Europe Defender 2020, GESARA — Rinus Verhagen Saturday, May 9, 2020

Europe Defender 2020, GESARA -- Rinus Verhagen

Europe Defender 2020, GESARARinus Verhagen

Operation Disclosure | Rinus Verhagen, Contributor May 8, 2020 What can we expect these 3 days of great CABAL cleaning, in my humble …

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Operation Disclosure | Rinus Verhagen, ContributorMay 8, 2020

What can we expect these 3 days of great CABAL cleaning, in my humble opinion, based on facts now known.

It is now known that the Pain has begun.

A while ago, after consultation with White Russia, Putin has taken over the whole country if I have understood this correctly.

Tomorrow, May 9, 2020, the German Empire will be reinstated.

Because of this the borders will also apply from 1871 before the First World War.

Which means that Poland gets a plot of land as it had its borders back then.

The Empire will then regain the occupied territory of Poland.

Why else would there be so many US troops in Poland!

But what I find more exciting is the piece of France.

Strasbourg and a large part of Alsace will be part of France.

The Tower of Babel the symbol of the Fascist EU can then no longer be used for the EU.

Do you see this happening voluntarily with the permission of Pedo Emanuel Macron?

The fact that the German population will be able to make an appointment from May 19th means that it will all be over, and the Emperor’s heir will once again be the legitimate head of state.

Everyone will get a Basic Income, and will no longer have to pay income tax.

We always thought that Donald J Trump would declare GESARA, what Donald J Trump did is dismantle the FED, and put NESARA into operation for the US.

Restoring the German Empire will also be used by proclaiming Putin on GESARA for the rest of the world.

The document of Banks is also discussed here, which will be increased to € 100,000 per transfer from € 15,000 to € 100,000 per transaction as of 1 July.

See the Document below:

Just heard from someone I know, my daughter.

Look forward to the news in the next few days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

An acquaintance from our group, from Jet US Army, landed in Frankfurt Germany yesterday May 7th.

He’s camped in a tent because the rest is overcrowded.

It is said to have flown against the 200.000 US military, more than 100 planes with personnel and equipment.

With the order to protect the German population.

The mission areas will be announced one hour in advance.

There is alarm phase RED.

Robert F Kennedy said he’d like to be in Berlin this weekend.

At Amberg (Nürnberg direction Hof) police deployment is only allowed under supervision of the US MP on Patrol. This is very COOL.

I rejoice with all my heart.

Bombers landed in Germany yesterday 8 May 2020, with an additional 200,000 troops that will protect the population against Angela Hitler’s Cabal government.

In the Q drop 4144 Show of Force: AC-130 Gunship Illuminates the Night

A clear message on how things could turn out if there were resistance, to counteract the Europe Defender 2020 action.

Everything the Nazis have done in the past to enslave the population will be over.

The Dutch Mad King Willy the superfluous, will then no longer be able to claim that he is the appointed stadholder of occupied Holland.

After all, his contract partner Angela Hitler will no longer be in power.

So the consequence is that when the Empire is restored in honour, the agreement with an illegitimate Nazi EU will no longer be there.

The Euro will be phased out in the German Empire just like the USD that will be exchanged for USN.

The ECB in Frankfurt, surrounded by US troops, i.e. Christine Lagarde, no longer has the possibility to produce Euros out of nowhere to keep the European countries in debt slavery through the corrupt member EU governments.

All member EU countries are forced to reintroduce their own money system.

This will be no different for the Netherlands, with a small change, the ugly head of Willy or his spiritual cooking the mother will never get on the currency of the Batavian Republic of the Low Countries.

I suspect that a peacekeeping force will be present temporarily, until everything has calmed down, and the forced Fake refugees will be sent back to their own country.

Furthermore, this action will result in the dissolution of NATO, founded by the Nazis, so that the CIA and Operation Gladio, founded by Nazi Bernhard von Lippe, will be completely disbanded and destroyed.

Also the Eurogendfor: the Gestapo of the European Union (this is your Europe) or EU Waffen SS.

Its purpose is to suppress the European population by force, we have clearly seen this with the Catalans who wanted to be independent of Spain, and chose this by referendum.

The EGF was launched by an agreement in 2006 between five member states of the European Union (EU): France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. Romania joined in 2009; Poland in 2011.4 Its status is enshrined in the Treaty of Velsen of 18 October 2007.5 The headquarters are located in Vicenza, Italy.

Coincidentally, most of the CORONA dead have fallen in the vicinity of the black nobility in Venice.

Just as coincidental that 60 Pedo Priests from the Vatican died on Corona.

Actions happen that we never thought possible, thanks to Trump and Putin, all EU countries are forced to be ready for GESARA.

Here in the Netherlands, where 71% of the world’s paedophiles are underneath the Eilte, Rutte and the Royal Family have no chance to escape.

The Satanic arrogant Deep State Globalists, were already known to General Flynn in 2017.

Due to the fact that Europe is occupied by the Allies, and has no legitimate legal system of its own, the US law of war enters into force.

Now we can also realize why Brett Kavanaugh had to be prevented from being appointed as Chief Justice, Lindsey Graham had clearly stated during the false accusation campaign when and how the law of war applied.

The month of April had been declared to free the kidnapped children from the underground tunnels.

Now it’s time for the Pain.

The result of all these actions, the proclamation of GESARA that should be in effect to 120 Days.

Restoring the German Empire in its original form and borders.

This will also mean closing or guarding the borders, so end EU Schengen agreement.

Arrest all Satanists from many European governments.

As a result, the people:

Corona should have been the tool to install the NWO, the politicians who took their people hostage have betrayed themselves of their fascist and GENOCIDE agenda 21, which was also put to the vote by Bernhard von Lippe in 1992 by a PVDA politician, shortly after the then Bilderberg meeting in 1992.

When we look at everything that the Satanic Elite have done to the people of Europe in recent years, I can’t imagine that the people will oppose the actions of Europe Defender, no thank you for greeting it and helping the troops to be relieved of the CABAL wherever possible.

The misery caused by the corrupt EU will allow the people of Europe to fraternize to live in peace with each other in prosperity.

Abundance and happiness are then the new normal.

History books need to be rewritten.


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