, you are supposed to be obeying and taking your orders from the civilian government of this country, not the “civil government”.

This confusion is at the root of much of the malaise which has afflicted this country — and the rest of the world — for fifteen decades. The military has been looking to the wrong parties for direction.

It has been taking orders from the foreign Municipal Subcontractor doing business “in the name of the Union” — the Civil Government — instead of The United States of America, the unincorporated Federation of States, which is the lawful international instrumentality of the Civilian Government.

The actual civilian government of the people, for the people, and by the people is called into Session, and otherwise doesn’t operate. It has been called into Session by The United States of America and Member States of the Union, and is now active in all fifty (50) States and Compact State territories.

What you all need to know as Officers and Service Members is that your obligation and duty of service is owed to this government, first and foremost, and that your performance under contract is dictated by the Constitutions.

When The United States of America undertakes the duties it originally assigned to the States of America Confederation, it exercises– albeit, in Original Issuer capacity– all those rights and duties and abides by the terms of these venerable agreements.

In turn, you owe your obligation to the constitutional agreements, and your loyalty to the American States and People.

Now that the actual American Government is in Session, your status is that of Subcontractors operating directly under the auspices of The United States of America— the civilian government, whether or not it stoops to make up for the incompetence of its assigns and also performs some civil government functions.

There is no “emergency”. You, like many other Americans, are coming out of a long period of confusion and deceit. The Municipal corporations that have been established in violation of The Constitution of the United States are being folded and other long-standing mischief is being corrected.

What lies ahead is, hopefully, a peaceful transition and a new era.

You are being called to your duty to The United States of America — the unincorporated Federation of American States — not a foreign interloper operating as a private, for-profit governmental services corporation, doing business “in our names”.

This is the civilian government talking to you, for the first time in a 150 years.

Murt – Field McConnell Zoom Hearing re Bail Conditions – Please Subscribe link below April 30 2020

May 1, 2020

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Q Post Analysis LiveStream 5/8/20

Knock, Knock, The [DS] Has You, Time To Wake Up, Flynn Exonerated, Pain – Episode 2168b

Report date: 05.07.2020

The [DS]/MSM and those elected Gov’s are showing their true colors, the people are waking up, they are realizing that the people they elected are trying to take away their rights, we are watching the great awakening. The DOJ dropped the case on Flynn, Van Grack withdraws from the case, the Mueller investigation never had evidence, it was all a lie. Pain is coming and the [DS] players are panicking.

Trump Knows, That’s Why We See The Push To Open The Economy – Episode 2168a


May 7, 2020

Report date: 05.07.2020

Business are starting to come back online, Farms are now coming back, the meat shortage will be taken care of in about 10 days. The WH is looking to move tax day from July to Dec now, to help the struggling economy. Trump knows, he always knew that once the economy opens up, it was going to do better than ever.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.




The Superior Crabs of Justice

6 waiting
Premieres May 8, 2020


As we at The Children’s Army await the word of various players in the system of justice, we enjoy a conference at one of Canada’s most respected leaders, with the discussion being changing the Superior Court of Canada, erasing the fraud that is the Family Court System and bringing all connected to CAS child trafficking in Canada to justice…… by police, courts and Jurys,…. or by dragging them from their homes and churches and exterminated them on the streets in front of their homes. The choice resides in the integrity of those involved. And to the cop who bothered by 96 year old mother….. kiss my ass you pedophile, your boss is a pedophile and you work for the Pakistani ISI.

Qanon Update 4044 – 4083

May 7, 2020

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The Awakener and Agent Whittaker discuss the latest Qanon posts surrounding Fisagate, War, and China.









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